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  1. So here is a couple of pics of my new light. Its a Great White, cost $500 and was relativley painless to adapt. Had to cut out the back of the bucket and grind the little plastic tabs on the original globe front but it was plug and play and is mind blowing how good it is. I would say the JW speaker adapter kit would probably have worked with this light as well but this was half the price of the JW. Although non adaptive its amazing how good it is. Ill post more photos
  2. tattootim1


  3. Has anyone tried this yet. Expensive but look impressive http://www.jwspeaker.com/adaptive-2-series-led-motorcycle-headlight/?utm_source=homepage&utm_medium=image&utm_campaign=Adaptive%20%202&utm_content=slider3
  4. Ok, so for the next person it was the starter button stuck on. I wish every problem in life was that easy
  5. So I jumped on the bike this morning and started with a loud chattering noise. When i let the clutch out it went away. Noticed that when I pulled the clutch in it came back and the Tacho goes to zero even though the revs are still up. Took it for a ride up the street and everything is working just this verrrrrrry loud noise when i pull the clutch in. The bike has had the clutch and flywheel replaced with the heavier one from a "california" i think from memory as a precausion from a previous owner to avoid the Scura flywheel problem. I've had Mike Rich valves, pistons and cam installed. Any one had this before? Thanks in advance Tim
  6. So just an update, Cliff Jefferies and his MyEcu are ledgends. Cliff helped me with comunications and some map modifications useing his Android Optimiser. Bike is running unreal. The shop that tried to tune it had things quite a bit stuffed up, so a TPS adjustment and takeing out the lash on the throttle body conecting rod etc had the bike running good but now running closed loop and fine tuning even better. For anyone thinking of doing the mods I have done, Mike Rich pistons, x10 cam, titanium push rods and the titanum blue spring kit and valves. A great investment. The bike is so smooth, no hickups or hesitation. Its not a 130hp Aprilia but I enjoy riding it more.
  7. So it would appear that one of the rubber boots was leaking due to not been seated correctly (they look good but replaced them anyway). So now to check TPS and balance throttle bodies. On another note I was having trouble with my MyEcu and I want to say Cliff Jefferies is one great guy. Just boxed everything up and sent it to him. Turns out my unit was very old and he upgraded it and sorted a bluetooth problem with with my Samsung tablet so we are now in business with Android optimiser
  8. Thanks docc, its running new pushrods valves and springs so valve is diferent and they have just done them and checked after initial run
  9. Lets hope the cam timeing has been dialed in corectly! !. I have been reading a bit and come to the same conclusion, air leak and not tuned. He said that the idle screws were at their limit so to me that sounds like somthing amis. I will spend a few of days and go through everything. Maybe i can get the oxygen sensor working as well and the bike talking to the computer ala nirvana. Thanks for your thoughts and i will let you know how i go
  10. Hi all, Just looking for sugestions on where to go from here. Just got my bike back after an engine rebuild. Had Mike Rich pistons, 620 x 10 cam, heads done, etc you get the idea. The bike was running a Cliff Jefferies MyEcu and I could never get it to comunicate with my computer for what ever reason (probably me) and while away got a bluetooth unit to try when it came back. Anyway the bike shop that did the rebuild basicly didnt want anything to do with that as they didnt know how to use it. So the bike as it is seems to be running good, better than ever (no flat spot or miss anywhere in the rev range that ive gone to so far) but it is idling too high and the mechanic said he adjusted it as low as he could but its still 1500rpm when hot. Kinda makes it unrideable at the moment. I've put another Guzzi ECU off the race kits they bought out on it and no noticable difference in the workshop (didn't test ride as idle was still high). My question for anyone more knowledgabale than I is there a common cause to this symptom TPS or Throttle boddies, maybe somthing not dialed in right. If it was the ecu then I would have thought swapping it would have made a difference. Maybe its a symtom from the hight lift cam?. The only other thing of note is that the bike is alot quieter. From the engine but also from the exhaust, it used to fairly bark when blipping the throttle but not any more. i cant understand that ??? Thanks for any sugestions on where to start. Tim
  11. Thanks, just bought the metalgear disks and pads. was 2x price but good reputation and here quick. Agree about chinese and there metal but then what is not made there now anyway. I guess it comes down to quality control. decided 12 month warenty was worth the extra. Kinda got given this bike and mine is away getting engine rebuild so didnt want to spend a fortune for the best brakes ( unlike the Scura ).
  12. Anyone bought the cheap chinese brake disks of ebay. they say 420 heat treated stainless. Its for my just arrived aprilia so i dont want to spend much but they are warped bad atm. The rest of the bike is spotless
  13. So I purchased the motratech kit recently and i must say I thought it could have been finished a little better. I'm not one of the prissy bike crowd (why I love the flat black Scura) and I'm not fussed but if you are one for shiny bits then you will need to spend a bit of time with a file and buff (dremmel) to get it nice
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