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  1. V11boy


  2. Some nice ideas on this beauty! Website here - http://elcorramotors.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/coc-guzzi.html
  3. Cant help but notice the spec on this new BMW is so close to the V11.... http://www.bmw-information.com/dg/wn/dld/bmwm/a2973442/digi-pdf1.pdf Weight/length/seat height are all within a gnats @#$$#!, although the 90bhp Guzzi is well down on power vs the BMW's 110 bhp. Same size wheels. Engine hanging out the sides! Apparently demand in the UK is massive, I wonder if the V11 was released 10 years ahead of its time
  4. V11boy

    V11 Geometry changes

    Page 2 of the brochure showing the Cafe Sport, the forks look raised up through the yolks a lot more than my Ballabio (no images in the brochure shown to confirm), does anyone know if this is a standard 'setting' of the Cafe Sport? Not sure if this has any relevance to the thread but it will affect the geometry, I'm sure someone will let me know! Dan
  5. The Norton was my favorite bike of the show, unfortunately it was a concept rather than a production model. I noticed a few Aprilia/Guzzi parts on it; some switchgear, indicators and the front light all looked like they were off my V11
  6. For anyone who is interested to see what was at the NEC this week! Took so many thought I may as well share them. A taster from the Guzzi stand - The rest can be found here https://plus.google.com/photos/109032060959977320034/albums/5951985780219706305?authkey=CLXRyqjXrpfqLA Be interested to hear if anyone else went? Cheers Dan
  7. For anyone who enjoys classics.... https://plus.google.com/photos/109032060959977320034/albums/5936755010716705857 Regards Dan
  8. Hi Andy I was in the same situation last year with my Ballabio which had some hesitation bertween 2-3k. Throttle bodies balanced/valve clearances checked & TPS setup then decided to go for the Stucchi Crossover & Mistral Ti cans from Gutsibits. The Stucchi was an abosolute pain to fit - turned out to be so bad I sent it back but Gutsibits were good enough to take it back and swop it for the Mistral crossover. Runs perfectly on the stock map and really beefs up the midrange, and it sounds great. Hope it works out Dan
  9. Bertie, Your bike looks decent to me I have noticed it there for a while. Picked up my Ballabio in June last year and paid well over the odds really (£4k, 16k miles, not many extras!) and its in similar condition to yours... there mustn't be too many of us who like these bikes, but I would have thought when the weather picks up you will find someone to buy it (who isn't a bullsh*tter!) Bloody good buy from where I'm standing Good luck with it
  10. Hello, Does anyone have information on part numbers for the V11 Sport headlight bracket/instrument cluster bracket please? Looking to convert my Ballabio into a naked (http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17735&st=0&do=findComment&comment=188701) but can only source the headlight so far. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Hello All Anyone have newer ideas on heated grips specific to V11's before I get some of the R & G ones? http://www.mandp.co.uk/productinfo/584066/Bars-And-Footrests/Winter-accessories/R+G Thanks Dan
  12. V11boy


    More details from the BIKE Exif website... http://www.bikeexif.com/revival-cycles-moto-guzzi#more-14588
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