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  1. Thanks Scud and Chuck for getting these springs manufactured. Hopefully this cures the spring issue for good.
  2. Hey thanks, Scud. The springs came in the mail yesterday. They look good!
  3. The bare wood walls look great! Good call on not painting them.
  4. Hey great news Phillip. I like the idea of affordable all year riding.
  5. My spring packed it i today leaving me in 3rd all the way home. This is my second broken spring. Are there any of these new ones available still? [docc-edit: @Scud @Chuck ]
  6. Hey LangleyMalc! I thought I had the only Ballabio in Langley! Is yours back on the road?
  7. My fairing originally had a really thin rubber sleeve/tube around the opening but it tore when I took the fairing off once. The closest amd cheapest replacement was the black fuel line. It just looks a little beefier but dows the trick.
  8. Hello brenwin, the fairing on my Ballabio was also vibrating at certain revs. I also saw that the space between the fairing opening and the headlight ring was tight and that was where the vibes were coming from. I bought a piece of black fuel line hose, cut a slit in it and slipped it around the fairing opening and that did the trick for me.
  9. Brenwin, can you please let me know which of the forms you filled out? I went to the piaggio customer service page filled out the form and got a reply this morning saying that they don't give out the production numbers to the public. Did you do the paid historic vehicle documentation or just the general customer service inquiry form? Thanks!
  10. Hello Tomchri, Here in BC insurance for my 2004 V11 Ballabio runs about 1200 to 1300$ Canadian (8500 kr ?) and that is with safe driving discounts etc. Norway's rates are quite reasonable by comparison! And I've heard you have some beautiful motorcycling roads in Norway.
  11. Thanks again, brenwin! I found the page that lets you ask questions on their website and entered my information in, including the VIN. This sounds like the same online form you mentioned. Please keep the forum posted as to the success of your collector plate process. I saw a 2003 Le Mans for sale on craigslist just last week in the Mission area, and it had collector plates on it, so they are passing the application process. Thanks again for the help!
  12. Thank you brenwin! Thats excellent, I appreciate you answering my question. How did you get the letter from Piaggio? Did you go through their historic vehicle search on the guzzi website?
  13. Does anyone know how many Ballabios were produced in the V11 production run? I know a few have tried to find out numbers before; has anyone had any luck? So far I have been able to find out that less than 4000 total Guzzis were produced in 2004, my bikes' production year. If the number of Ballabios made in 2004 was less than 1500, then I qualify for substantially lower insurance costs. About 1/4 of what I pay now, so its worth it to find out. The insurance people of course need proof, so does anyone have any sources/numbers? Thanks!
  14. Hello out there! Unfortunately, I didn't screenshot or jot down the plate number of the bike on craigslist. The government licensing people who handle the collector plate program told me they needed that to see what research has been done to get the collector status for the V11. Obviously this owner got a hold of production numbers somehow. Does anyone know who owned a 2003 Le Mans in the Mission area of BC that just sold recently on craigslist (asking price was $6700 Cdn) ? Or has anyone else in BC been successful in proving collector status?
  15. The insurance rate difference is too significant not to try!
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