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  1. The Spineframe Brain Trust. I wonder if they ever made it back?
  2. I'm not sure that dealer's are involved in the new bike yet. I talked to the local shop last week and he didn't even know there was a new Guzzi coming out. He was happy to hear it from me.
  3. I think if you search here, you'll find the black one is the rarest of all the red frames. Hard to say why but the red frames are among the best looking bikes of a family of spine frame best looking bikes.
  4. sorry you got the slow black one. But you'll be fine
  5. Personally, I like the stock look. Just the worn stainless. But if your pipes are burning out, go with chrome or dull chrome (2059).
  6. I would guess that the bike should handle great. After all, why invest in completely new bike, engine, frame, electronics, adaptive aero, new components, ohlins-E but skimp on the rear/drive suspension? They would never do that
  7. My thinking too. Might not be convenient for owners 300 miles from the dealer. I know the Beemer RT requires the cams to come out for adjustment and the interval is 12k miles. And it's not just skill for DIY-er, also need the shim kit. I know that there is a national rental service available for the Ducati valve adjustment kit (not factory), with tools and consumables, and even video instructions. I think the rental period is like 3-4weeks(?), the shipping, rental and consumable costs are deducted from the deposit.
  8. Any guess about valve adjustment?
  9. Nice stuff but the V11 Sport/LeMans is still the best looking Guzzis ever produced. (And the V11 was ahead of the return of the round headlight styling before anyone else. ) This is a nice looking bike but not as nice as ours. I wonder how it sounds?
  10. My little 937cc Ducati makes 113HP. Funny how a water pump has given bikes more horsepower than all those turbos from the early '80s.
  11. I'll eat crow, it's pretty nice, not over the moon but pretty nice. If they'd come out with it 5 years ago, I might not have purchased my Ducati. I suppose I'm glad they didn't because I love my Duc. I'd still like to ride this one.
  12. Docc is a great host. I hope to be back someday. Stay safe y'all.
  13. I rode the first one at the introduction, maybe 10 years ago? Straight up riding position and did not see any parts of the bike. Just the road ahead. That was a strange feeling. Same as Kane.
  14. No MT01 imported to US. I saw one on a trip to Europe. I took a photo of it since I was tourist with a camera.
  15. I rode the R1100S at Sturgis test ride. Just like all the other RT, GS (pre-liquid cooled) Beemers, meh.
  16. for sure, I think that's the lesson here. OTOH, when it's a 100 degrees, tired, frustrated and a little panicked, that's the result. The next day, after I ordered a new switch, it occurred to me what I had done. So I went to the garage and the bike started. Sometimes we get into a loop by committing the same error, over and over again. I recently took my car to get a tire pressure sensor replaced and the tech couldn't reprogram it. He blamed my key fob. And when I brought him the 2nd key fob it, it failed too. He called one of the local dealership service shops and talked to them but still couldn't get it work, gave up and told me I needed new key fobs. It was obvious to me the error was his. I went to the car dealer a couple miles away, I asked the service writer to program it, he agreed. I went to the showroom but saw no new Corvettes, so I went right back. My car was ready and fixed, I gave the tech a $5 tip since there was no charge. Took him two minutes. Same happened to me when my employer gave me a Blackberry phone. The only drawback was 12 place password with each type of character and case. But the bugaboo, the p/w had to be changed every three months. The only way to work it was with muscle memory with your thumbs. Invariable, every time the password needed to be changed was when I was on a business trip. No matter how many times, I would successfully change my p/w (usually after several fails), I could never repeat it when I tried to use the phone, fail on three attempts and my phone was locked. No IT dept on the road to fix it.
  17. Why clutch it? I don't know the purpose but it does put less stress on the starter and battery.
  18. OK I can say about 20 years ago, at a "bike meetup", I saw a rider on a pretty clapped out late '70's Kaw Z-1000. The header pipes were jet coated and looked fantastic and little out of place on the old bike. I chatted with the rider and he told me that he worked at Jet Hot and had the work done there. That's all my personal knowledge but I was impressed with it. What I can read is that they're the industry leader.
  19. well I hate to broadcast even more of my stupidity and embarrassment but I have to confess that I actually fixed the offending microswitch but forgot to take up the sidestand during my testing. So the bike freakin' bike works now. Of course on my Greenie, it wouldn't be a problem since the sidestand switch no longer provides safety and is no longer procurable. So there's that.
  20. I've had the best luck getting knock off mirrors on eBay for $20.
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