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  1. After eight years of ownership I have sold my ‘03 LeMans. The spares I accumulated over the years remain. Here are the big ones: (1) front and rear wheels (2) complete fairing in red, with two spare wings in not great shape (3) gray gas tank (4j like new stock seat (5) two tail pieces (6) two 6-sp transmissions Email me if you’re interested with your address, and I’ll send photos and a price with cost of shipping. I’m not trying to fund my retirement with this stuff - I just want it gone. I’m in Colorado.
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  3. I foolishly removed the fork tubes from the triple clamps on my Centauro without first measuring how much tube sticks out of the top clamp. Can anyone check theirs for me and give me the measurement? I never did find anyone who sells new tubes. I lucked out and found a pair of good used ones.
  4. Through an unfortunate series of events, I ended up with two of Pete's plates. One is now in the bike, the other is on the shelf. If Pete doesn't have any in stock, I'll sell the extra.
  5. I received a set of rear wheel bearings a couple days ago which are marked "China." Anyone have any experience with these? Not what I expected from MG Cycle.
  6. Thanks for the links. I ordered the hoses tonight - hope MI does better than RPM.
  7. I too am playing with the ergonomics of my V11. RPM in Texas promised to call me back about a set of longer brake and clutch lines, but never have. Are the Ballabio lines longer than the lines on the v11 Sport? How much longer? Maybe those are the answer.
  8. I would like to remove the bezel and glass from my V11 tach to repaint the needle, which has faded so badly it's almost white. I can't see how to remove the bezel, and don't want to break it trying. How does the bezel come off? Do you need to bend the bottom to slide it over the face of the tach?
  9. I just bought a set of rings for my 96 Sport 1100. Gaps were right on spec. Got them from Harpers.
  10. An English company named Mid Norfolk Mouldings is offering a very nice looking fairng on US Ebay. Here's the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/261266943697?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_175wt_1230 Has anyone seen any of their products? I'd like to hear something about their quality before I send any money, since I can't send it back. This fairing looks better to me than the Magni.
  11. I've raised the clipons and bought an aftermarket seat for my 2003 V11 Sport, and now want to try the Buell footpeg mod. I've got the parts list. Can anyone recommend a Buell dealer who sells over the internet?
  12. I saw the ebay postings for the parts of this bike. Did it really have 2400 miles on it when it was taken apart? If the miles are really that low, I'd be tempted to bid on some of the larger parts.
  13. DOT 5 (silicone based fluid) is suitable for collector vehicles which don't get much use. It will not handle the temperatures generated by hard braking. When I tried it in my vintage race car years ago, I overheated it, got a spongy pedal and couldn't stop. Don't repeat my mistake.
  14. I too have tried in vain to get a grease gun onto the front unjoint grease fitting. From my failed attempts, I can tell you that you'll spend less time taking the swing arm off than you'll spend messing around trying to grease the fitting in situ. When I took the arm off and examined the u joint, I also found that one of the cups wasn't properly shimmed. By all means remove the swing arm. It's not very hard to reinstall.
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