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  1. I've had good luck with the Stop And Go plug kit
  2. I think it might have more to do Boris. Not sure. Just considering the course of events. What I've heard sounded generic.
  3. So far as music trivia. Back when I was in college and thought I could play drums, I met this guy Max Miller. He was a retired jazz musician and he told some wild stories of road trips and the rest. His stories made rock and roll stars almost seem tame. He named dropped a bunch of famous jazz stars from the '30's & '40's. The stories were totally believable but I confess I had never heard of him until I met him and to this day haven't heard his music. So while I was looking up Johnnie Johnson on Wiki, I decided to check on Max. My goodness. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Miller_(jazz_musician)
  4. Chuck played with pick up bands. Local guys that knew enough of his stuff and how to follow him. He was cheap and could be mean too. He and Johnnie Johnson preformed and wrote together and they frenemies most of the time with a few lawsuits along the way. He was cruel and punched Keith Richards who was producing his all star movie concert; Keith said it was no big deal since he worked with biggest diva of all time. When Chuck was in prison, he spent time in the library and looked at a US Atlas, he wrote "Promised Land". He was constantly in trouble for taxes and minor sex crimes. He also built an integrated amusement park in Wentzville to give black folks a place of entertainment. People say the Rock and Roll was white guys playing black music but perhaps R&R was invented by Chuck Berry who was parodying white country music.
  5. I was able to get the unit to reinitialize and appears to be working. At least in the house. First it worked with my wife's phone. After several tries I was able to reinitialize the unit and establish a handshake with my phone. I'm not sure how stable it it but it did finally work. I wrote too soon, not connecting to either phone now. Update (4 Jul). Finally got it to work again. Got it to UNPAIR on the unit itself. When it finally started it needed to reinitialize the gyro. Then it paired with my phone and started working again. I did three restarts and directions.
  6. I think they're about $150-200 new. They also have a special purchase discount for previous owners and offer refurbed/used sales too. I'd just as soon fix mine but I'll figure it out when I hear back. Or just chuck it.
  7. That's my hope. I haven't heard back from them. I was frank about my social media regarding their product. It appears on their website that the repair is cost is 55 Brit Pounds, which is $65-70. If I ever get instructions, I'd give it a go and see. I'd guess one Zumo screen is worth about 5 Beelines so far as materials and costs. And that's one of criticisms of Beeline, it's plastic and appears cheap and flimsy.
  8. After several rounds of e-mail correspondence with Beeline, since my unit is out of warranty I've discovered that they have a repair service. I'm awaiting instructions how to utilize this. I'll let you know regarding cost, delivery and quality.
  9. Everyone has a favorite nav system or not. Since this is a Beeline topic, I wanted to get feedback from Beeline users. I like the Beeline- if I can get it to work. So far as riding techniques and being distracted, my rule is to travel no faster than you can see to stop. Tailgating when riding a bike can be serious problem. It's not just odd stuff like pallets, the real likelihood is hitting a truck tread that can be thrown up by the car in front of you and you won't see it. Keep your distance, pass quicky, stay out of blind spots, keep to clear roads ahead, keep your distance from vehicles in front if you don't have clear roads. I see riders violate all these rules more often than following them.
  10. Mine bit the dust today. I had just found a permanent mount for it. This is what I just wrote them: I'm having problems with by Beeline. It's worked well until yesterday when the display jittered and progressively got worse. As far as I could determine, the navigation seemed to be accurate so long as I could see the screen. I got home and charged it. The display indicated that the unit was 7% charged, I was surprised it was that low. Today (28 June) after charging, upon startup the unit received a software update. I took the unit on my motorcycle and as I rode I noticed the navigation seemed to be off. Perhaps the instructions were coming on a bit to early- not sure. About 10 minutes into my ride the unit stopped working altogether and went blank. When I tried to turn it on, it would not pair to my phone (Pixel 2). Then I got the script, to contact you: Beeline - 26:529 V3913 p.21 ec8 Dev Error
  11. Incredible EV https://autos.yahoo.com/watch-electric-fan-car-break-173100229.html
  12. I have the LED recommended here on two or three bikes. I suppose they draw less current but not no brighter than 55W H4. I had 100wt halogen on one bike and it was bright enough but singing a lot of plastic over the years. Now it has a dim LED. I'd prefer bright.
