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  2. The bike sold today. The new owner is going to have many trouble-free years and miles with it.
  3. Valeo is the OEM brand starter. There are also permanent magnets on the stator (of the motor), and they are known to become un-glued, smash into the armature, and basically leave the starter useless. It happened to my low-mileage V11 Lemans. I bought a "brand x" starter from DB Electrical. It's been working great for the past 10,000 miles (way more than the Valeo!).
  4. This link is still good, and had the most photos: The only difference is that I placed the adj. clip-ons BELOW the top triple... https://www.ducati.ms/forums/128-bikes/673586-2002-moto-guzzi-v11-lemans-5200-17kmi.html
  5. So, the Lemans is back, and C-L asked me to sell it for him. Old price: $4900 New price: $3000 Miles are close to 25K mi. now. Brand new tires, and fresh oil change. Still runs great. Come and get this one! Stick
  6. Hi Paul,Thanks for the find. Unfortunately, the -A01 would not be "plug-in" compatible for my Son'sbike. Something about the -A08 being different - side stand interlock & such.Also, my boy got a bit engaged in his need to fix the bike. I had him go to a local autostore for the large 40A fuse, and he also bought the routine-sized ones -- for spares.Then he saw the labeling on his fuse box. Saw one that said "Injection 7.5A".He replaced it, and the bike started! So he's out of the woods (and he knows where his fusebox is now!). Stick
  7. Need a IAW 15M ECU. Son needs one for his Ducati. I assume, with the correct MAP installed, that any 15M ECU will work. Further responses from my Ducati "experts" say that I need a IAW 15M A8 The A8 is a specific variant... Price with shipping, please? To Zip 01721 Stick
  8. Well, I just texted Charles-Louis, asked him how did he like Niagara Falls -- He texted me right back and said "I am here right now !!". So he phoned me, asked how did I know? I told him I forgot to mention that I have a tracking device installed... Total BS, it was a joke, and I just guessed that he might have been there by now...(2 days from Natic, MA). He is absolutely loving the bike and the attention it is getting along his journey.
  9. Well, You gents are WAY TOO SLOW ! SOLD !! To a fine crazy man from Switzerland. He is in the USA as of yesterday. Had supper with him and my GF. This gent, Charles, is going to be tossing a leg over his Lemans, and heading to the left coast. He's taking a couple of months to tour the USA. Crazy me, made a visit to VT on Monday to obtain a VT registration in his name. Sounds weird, but you do not need to be a resident of VT to get a VT registration! So, $174 dollars later, I was holding a green VT plate. $48 reg. the rest was sales tax. The other weird thing was that they needed to do a VIN check, so I drove the Lemans up there so that could be done. Go to the VT RMV web site and read the rules/requirements. http://dmv.vermont.gov/document/verification-of-vin-hin
  10. New, lower price. Was $5200. now $4900 Closer to 18K miles now - still having fun with her. She's that beautiful deep candy red color - the fastest ! I finally placed her on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2002-Moto-Guzzi-V11-Lemans/253566577545?hash=item3b09beeb89:g:FO0AAOSwEg1a1UtQ&vxp=mtr And CL: https://boston.craigslist.org/bmw/mcy/d/2002-moto-guzzi-v11-lemanskmi/6562543012.html So hurry up 'n buy her! Best pics/details are here: http://www.ducati.ms/forums/128-bikes/673586-2002-moto-guzzi-v11-lemans-5200-17kmi.html Stick
  11. Thanks, Scud! I guess you're enjoying UR ST3 ?
  12. Still for sale. Have some nibbles, but 1st come, 1st served. See ad and pics here: https://nwct.craigslist.org/wan/d/2002-moto-guzzi-v11-lemanskmi/6492205210.html and more pics here: http://www.ducati.ms/forums/128-bikes/673586-2002-moto-guzzi-v11-lemans-5200-17kmi.html
  13. Just FYI: My 2002 Lemans had a RR that would just make 12.5V at the battery with it revved over idle. It wasn't an issue until I took a 100 mile ride with friends one morning. After lunch, no re-start. Jumper cables dfrom a friend's bike got me running again, and the alternator had enough to keep the bike going, just not enough to make the AGM battery happy. So I worked my way thru alternator. Stator put out a healthy voltage, even when I applied a few amp load to the stator (same AC voltage - no sag). So after adding a quality gnd. to the RR, and no improvement, I decided to replace the RR. I used a newer 3-phase RR from a Ducati. Normally, this is able to handle 520W from the 3-phase stator on a DUC. So I used 2 of the yellow wires, taped the 3rd one off. Ran a dedicated 12 AWG pair of wires back to the battery. I figured that 2-pair of diodes/FETS in the RR should handle the 350W stator on the Goose. I was correct, as I've had it running the bike now for a couple of years, AND I've tested it with my heated jacket and gloves, representing an additional 120W on top of what's needed to run the bike and high beam. BTW, the RR always stays cool to the touch...go figure. She's VERY happy now at 14.1VDC at the battery, above idle. Also note that I never grounded the newer RR. No need for it. Also no "sensing" craptastic sense line via the headlamp. Also, no indicator light on the dash panel - no need for it, either-read on... I use an Escort 8500 X50 radar detector, on my tank bag, so it's on any one of my bikes. It has a voltmeter function, so I can glance at it to see the charging voltage at any given instant. And it keeps me out of trouble when i have a happy right wrist!
  14. Hi WEC, Thanks for the complement, and yes, it's still available. I have it advertised on CL locally, and in NW CT. I've had some interested parties, just nobody coming with cash just yet. Lots of offers to "help sell it"! I had a champagne colored 2002 Lemans and when this one popped up FS a few years ago, I thought it was not only better looking, but it "was like getting a new bike" with the low miles. ( I bought it w/ around 8K miles). She is a blast to ride. I just have too many toys at the moment...
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