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  1. $400 Shipped CONUS. I'll put them on eBay soon if nobody here wants them. I'm done with loud pipes, so I went back to the factory units a few years ago. They do sound amazing! Good overall condition, no road rash at all. They could use some good polishing to look great again. They are the stainless steel round version. Pics are too large to post here, so pm me for pics. Ken
  2. I have the GT2's on my V11 Sport, and I don't like the way they feel on grooved pavement. Haven't ridden much with them, but they seem acceptable on non grooved pavement. I really did like the original GT's. Ken
  3. This would be the "bullet" connectors on the left side of the bike. There's a pic towards the bottom of this thread. Check this as well Ken
  4. Simple things to check: 1. Make sure the hose on the new fuel filter isn't loose. If it's an external filter, it'll be easy enough to check. Might as well make sure the flow is the proper way as well. I'm sure you did it right the first time, but it doesn't hurt to double check. 2. Make sure nothing crawled inside your exhaust pipes or intake. 3. Did you fill up with gas right before this happened? 4. Make sure the throttle linkage moves freely with the throttle. 5. Check the fuel overflow hoses that connect to the underside of the tank. I don't know what happens if these aren't connected 6. Check the coil connections if you took the tank off. Hopefully you didn't bump a wire loose. If you have guzzidiag, you can test the FI and the TPS with it, as well as check for faults. That would save some time vs. testing everything manually with a multi meter. Hope this helps, Ken p.s. crank sensor is on the left side of the bike towards the front of the engine. 2 bolts hold it in, and it's oval shaped. I don't remember where the connector is, but you may have to lift up the tank a bit or remove it. I replaced one last year on a EV side car rig with Chris Collins, and I think it was somewhere under the ignition or behind the headlight on that bike. Ken
  5. Thanks so much, Marty! I just ordered the Moly dry lube and Kluber 30PTM. Should have them both on Friday. Ken
  6. Now that I have your attention, I had my wheels powder coated, and I was wondering if I need to put grease or anything on the cush drive rubber bits. Thanks for your prompt response, Ken
  7. moto fugazzi

    moto fugazzi

  8. After using the BatteyMinder 12248 on both my bike batteries this winter (Odyssey in V11 and AGM in V7C), they are good to go. As of last fall, neither would hold a charge for 1 week. After leaving them connected to the Batteryminder for 2 weeks each (in desulfation mode), both bikes fired right up after 1 month on sitting in the garage while being connected to the bikes. Ken
  9. Was it just Jones Spring Co. or was it part Joens Big ass truck rental and storage? Or Jones Good Ass BBQ and Foot massage?
  10. I remember those days in grade school, and it made so much sense. We should've just made the transition then. FWIW, it's nearly impossible to find an all metric tape measure in the states...I've been searching for more than 20 years. Ken
  11. IIRC, Pete Roper mentioned not to run a wire directly to the battery. It was something like that if the wire burns up, it will cause more problems. A hefty wire directly to the engine block was his recommendation. Ken
  12. This thread has saved my Odyssey battery from my V11 and the AGM from my V7 Classic, so this lengthy thread is worth it. Last November neither battery was holding a charge. They're both doing well as of now. Thanks to docc and all of the others for their info! Ken
  13. USPS priority small box should be just under the $6.00, and the boxes are free from the post office. Honestly, I think you guys should try to make some money from this for all of your time and effort. And if it saves others from having a spring break, it's totally worth paying extra for...just ask those who had a spring break on them. Ken
  14. After looking at the parts diagrams, I think yours is different. I'm assuming yours is for a solid axle, whereas I have the hollow axle on my 2004 Cafe. On the plus side, the 2002 and 2004 wheels have the same part number, so I'm thinking just the internal spacer is different, plus one different ID bearing on one side. Taking my front wheel off now to check the spacer is something I don't have time for in this cold WI weather. Ken
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