  13. No money for sure. We had a local rider here that rode a couple of the last races for the Buell AMA Superbike team. His coworkers at the Kaw store said he had to pay his own expenses for travel and lodging. The guy showed promise winning some of the regional/national Jr titles before running some pro class races. If you were watching race coverage on TV a few years ago you would've heard his name even if you might not remember him now. Last I know, he had a normal job and no longer racing.
  14. All my bitching about my kid's Focus ST and the expense of driving a performance car as a daily driver, actually my DD is an '08 Corvette. I bought with 44k miles on it and have about 80k on it now. It's been a pretty good car, although I'm living with a CEL that I can't kill and a chattering clutch. I can change the plugs in wires in about 30 minutes, easier than the valve adjustment on my Guzzis. Even the Michelin (all seasons run flat) tires haven't been that expensive. It's got 430HP and needs a nanny to keep me out of the ditch. It's a stick, pop top, analog gauges, simple radio (with 3.5 input for $10 Bluetooth module), sorta everything I wanted in a cruiser or runner. The worst is road noise in the hatch, I won't take it on interstate highway extended trips.
  15. My kid's Focus ST was totally out of commission for a couple of weeks due to plastic door latches! The danged driver's door would not close! He duct taped the door because Ford wouldn't send a tow truck. Of course the battery died next, due to the dome light burning. Lucky he only had to drive it for a couple of miles. On top of that, the car would occasionally overheat because the fan switch only worked randomly. Ford wanted $800 to replace the entire fan assembly. The switch was $75 plug and play, we replaced it in about 30 minutes. Ford offered to take the $120 diagnostic fee off the $800 bill but I didn't tell the service guy that I refused to pay that fee. I didn't pay Ford a damned thing! Fix their POS recall crap. This was after several suspension issues and an axle bearing (what?). After paying lots on tires and brakes, I think my son isn't enthralled with a performance car used for commuting. He's the only one I can recall in the family to ever own a Ford. I'd be curious if he ever buys another. My deal is, I only buy used cars that have good track records and in great condition. The only new cars I buy are Accords. I would consider a Toyota, maybe Chevy Bolt if I were to buy an EV. Actually the last new car I bought that wasn't Accord were a couple of Isuzu Troopers 4WD, strong and reliable. I still have the '99 with a little more than 100k on it, never even put brakes on it, the oil change place did the timing belt (V6) for $300. uuuuhm anyway But Plastic Door latches! That's it for me. It just plain pisses me off.
  16. Since Petrucci enjoys other forms of bike racing, like Dakar, perhaps he'd really like a go in the dirt during his time in the US and give Springfield or Peoria a shot?
  17. All I know is have lamb chops for the grill tonight. Bev grows her own herbs and they're dry brining as I write this.
  18. I've never heard so much whining over the threat of progress regarding clean, efficient and fast transportation Gees I haven't seen a Pinto, Duster, Olds Diesel, K-car, or Chevette on the streets in 20 years. Who says they really miss them? But if you want keep one of these marvelous contraptions in your garage 40 years from now, I don't think anyone would stop you.
  19. Thanks Phil. Appreciate the recommendation. That makes more sense than fishing line (my only thought).
  20. Phil, I remember when Rossi got "special tires". My statement was generally how tire situation works now.
  21. Times have certainly changed. The Duc is the only bike that I would take on an overnight ride now. KNOCKING WOOD <again> (I'm also on some Duc forums, there are some issues with new Ducs but nothing like I see on WG for 1400, 8v, V7, TT, etc., etc. I'm not comparing my legacy bikes since they're old and have miles on them but the long term reliability for them has been a challenge.)
  22. They're not going to make custom tires for each team. They'll bring a selection that they consider that works best and safest for the entire field. Sometimes they miss and find a particular tire doesn't work. It's the same in every race series and tire manufacturer. Some of the variables are the speed and condition of the track, whether clockwise or counter, etc., etc. Each tire typically has three compounds, left, right and center, all depending on the variables.
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