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  1. My Guzzi makes 77 hp at the rear wheel. It's an 1100, not a 900 Sportster. But it doesn't have new cams, intake, exhaust & valves jobs. Buell was able to get those engines to go.
  2. funny, I just did a google today MOPAR (gen 1 & 2, not the new ones) 55 degree valve angle and Guzzi 56 degrees. well said
  3. The Veglia on my EV has the counter weight come loose. I was able to take it apart and glue it back on, it's worked ever since. If it rattles, you'll know that's the issue. Not an easy job getting that bezel off and back on. Otherwise, send it to Joel.
  4. Harleys rev to 5k and Guzzis go to 7k+. Wanna make a 500cc engine make power like 1000cc? Double the revs. Looks at those F1 motors in the '90s that revved to 18k.
  5. I mostly agree. I did some research checking Motul 5100, 7100 and 300 motorcycle brands. The 5100 is a synth blend, 7100 is full synth, and the 300 is racing synth. The first two can be combined with any weight and any type of synth or dino oil. But the 300 is not recommended to mix with other types and weights. Good info to know if you are traveling and need a top up and know that 15-50 or 10-60 isn't available. Some guys want "racing" oil but it may not be a good option.
  6. My EV's front inside pads wear out before the outside pads. Always have. Bike stops well.
  7. When I see what Guzzi sells now, that's just insult to injury.
  8. two kinds of relays, those that work and those that don't.
  9. Docc, I don't suppose you'd ask Pyro Dan?
  10. 140 hp 1700cc? Yeah. Just give me riser bars and a reasonable price tag, I'll take it.
  11. IIRC they're running a Tonti Lemans
  12. And what will 17 inch wheels do for your gearing? No doubt you can get any custom billet wheels made.... $$$$$$$$$$ It must be true because it's on tv all the time. I think there are only two gear ratios available (but I might be wrong).
  13. Take off a valve cover, if the oil isn't squirting out, you have no pressure. Next, drop the pan and make sure the filter is tight and gaskets aren't blocking any oil passages. Don't run the engine with no oil pressure. It's also possible that pump just needs to be primed or the pump is weak. If you have pressure, then there is an issue with the sensor (unlikely since you just changed the oil).
  14. Just my two cents here . Anyone can nave an accident, that's why they are called "accidents". My rule of thumb, don't ride (or drive) any faster than you can see to stop. In so far as blame and insurance goes, if it's on your policy, you'd pay deductible amount and perhaps get assessed with a premium increase. If it's the other guy, then his insurance would pay and it would save you the deductible amount. Perhaps that's not trivial but it might be a major annoyance given of what one feels is "fair". Regarding totaling the bike, that seems to be the norm for just about any
  15. So what separates the Dr John version from the other Daytonas? I am understanding that none were imported to the US?
  16. Whether it's a $6k bike or not, like my Grampa said about the farm land he bought, "They're not making anymore of it."
  17. I guess Euro Cycles doesn't need need any work for the shop. They can't service the bike and change tires? WTF?
  18. All I can tell you is my Sport ate my Michelin Pilot Roads. Why spend the $$$ if they don't handle any better than cheaper Dunlops? (which seem to be holding up) I knew that Pirelli owned Metzler, didn't know that ChinaChem owned Pirelli.
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