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  1. I've never gone down to a 160, 'd like to try it. I think the bike is agile enough for its weight but am a little concerned about stability. I'm in the other camp so far as tire life. The bike has plenty of off the line torque and I find the bike eats tires. In fact, all my radial tired bikes seem to eat their rears.
  2. The bike is on consignment and just gotten in the shop yesterday. Likely won't be listed on his website. Advise to call and ask. It's somewhere in the $4250 range but not firmed up.
  3. Saw this one on consignment as Motiv in OKC. Looks to be good bike. Needs a polish and some touch up to valve covers. Needs transmission brace which the shop will do. Also CF bikini fairing. https://www.motivcycleworks.com/
  4. My brake seem ok. how do I know to change them out? They seem to stop and OK and dont vibrate. I've never changed out rotors on any bike. I've only changed pads. All my Guzzis have EBC HH pads. For my Duc, by comparison, the Brembo organic pads (DD? CC?) seem to stop better and have better feel. A fellow from the forum sold me all 4 OEM front for $40. Anyway. I could use advice and pass on my experience.
  5. Sport i just sold for $6700 on BAT https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1997-moto-guzzi-1100-sport-3/
  6. If it fits, you must acquit.
  7. I was swarmed by wasps when I was a preschooler. I was swollen so badly that my ears turned inside out they actually called a doctor (housecall!) and he gave me antivenom shot. SInce then I've been bitten a few more times and even a single bite causes me great swelling. As a public service notice, I recommend getting some Benadryl. Certainly go for bigger than recommended dose but don't OD either.
  8. I need one for my EV. Not been available for sometime. Just have to use trip meter.
  9. Michael Shannon is always pretty good. It might be worth watching.
  10. come to think of it, that's what my wife held on to on my Yamaha Seca 550.
  11. I'm all for the passenger holding on the grab rail instead of the rider. Does the Sport have one? I've never had the rear seat cover off mine. Passengers ride on the back of my Cali with grab handles and back rest.
  12. I have no idea. It was originally the starter I believe. Is that that front #1?...I moved so many around that I can't be sure.
  13. I was playing musical relays today ...usually reseating works. I got home and cleaned everything with Deoxit and some generic cleaner just to be sure. Those little boogers were pretty hot to the touch. Anyway, one of those Omcons was a failure. It was didn't work wherever I plugged it in. Despite cleaning the prongs pristinely. I had a stash of dirty little-bitty Siemins in a little paper box in the tankbag. I probably took them off the Cali as I think I originally had Bosch in the Greenie. Fixed the problem for now. I'm a little concerned about Omcons now. I think that was my first confirmed relay failure for nearly 90k Guzzi miles. Perhaps some of my "connection" issues might be these little black cubes?
  14. You might use the alternator, a deep 24mm socket, remove 4 bolts holding the cover, twist the socket clockwise. Once you find TDC (any method you prefer), then mark the rotor at 12 o'clock. Then you'll never fumble with a flashlight, straw or dowel ever again. BTDT.
  15. the simple mnemonic joke... D = dis side / S = s'not dis side (works for me). Here's another hint. Once you've found TDC, take a marker to alternator rotor. Mark "D" at midnight, and the same mark will be for "S" at 3 pm. If the feeler gauge doesn't go in, it means your on exhaust stroke, you're 360 degrees off and you're at noon, rather than midnight. This is much easier than taking a flashlight and looking for those little letters each time.
  16. I had to drop my paypal for shenanigans. I tried calling them for some nonsense on my accountant and thought they were into a scam too. That was the last straw, dropped them and they didn't care. I'm thinking paypal might be another malignant brand.
  17. good price for a low mileage bike....then go through it, bellhousing brace, seals and general, guzzidiag/power commander. Tires. 2k miles over 20+ years..? sad in so many ways.
  18. You can purchase moly from Harpers. It's a real mess and whatever it gets on, will never come off. In fact, I have to wonder once you pour it in, if it ever comes out? I'd be interested in that Motul gear oil premix.
  19. These were sport touring....sometimes the full on sport tires are "cheaper" because they last half as long. I can't easily get and price out all the tires but I know the Mich and Pirellis cost a good 20% more. And all the prices have gone up since I last purchased , Dunlops too.
  20. I like the Dunlops. So I was ready to do a Church Lady Dance. But it dawned on me that this was done at a Goodyear Test Track and Dunlop is a Goodyear brand. Despite that -given Guzzi content- still the cheapest!
  21. dang, that Docc is a real squid. Bet he does burnouts in his driveway!
  22. cost. cost cost.... I was at the Suzuki store and that new all tarted up 800 Adv bike VStrom was better than $13k. The 1050 is more than $17k. If you want a V100, Don at Motiv in OKC has the White one and the Special Edition Nautical. He sold the green one. The cost gap is narrowing between the Euro and Japanese bikes, although Beemmer and KTM are a little higher. Personally, I don't do any two-up riding and wouldn't need a electronic controlled suspension and enjoy traditional riding by playing with the clutch and blipping the throttle and don't need a qs. My guess if you're enjoying at 25 years old Guzzi, it may not matter here either. If you want it, it's available and certainly cheaper than adding later, service and maintenance TBD. I liked riding the bike. Since I have the Ducati, I can't see purchasing one, although the cruise would be nice.
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