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  2. Hi Al, I work at a Uni, and I concur with Docc. The money you get from the V11 is nothing compared to what it pays for. Sounds like you have a boy that might be interested in motorcycles? At least mechanically proficient? If you don't ride her, it might be a nice birthday present for him...keep it in the family and all. I'm sorry, but that sentence doesn't come across properly when taken out of context. On the other hand, I can't criticize you- I sold my V11 last year to a very nice fellow that has posted here once or twice. My excuse is that I have too damn many other bikes.
  3. I have several flip-up helmets and I won't ever even bother with regular FF helmet ever again. The first one I bought- I was sold on it. It was about many, many years ago when Schuberth came out with the 'BMW' helmet. That was...mid '80's?. I loved it and I don't wear glasses. In the meantime, I've had several models- some ok, most not as good. My big gripe is that they can be noisy. Now, I have a Shoei Neotech and I agree with most of what felix42o states- it is comfortable (a bit tight on me, but I have a big head- the shape is good, though). I don't use the sunglasses, but it's a neat addition. The one point on which I differ is that I would like one more detent for the screen, really close to closed, but not quite. And yeah, I dislike the D-rings. I have a beard. A long beard. Beards and D-rings don't get along. There's a widget you can by that replaces them, but damn, I shouldn't have to. I like seat-belt closures.
  4. I don't know if it is the ethanol that affects tanks, but there is something that apparently does- at least on some tanks. I'll posit that it is the oxidation products of ethanol (ether, peroxide, partially oxidized hydrocarbons) that invade or deform the plastic. It seems to happen more with tanks that sit. I haven't had a a problem with any of my plastic tanks, but I usually add either a bit of sta-bil or I run the gas through. In any event, I'm with GuzziMoto and I just don't worry about it too much.
  5. 'A lot of octane tests are flawed'. You got that right. The denotative meaning of octane refers to a specific molecular compound. The connotative meaning has evolved to 'anything that burns reasonably slowly'. Motorcycle Consumer News had an article this month on fuel additives. (By the way- I encourage you to buy a subscription- they have good articles, not manufacturer biased and they especially do not have any, any, any advertisements). They didn't roundly endorse any octane booster. Reading between the lines, I believe the takehome message was that none of them were outstanding. Ethanol, by itself, is a good octane booster. BTW, do be aware that it is harder to boost higher octane gas. If you start with low octane gas, you can boost it pretty effectively, but if you start with high test (like 91), it is much harder to boost the octane. This is because many octane boosters are 100 or so octane. The percentages just don't work in favor of already-high octane. If you choose to remove the ethanol, then the takehome message is treat fresh gas in a preventative fashion. Getting rid of ethanol and various reactive products from gas/ethanol breakdown is more problematic. Here's where I insert my two cents- I've been using plain old sta-bil gas additive and it seems to work reasonably well. I add a small amount (directions are on bottle) if I know that the bike will sit for a week or so. So far, no tank swelling and the bike fires up and runs as it should. Shrug-
  6. That wasn't just me- I wrote it up, but it was a compilation from the many fine members of this board, much like yourself, Docc.
  7. Soft spot, checking in. I have an old Clausing 6300. It must have been one of the first off the line because the serial number predates anything that Clausing has on file. Good lathe, though. BTW, Skeeve- I moved it into my basement with a cherry picker. Great minds, etc.
  8. Try this: http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5692
  9. I don't want to spout heresy here, but check out the Ducati Multistrada. I have an '11 model and it is the most badass touring and sport machine I've ever ridden. And I've ridden a lot. I still have a couple of Guzzi's (including an Eldo, Docc), and I always will keep a couple of Guzzi's, but damn, that is one fun Duc. The Eldorado is also super-fun, but in a different, slower, more Fonzi way. The Eldo is also a beautiful motorcycle, the Multistrada is...visually challenged.
  10. An '01 Black with red frame is really the pinnacle of the V11 arc. Nicely done. I don't know Werkstat, but if Ed is connected to it (owns it? Works there? I don't know the connection), I would trust it. That is to say, I trust Ed.
  11. I had an R90S as well, back in the day. I rode the wheels off that thing, and thought it was a great touring machine, but wasn't much 'sport'. There was too much frame flex as I recall. My G5 (a sofa on wheels) handled as good or better, but it wasn't as fast. Sheesh, I don't care- as long as it has two or three wheels and a motor, I'm good with it. I'm lucky nowadays that I can be a chooser instead of a beggar.
  12. For insulated tubing, check McMaster.com, part # 7569K11
  13. Whoa,ya what the heck are those?Looks fuel related. Ha! Those are the charcoal canisters for the evaporative emissions system. They are huge and weigh a ton!
  14. You can remove a rubber grommet from under the fuel cap- that will fix the tank suck. That vents the tank properly. That was probably the first modification I made when I got my V11 back in 2001. Ah, the old days. If you remove the air box, then fix the temp sensor to the spine with a zip tie. While you have the tank off, perhaps get some insulated sleeve to put over the low pressure side of the gas line where it runs over the engine. Sometimes it gets hot in there, and can cause vapor lock. I'll look for insulated sleeve later, but I have to go teach class right now.
  15. I reckon that would be a lot of fun- Now...on the other end of the spectrum, I ran across this youtube vid of a mini falcone engine- I'd love to know who made it.
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