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  1. I have a Stucchi listed on ebay if anyone is still looking. -Nick
  2. Bump for price drop...
  3. How does $750 sound?
  4. Hi, Engine is still available, it is ready to ship! Let me know if you have any questions. -Nick
  5. Hello Inmates, Sadly it is time for me to part with my second V11. A pending move and lack of space in the bay area forces sale. I am the third owner of this bike and have plenty of records for it. It has never seen rain! Mileage currently sits at 12,4-- Original owner purchased from Moto International in Seattle it is actually one of those unusual 2002 models that were sold as 03's. Fortunately the owner opted for new cases when the flaking paint epidemic struck, not only that though, the engine was completely built up using Ferracci high-comp pistons, Carrillo rods and Megacycle Norris cams, fitted with a Titanio ECU and a PC3. I have all the receipts and the work was done by Moto International. The stock air box was replaced with pods, and a crossover and Giannelli silencers added. The bike was then dyno tuned and I have the map CD and dyno sheets. Some carbon fiber bits added, such as bikini fairing and rear seat cowl. This Goose runs like a scalded ape. Revs really quickly with lightweight rods. My favorite piece though is the super rare Rossopuro top triple, it is simply beautiful and the bike is so much easier to ride with handlebars instead of the clip-ons. Also, I have added Rizoma bits such as bar ends, handle bar and a brake reservoir and mirrors. There is also a tail tidy installed from my old greenie, I am pretty sure it the one sold by Fast by Ferracci back in the day. I purchased an Ohlins shock for the rear from Italy about 18 months ago and had it rebuilt by Superplush here in SF, it has maybe 2k miles on it and is re-sprung for a 190-200 pound rider. Not pictured is an RSC Hyperpro steering stabilizer - more anodized aluminum bling! The bike currently has the tank from my old greenie on it, but comes with the silver tank in the pictures which in perfect shape, no scratches or wear at all. It has just had an oil, filter change and the shift spring was replaced and the tranny refilled with Redline sp heavy. This work was done maybe 300 miles ago. The bike will be heading to Desmoto next week for a throttle body sync and valve check. The only bad on this is the bike went down on the left side at around 5 miles per hour when I was pulling into my driveway, there is a small scuff on the silencer, it will be buffed out this weekend it is very minor. Will update with pic once it is cleaned up. The rear tire has some life left in it, it might be replaced soon depending on how much I ride it before it sells. Asking price is --- ***Update - Unfortunately I the front wheel came out from under me at pulling away from a red light turning a corner. The left pipe took a little more rash than it had before. The front fairing is also a scraped, it can be resprayed with clear to fix it. Because of this, I am lowering the price to $4400 firm. Feel free to PM to discuss. Ride safe all! I would rather sell this one to someone on this site, so I don't plan on listing on craigslist for a few weeks. A few pics: http://www.mediafire.com/file/85aqa144963ybd2/20171121_154004.jpg/file
  6. Hi mate, what do you want for the rear drive unit (bevel box). I would need to ship it USPS as I'm in Australia.



  7. I have the preselector removed from my bike and ready to ship. It is in perfect working order. It is currrently on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/163655856298
  8. Knock knock.. is this thing on? Blowing into mike.. What do you want for the regulator? :)

  9. Hi Gatorman, The starter has been removed and the part num is: D6RA210 Price is $60
  10. Hey Docc, It still amazes me when I see your mileage posting. Very impressive!
  11. I will pull the starter and check the numbers tomorrow -Nick
  12. Hi Paul, I don't have these, but it sounds like you will get some anyway. Thanks guys
  13. How is the S4R? I just picked up a 1st gen Multi, haven't received it yet though.
  14. All pm's responded to Sorry guys...no bikinis's here skinny dipping only
  15. Sounds like you have 4corsa's old Scura. He sold after owning for 5 years.
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