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  1. Hi Gatorman, The starter has been removed and the part num is: D6RA210 Price is $60
  2. Hey Docc, It still amazes me when I see your mileage posting. Very impressive!
  3. I will pull the starter and check the numbers tomorrow -Nick
  4. Hi Paul, I don't have these, but it sounds like you will get some anyway. Thanks guys
  5. How is the S4R? I just picked up a 1st gen Multi, haven't received it yet though.
  6. All pm's responded to Sorry guys...no bikinis's here skinny dipping only
  7. Sounds like you have 4corsa's old Scura. He sold after owning for 5 years.
  8. Parts will be slowly hitting eBay over the next couple of weeks. Anyone need an engine? Will sell for a good price. Have video of it running. Please ask for pics of parts if interested.
  9. The wheels are in great condition, no rash or peeling. The Rosso Diablo II tires only have around 400 miles on them. Bike was always stored inside, so very little corrosion on parts and fasteners.
  10. Hi Dave, It is a greenie The fender had some cracks so it was disposed of. The rear has some rash on it, keeping the tank as it is on my current V11 before it goes in for "Scura" makeover Side cover and alternator cover available though.
  11. Greetings Inmates! I just bought a new bike and need to make room in the garage. The bike is almost complete and if you need any parts or spares let me know or make an offer. Priced to move! Trying to move quickly as to not piss off the lady with too many toys. Seat is gone as are front brakes. Btw, the bike has around 14k on it. The tranny housing might be cracked as it was low sided at 20mph once. Will know more when it is fully disassembled
  12. I have a set of these Giannellis on my bike and they sound fantastic, really bring the thunder. Definitely deeper than the Mistrals on my old greenie.
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