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  2. Admins, is there any interest in a step by step using Guzzi Diag? Paul's thread is great for general info but its missing the details.
  3. My 02 has the exact same problem. Every summer when its hot, it will die at stop lights no matter how high the idle is set. This has been happening for 2 years and i'm very close to selling the damn thing. No amount of TPS or TB synching will fix it. Its been in and out of the shop several times.
  4. I had hopes of loading a new fuel map in but i'm once again dealing with a sloppy idle. It will tick over just fine around 11-1200 and then randomly drop down to 7-900 and the charge light comes on. Usually at a stop light!! Someone had advised to check the fuel trim or idle trim with Guzzi Diag. I have found the CO Trimm is set to 13. I lowered it to 10 and the idle was worse so I manually raised it and the problem still exists. Can anyone clarify what the CO Trimm does and what should it be set at? I have done the Micha tune several times. The TB's are synched. The TPS was set with an exhaust sniffer.
  5. Can anyone help me out here? I was able to connect and run Guzzi Diagnostics. My CO trim was 13. I think the next step was to download the map but the IAW15 ecu reader has an error when I try to save it. It says cant open the file. 2002 Lemans V11 ECU is IAW15m.c5 Lean in the midrange and doesnt want to idle steadily at stop lights. I'd be happy to write up a doc for those of us in the states.
  6. Carbtune is really nice. I borrowed one from a friend and synched it up around 2k. The bike is a little better but still has a slight hiccup around 3-4k. I reset the TPS and everything but the idle trim has been verified. I'm waiting on a USB cable to arrive. Thanks for all the help folks.
  7. Does anyone in the states know where you can buy a carb synch tool? I like the motion pro w 4 sticks. Most of the modern bike shops look at me funny when I ask for tools. Asking for something that bucks the disposable economy doesnt register.
  8. Docc, I went through all that last year. I think I need to synch the TB's after adjusting the valve lash. I might dial it back to 1/2 turn out and try an easy fix. I havent bought a carb synch tool just yet.
  9. Not sure how, but 1 turn out on the air screws made the idle stumble even worse.
  10. Docc, its definitely worth a try. I agree, need to get the idle zero'd. I'll try to find the usb cable and use the new software. I dont have much time. I'm trying to rebuilt my Moto Morini 350 right now and get the Motobi 250 dialed in. I think there are 2 other bikes that need work as well.
  11. Good ole Docc, your always around. Ok, lets see, stock airbox and filter are back on and it runs 100x better than pods. Brand new plugs gapped at .7mm. Air screws are 3/4 turn out from fully in. Seems like the more I open the air screws the more lean it gets in the mid range. Tonights ride was the best its ever been. It didnt really miss between 3-4k and I tried to make it. Its just clumsy at stop signs. Its time for the yearly throttle body synch up and maybe check the TPS to see if it wandered.
  12. I found the right side exhaust to be a little snug. The manual must be joking with the listed spec. Its better now but still trips a little at stops. Its almost like a car when the ac compressor clicks on or off. I might try the raceco spec next.
  13. Tom, I adjusted those last year but its probably time to check again. They might be too tight. PO had them set 10-12 thou or so.... I found some ugly spark plugs while I was in there. I dont think the gap was set. It was about 1mm. Proly straight out of the box. I put new plugs in at .7mm per the manual. I will check the valve lash tonight.
  14. Time for my annual post dogging the Guzzi fuel system! Ok this year I have the stock air box back on and it ran decent most of the winter. Now its getting hot outside and after 10 minutes the bike is fully warm, it starts missing a little between 3-4k rpm. I think we are lean again. When I had the air pods in place the surging in this range was horrible and unsafe at times. It was diagnosed by a lean condition caused by the air pods. Now its much better with the airbox, just a little miss. The real problem is when i'm pulling up to a stop light or stop sign. The rpm will drop down to 5-600 rpm and try to kill the motor. If I blip the throttle a bit it recovers and will usually idle around 1400. It has died on me a few times in this situation but always starts back up. I have the idle set to 1400, a little high but i'm trying to keep it from dying.. TPS is set, carbs are synched, had my mechanic do an 02 analysis during tune up. I'm still thinking the stock fuel map is to blame and i'm trying to reach Todd at Guzzitech for a reflash. But i'm wondering if these two items might factor in to my problems at stops signs/lights. 1. Air bleed screws, i'm at 3/4 a turn out. Any further out and it gets leaner. What would running them in do to the idle speed? 2. Throttle cable is loose at the intake assembly loop. The only way I can see to tighten is at the twist grip and the cable adjuster is all the way out. Maybe the cable is stretched and in need of replacement... Love to hear any thoughts, ideas, or curses. Thanks, Toby 2002 vll lemans
  15. Steve, we don't have a website but we have a facebook event page. If you do FB search events for Glen Rose Rally 2013. I'll send you a pm about it. I'd love to see that Velo up close. Theres usually a nice one at Luchenbach and the other meet ups but I don't get to hear them or see them in action. Thats what this rally is all about.
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