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  1. The virus prevention is a complete joke here. Maybe 10% are wearing masks, bars are open. I haven't eaten in a restaurant since it started, no haircut either. I like my barber but..... I do go to the gym, it's been about 20% full. Go to the store (grocery, hardware, liquor, motorcycle, auto parts), that's where I see folks don't wear masks. So I ride. Seen my mom once. My sons come over for Sunday dinner and we are distancing. If I get it, man at least no one can say I didn't take it seriously. I am working with the county health about being a volunteer contact tracer. But if we get no support from "authority", it will be too little too late. I won't be a patsy or whitewash for these clowns. I'd like to see those guys in Kansas. Even though I know a few don't care about the virus.
  2. After three days of Vit B complex it's a very good placebo and makes my urine radioactive. I honestly have felt stronger, been a little busier and have had an easier time at the gym. It might be vitamin related. Or in my mind.... My legs are sore today after 30 toe taps max at 65 degree angle each leg (3 groups of ten). Too early to know if my riding endurance will be improved. I think I'm too sore to ride to Kansas for calf fries considering the muggy heat and the virus lurking. But tomorrow is a new day, who knows?
  3. Taking that exactly. I will say that I've had a pretty busy day and felt pretty good for it. Side effect: pee looks like Mtn Dew
  4. I think the bicycles make a lot of sense. I haven't ridden in years. We're not bicycle friendly here. Cymru must be an exotic country? (Google tell me, it's in Wales. I think my maternal Grandma had some Welch ancestry)
  5. I've started my leg exercises and am a little stiff (despite that I have been doing elliptical training for years). I've got some Vit B as well.
  6. actually I don't find the EV particularly comfortable. Hard seat. But so long as I can rest me toes on the rear of the floorboards, the riding position is OK. For two-up, not so much.
  7. Thanks, I'll get my annual blood work physical in Sept. Cramping and bad days in the gym aren't a new condition for me. I was curious about the exercise machine and hoping to get info regarding supplements. So, would the stretching machine exercises help my legs riding the the Sport? I have ridden the bike from OKC to North Carolina. But my hammies and knees get a little tired where I can only go for an hour or so. I rode my Ducati for a 100+ today. I was able to keep it off the interstate and move around on it. And feel good. I did the stretching machine Monday. BTW- 36 years past thirty. Watching those gals doing yoga, that looks too hard for me. That is too serious on another level. (I think those classes are cancelled for COVID.) Thanks for your advice.
  8. Kelly, I am anything but muscle bound. I'm a fat butterball that is just trying to firm up. I had sedentary job and never worked out for 30 years. Once I retired all my "numbers" were going the wrong way and I finally had shoulder pain. After rehabbing my shoulder, I started going to the gym. Originally for weight pulls to work my shoulder. I usually go three times a week for 90 minutes. 30 minutes of elliptical and then light weights (heavy for me). I get my heart up to 150, sweat a lot, and take lots of breathers. But I want to be clear that I am no way a tough guy. I don't even like to take my t-shirt off at a pool. And every day I go the gym it's a challenge and sometimes I can't get through it; in fact, I am not back to where I was a year ago. But I figure if I'm doing all this, I might as well get my legs in gear.
  9. Thanks for the info on magnesium. Yes I did break my back about 30 years ago but it really hasn't caused much pain but I do hate to do any stoop work. In the gym, I do 100 standing crunches with a 55lb weight machine strapped on my back (and another 20 alternating left to right -40 total). I really have no back pain and didn't have that much when I had the accident, I had some odd sensations in the muscles for a few years. But I would like to be specific. What is the best exercise for the legs to compensate when I am jockeyed up on the Sport that I can ride a little further without my hammies hurting me? I'd like to do 2 hours for a whole tank of gas and a pee break (another point for a later discussion ). I'll try the stretch machine. I find it a little counterintuitive since that machine stretches my legs out but on the bike my legs are bent (as you all know). Hopefully, this discussion will help other riders than only myself. Appreciate all your advice. (And Chuck I've seen the gals that do that yoga in the gym. That looks really hard to do. I cringe to think about even trying it.)
  10. Looking at the line of "new" Guzzis is a pretty sad site. I suppose the last sporty one was the Griso.
  11. Chuck, great suggestion. I eat a lot of tomatoes, yogurt, lettuce & potatoes every day. OTOH, I barely eat sweets and still have borderline blood sugar levels. So perhaps my body knows what it wants but I just need more (or less)? Bananas aren't bad but not my daily diet. I'll make a point of more potassium (actually Bev and I talk about whenever I've had a bad day at the gym. Sometimes the weights can feel pretty heavy.) I wonder about having a banana or two on those days where I am making a long 300-500 mile ride? Sure couldn't hurt. I'd still like to know the best leg exercises.
  12. My biggest discomfort riding the Sport (and my Duc) comes from my legs, specifically my hamstrings and occasionally my knees. When I ride for more than an hour, I need to get off and stretch. I've been doing elliptical training (as well as upper body and core). My thinking was elliptical would strengthen my legs (as well as cardio). Certainly exercise has made me feel better with more strength and stamina but not so much regarding riding distance. So the gym has these leg stretch machine, where I can raise my leg on a movable ramp and push a bar with my toe. I am wondering if that is the right exercise or the wrong one? I tried it today and was only able to do about 55 degrees, whereas the Mrs can do 90. I also get an occasional charliehorse at night, sometimes my knees will ache and wake me up and sometimes my feet get cramped when I wear flipflops or when I am reclined. So I know the stretch machine will likely benefit me but I'd still appreciate advice for the right exercise to help when I am riding like a jockey. Thanks
  13. a little more than a quarter inch?
  14. 1/2 degree? That really seems minuscule. I'm surprised that production tolerances are that close. Could even a little debris in the fork clamp could count for that?
  15. 70 mph on Brit roads 80 years ago on a Brough should equate to 120 on a V11 today.
  16. I clean my bikes' (not Guzzis) chains and wheels with WD40. For sure I get some on the rotors. I just just ride the brake a bit until it's all off. Lots of heat on those rotors. I just assume the seal is fixed.
  17. All the news about Tulsa today, got me to thinking about Johnny Cale. They don't care about Dallas Texas They don't care about Wichita When you're ever in Oklahoma You better move around the law
  18. LowRyter

    V11 Custom Builds

    That's more or less how I feel about my 939 Supersport.
  19. LowRyter

    V11 Custom Builds

    Did someone perform a colonoscopy on that? 3 replies in a row is probably one or two too many.
  20. LowRyter

    V11 Custom Builds

    That's always ticked all the boxes for me. I looked at owning one but thought it was way over my head to keep it running. I can't think of a single bike that would be up there unless it's V4 Panigale and I am pretty sure that one is also way over my head.
  21. LowRyter

    V11 Custom Builds

    Ahhh Beemers are ugly and slow. Go ahead. Probably wouldn't be any worse.
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