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  2. Yup. Nothing like a set of Magnesium Marchesinis to make a TL1000R turn... Lol. Upgrading wheels is expensive, but awesome --one of the best ways to improve handling and lessen rotating, unsprung mass ..
  3. Hey, someone tell us more about this "Stucchi Crossover..." Does it live under the bike (in lieu of the stock "thing")?
  4. No. Agreed; a nefarious factory "solution" for complaints of "flat spots" and such. If you want your V11 to have a tractable power band, practice the complete tune-up, ride, repeat. Lovely! I agree. Besides, it just seems to make for more unnecessary complexity/issues to address a problem that may or may not exist on this big, fat V-Twin... I like the idea of using the existing crossover to patch, and then maybe ceramic coat...
  5. Yup, I might have to do that. Any good muffler shop worth its salt should be able to weld-up the stainless headers--the only issue I would have is big, ugly welds hanging out there for everyone to see
  6. On the levers, I prefer the ASV to the CRG/Pazzo-knock-offs, but any of these will work. I don't remember off the top of my head the exact models but our master cylinders (Bremob, Gold-Line Brembo non-radial) are common among Ducati/Aprilia ranks.... Falco Lion, would be very nice if you shared this non-proprietary information with us and saved us a bit of searching...
  7. Rhino1

    V11 Headers Wanted

    I have an '03 LeMans and I'm looking for a set of headers without the cross pipe (below the oil cooler)... (mine has rattled loose...). Please email with price. Thanks!
  8. So, I just noticed that the front crossover on my LeMans is rattling... It's loose enough that it clangs against the cover... Is welding an option? Does it make sense to just replace the headers with an "older" set without the front crossover? Argh! I'm trying to convince myself that I don't NEED a newer Guzzi (I love my Rosso Corsa, but there is a newer version that is appealing...). \ Anyone out there have a set of headers for sale?
  9. My 03 has independent lights for the blinkers--and ITI instruments. Nice job on the lights!!
  10. Roy, you mention "flicker" if before the fuse, and "misbehaves" if its after. Do you mean while idling or running? And can you descrbie "misbehave (only as it pertains to this issue... lol)? My .02 is still on the PC--I had a similar issue on a TL1000R and removing the PCII fixed it. I have a hiccup now, right at 3k, but I don't even notice it much anymore. I might take my own advice at some point and disconnect the PCIII... It seems redundant to have a PCIII AND a Kit ECU...
  11. Ok, first the basics--is the linkage making contact with anything? Shift lever hitting the pork chop? Are you looking at the right spring when apart?
  12. Rhino1

    oil light

    X2. Did you notice anything askew?
  13. I didnt have to remove the bar ends, but I did. Here's a (bad) pic of my old V11:
  14. I have mounted CRG bar ends on many bikes, including my old V11 sport. Great, high -quality mirrors.
  15. Scud, the BT016's were what came stock on my 06 GSXR1000. They were great on that bike on the street--offered great traction and longevity. They were not so good on the track, going "away" after only a few laps--but they weren't designed as a race tire. I'd imagine they'd be great on a V11.
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