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  1. I like to keep of list of good BBQ when I travel or get the urge at home. Somebody should start a list. As folks try the recommendations, then edit the list or give *** STAR ratings. I've never tried the white sauce chicken BBQ in Alabama. Driven by the place on may way to Daytona or Barber but didn't eat there. Tried some BBQ downtown B'ham, not rendered or smoked, so no stars. I'm a BBQ snob for sure.
  2. Oh my, Docc are we going to have to replace this stuff too?
  3. Organ meat? Back when we were married you could find beef heart in the supermarket. It was cheap and she could really cook it. I'd like to try it again but we argue how she used to cook it. My memory is much more appetizing than hers. While we're at it, nothing like liverwurst on a sandwich or some fried chicken gizzards.
  4. By comparison, Menudo is pretty good. Actually, the time I had it, it was OK, actually good.
  5. add scrapple to something that I don't what it is. along with curds and poutine....I wouldn't know this stuff if I saw it, don't know what's in it, muchless what it tastes like. I'm not sure if you're making these out as regional delicacies or something to avoid. I'm guessing the latter.
  6. Notice the Leather Saddle Bags on Chuck's bike. That's where he keeps his pipes. I have no idea what he's smokin'.
  7. Chuck posted a photo of his bike on WG. It's a stylish thing. I think Chuck probably wears tweed now and smokes a pipe when he rides.
  8. I've never had poutine. Not sure what it is. Never had cheese curds either and don't know what it is either. I did get some local Guadalajaran Mexican food for lunch. The blue collar crowd was having a late lunch to watch Mex vs Saudi world Cup. I read Mexico won but still lost. The food is outstanding and the sauces and pickled stuff are quite spicy. The steak enchiladas with creme fraiche (not cheese) are to die for. Someone was eating a fish that was as big as baseball mitt, I'll have to get myself more acquainted to the menu.
  9. the bike should rip pretty good. Not an overpowered machine but good "real world" power.
  10. @80CX100They asked me about bitcoin when I was on the phone with them today, despite that there was nothing on my account about it. BTW- I don't consider crypto real money and would never buy any of it. Last week Fidelity sent my wife a letter regarding her IRA and demanded to know if it was an abandoned account. That took another hour of our lives to get resolved. I suppose there are vultures trying to get everything. We put everything in trust a few years ago.
  11. I know we had a discussion about paypal for some tangential reasons. I'm posting this for real life concerns. My paypal has been hacked for requests for money. I've gone through a lot of steps to work it out today over the phone. I've decided to cancel the entire account. This after my credit card was hacked earlier in the month and I had to receive a new card. I don't know what's going on. I've been sick as hell for three weeks and now snagged with this mess. I'm not sure if it's all related or not. With paypal telecon they had me load an app called "anydesk" which I've now deleted after deleting the account. I have to wonder if there's a hack on the chrome browser? This isn't so much as rant as a warning to the community to check your financial business.
  12. Yeah, tires are the first thing to look for. My EV loses all the air in the front, so I have to air it up everytime I ride it. I'm considering to sell the EV. I'd like to keep the Greenie. That one needs a good going over, new tires, brake pads, new plunger for the clutch engagement, lube job, tune up and oil change. Someone reported on WG that the cheap sparkplugs are no longer available on these bikes, don't know. Anyway, a good once over of the basics like tire wear and pressure, chain adjustment are a good practice periodically or sometimes before every ride- particularly if the bike hasn't been ridden in the last three or four days. I find it best to clean the bike top to bottom and inspect everything. Even the least mechanically inclined person as myself will find something to clean or tighten up.
  13. What do your tires look like? What's the air pressure. I rode a Griso that wouldn't turn, then fell quickly and then wouldn't turn all at the same curve.....Bad tires.
  14. Thanks @Docc. The first time in a month, I had a cigar and a steak. I think I'm strong enough to ride a motorcycle at least for 25 miles. I was a few breaths from a slab two weeks ago. Heading to the gym tomorrow and hope for a real workout, maybe not the all of it but I expect to get a big piece. I hope no one gets this virus. It was bad. Music sure as heck helps. Those "old folks" can stay in the rocking chair, I'll take the Ducati. Warning, I'm coming back.
  15. I got my replacement stereo set up today. I'm even going to see if I can get the old receiver fixed or some good will since it was still under warranty. The folks a SVS sent me a new $250 amp for my sub for good will, only a $30 handling fee for YT. I gotta recommend SVS to anyone looking for speakers on the internet. I've been pretty sick the last few weeks and it's great getting some tunes. The set up it always a pain, one PM to Denon got the last thing worked out. It sounds really good too. Music 100%.
  16. Man, I'm not sure what's wrong. I've been sick with a virus for a couple of weeks. I've started to slowly recover and get back to normal. Anyway to the topic. Lightning struck nearby yesterday and it took out my new stereo and sub. So I'm not listening to anything. I was actually able to drive for the first time, so I was able to exchange the cable box. It's a bad deal to be home ridden with no tunes. I have a bluetooth speaker, so there's that. Whining over.
  17. It's a little more relaxed than my V11 Sport. Handles great. I've got panniers for mine. 18k desmo service interval.
  18. Here's mine, no makeup or expensive jewelry.
  19. I just got back from vacation. I saw a comedy show with Steve Martin and Martin Short. Most of you know that Steve plays banjo. This group accompanied him. I wouldn't really call it bluegrass as much as jazz+ banjo. The show was funny as you can imagine. These guys are worth a listen too. Allison Brown and Fair Weather Friends
  20. Docc, "Tennessee Plates" is on the John Hiatt record, Slow Turning. Where the kids are banging on the back seat like Charlie Watts. I saw John open for Robt Cray in St Louis 35 years ago.
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