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  1. Didn't bother reading where you were going -just advising in case you were looking to stay in my trailer again because it was raining, that I wouldn't be there.
  2. So where in the hell did you expect me to go next weekend, if not Okie? Maybe I'll see you in '24 then? (or a few years later than that). For a guy that speaks 7 languages, your communication skills are a bit vague. I'm actually planning to go to Port A next week with the Mrs in the car (+ San Antonio and Fred'brg). Would head down the toll road to Lockhart. Going to try the new "Other Black's".
  3. I've had BBQ downtown Nashville, it was OK. I'm not going to OKie campout. No place to park my trailer now. Too late, I didn't get a spot. From last year, I'm not a fan for cancelling my planned ride to Krebs for Italian food and then missing people the next day in Poteau. A double bogie from my last trip. I'm hopeful to do it over again next year, my friend, and hope to see you in 2023. I have an even bigger trip (perhaps to fail again) riding to that Italian town and going by the circus town on the way. Perhaps a 200+ miles. Hope to see you next year. Cheers
  4. Since as a young child, my parents would take us to Han's BBQ in OKC (forever gone), I was raised a BBQ snob. Later as a college kid, my girlfriend, now wife and I would eat at Bob's BBQ in Ada OK (gone too). That set the bar pretty high. I'm talking pork spare ribs but the other stuff (beef brisket, chicken) was good too. Hickory smoked. I'll give it up to Lockhart style BBQ, beef, savory, I think they use oak in their big pits. The style is prevalent across south central TX. Having lived in San Antonio in the early '80s, I was disappointed in the BBQ, although it's one of the best towns on the world. If I had known about Lockhart, I would have changed my mind about TX BBQ. Nothing like a huge beef spare rib. We have a few local places that are good here in OKC, sometimes great. I don't think we can do beef, since they like to use that red BBQ seasoning that's so good on pork.
  5. My red frame ate up Pilot Road 4. Being so expensive <Guzzi content> I've never purchased Michelin again. I get better mileage from Dunlop Roadsmarts at half the price. The Dunlops handle well too. Perhaps the 5 & 6 are better?
  6. I'd give you $500 for it. Cash! Don't answer now, think about it.
  7. Funny, it was listed for $100 euros. But the bill listed it for $80 eu, then DHL shipping was another $80 eu. It works out a little over $160US, about the same as I found here for cost but not available anywhere. The hmb said it wasn't OEM but an aftermarket supplier, so quality is unk but they did have it. Should get it in a couple of weeks. I assume hmb-Guzzi is reputable. I think we'll be lucky to get suppliers for many legacy parts.
  8. I went ahead and ordered one from Germany. I forgot to check here first after I got no info on Wild. I should've known better. Thanks guys, we'll pocket it this info for the next time.
  9. I crashed my bike and need a new crash car. If you have one PM me and let me know. Thanks
  10. Quite aggressive riding position on those bikes. I suppose it's more a collectable than a rider.
  11. Sorry about reading this but I'm glad not to be alone.
  12. I guess you guys will defend that the PC on my Greenie is OK? I've never touched.
  13. This didn't get any ads, so I'm guessing it'll be in video with in a few weeks. Anyway, Jon Hamm brings back Fletch, you might remember a couple of Chevy Chase movies with same character. It was a good laugh, a whimsical crime journalist comedy. I didn't even know about it until I read the review, so it's been out this week and only at two theaters in my metro. So if you are in mood for a comedy you might give it a shot. I only post this because you might not have heard of it and might enjoy it. Confess, Fletch
  14. PCH from Monterey to Big Sur. Monterey, Pebble Beach. Santa Cruz and Redwoods. Alice's Restaurant. Golden Gate, PCh north to Mendocino and Redwoods. Wait? you live in Cali. Nevermind.
  15. Did your helmets come with the inserts and pushpins installed in the visor? If so, just try it out. It does work. I'll agree that venting the helmet by slightly opening the visor works too. The problem with all my helmets, is that once I get over 40mph the visor shuts and then it fogs up. I remember a few years ago, I was heading back from Arkansas, a cold front came in and it was 28 with snow furries. I had anticipated the weather and brought winter gear, all to the envy of my fellow riders going back to Texas. Anyway, I tried to vent the helmet, it was absolutely miserable. I rode about an hour and half and got to Springdale and stopped at McDonalds for breakfast. I come up with a solution by folding some napkins and stuffing them in user the visor. It worked. By the time I got home it was almost 50 degrees and a great ride there after. My issue with this helmet is that I just left the insert in full time. So when I took it apart to clean it, the brittle pins broke. It also has a little distortion, I don't it was due to use or just a small consequence. After all, two different viewing layers, it's going to have some distortions. BTW Docc, not quite what I "lust" for.
  16. It's freaking 95 degrees here today. Too hot to light the grill. But you appreciate the Pinlock? Works in rain and cold.
  17. It works. I'm not sure what the hassle is? The pinlocks are preinstalled on Shoei helmets. I suppose that you could bugger the shield in your AGV by spacing the holes wrong?
  18. I'm guessing there are few folks here that have Pinlock anti-fog inserts that attach to the helmet visor. I was cleaning my my visor last week and broke a couple of pushpins. I was able to find a supplier on the 'web. They did cost $10 but got to me a 4 days.https://www.ebay.com/itm/304591910462
  19. I'm sorry hearing of the untimely death in the Guzzi community. I didn't know the gentleman or his website. Hopefully the website will continue or perhaps the combined into another. Sympathies to the his family and loved ones.
  20. I'd think there's a tradition and patriotism that Brits feel that Americans can't understand. I know the monarchy does have its domestic critics but I'm guessing that's an apathetic minority. Certainly the queen has been an inspiration for many, particularly the WWII generation. She did have grace, seemed unassuming around her subjects, and had a dry sense of humor. I think she was wise even as a princess. One interesting tidbit, so far as wealth, they weren't nearly as rich as many royals across the world. I read the royalty of Thailand were many times richer.
  21. Thanks for the info guys. My fears were completely unfounded. Got a few shots of contact cleaner in it and cleaned up some of the gunk on the outside edges. Both switches seem to have pretty good action. I made a point cycling them to scrub the contact cleaner. Hopefully, I'll be good to go.
  22. I don't know if anyone here watches Colbert but I really like the band. You might know that John Baptiste has left and Louis Cato is the leader. Anyway, the Late Show band was playing this (Buddy Miles "Them Changes") during one of the breaks
  23. I happened to find the silicon gasket I took off. It's now straighten up and sets flat.
  24. I broke the glass trying to reinstall the bezel. I harder job for me than taking it off. A press and prying fixture makes a lot of sense. I'd bet Levine has something like that.
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