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  1. ODO is km now but converting prior miles I come up with total of 25,906 miles. Very likely the 2nd pawl spring but have no way of knowing for sure.
  2. Just broke my shift selector spring pulling into the driveway after scorching about 100 plus miles of winding mountain back roads. Life is good! Money and tip on the way SCUD for 2 pawl springs please.
  3. Interesting, not available in the US. They want to squeeze us for every penny they can. Sorry to hear your V11 is SORN but at least there's a bright side in the pocketbook. Hope you can return to the road as soon as this virus is past.
  4. OK, I won't. Maybe just overly optimistic... Any suggestions or advice?
  5. After changing exhaust gaskets I used these (Docc) guidelines to retune my 03 V11. Old exhaust gasket leaks (at the front crossover) definitely contributed to my 3-4K rpm cough. After replacement it was better but had returned albeit a weaker "spit". After removing and cleaning the air bleed screws (very sooty) and rebalancing the throttle bodies and then a test run of 60km this morning .... at long last problem resolved. All in all I found it to be an amazingly simple fix. The bike has never run better (since I purchased 7 years ago). All smiles here (and I saved some bank $$$). Thanks to Docc and the rest of the contributing forum members! Happy miles to all
  6. Throttle Meister's, plus you get cruise control for those long trips. Have on all my bikes, love them. https://ridermagazine.com/2011/09/14/throttlemeister/
  7. As researched previously here on V11 site for issues with a 3000 RPM spit/cough thru left side intake, I decided this the best avenue to chase this steadily worsening condition. I completed removal of exhaust system, headers back to mufflers. As part of the process. I cleaned all SS with Barkeeper's Friend cleaner/polish, inspected weld joints, Loctite'd fasteners on hangers and reassembled using new "metal-icized" exhaust gaskets from MG Cycle. As you can see in picture I have the crossover in system just in front of the alternator cover. Using care during reassembly to preclude any new leaks, and leaving everything slightly loose to obtain best fit and maintain clearances with the engine and frame, I completed reassembly without any issues. After a test ride of about 45 minutes I was able to confirm that the exhaust leaks were the cause of the 3000 RPM cough/spit I had experienced over the last year or so. Thanks to the various topics posted on this forum, I am glad to report that my red stallion has returned to the road in excellent running condition. (As a side note, after much disappointing experience with speedo/tach service with Seattle Speedo, and being scammed for $587.76, I replaced my speedo with a new KPH unit from LMT and can again track speed and mileage to maintain scheduled maintenance intervals). Image available at https://ibb.co/7yKrMcp
  8. Wow, kinda like that nicely endowed waitress wearing a low slung v-neck sweater who leans over the table while putting her head in her hands while resting her elbows on the table top. total tease.
  9. Tom,  It looks like you're a Dead fan.  I once saw them at the Hampton Coliseum in '86 during the short time I lived there.  US Blues.


    John L

    1. Tom in Virginia

      Tom in Virginia

      Oh cool.  A bit of a fan, they usually made/make the "mothership" a standard stop.  This place is locked up with traffic, fans and groupies when they are here, its maybe 3 miles from my house here in Hampton.  Been once to see Trey Anastansio (sp).  I am more of a oldie GD favorite.  "shakedown street" being one of the albums I really liked. 

      My prob is I am just not a extended instrumental riff kinda guy, which they did/do quite a bit.  Now I have seen New Potato Caboose quite a few times locally.  Really liked them.


  10. Well I made the colossal mistake of not researching reputable speedo/odo restorers. Sent mine to Seattle Speedo, total scam. Got suckered for just under 600 clams, guess I am lucky that's my first time giving away money via internet. Don't use this guy, mine came back all f--ked up! Cracked faceplate (over tightened screws), speedo goes to 30mph max, faceplate came off of tach during install, original road dirt outside, his shop dirt and scratches inside, on and on. You can read my Google review of his services online. Sad.
  11. Cool, I got it. Thanks a lot. I carted this cable setup, tried to checkout, made it all the way to credit card number etc, hit finish and viola, nothing. Ya gotta laugh! Gonna call them instead.
  12. 80CX100: Yeah, have been trying for a few days. I'll try again to look at their site and then call. I like to have a rough idea (pic and description) of what they are sending me. Really appreciate the feedback, I know this topic thread goes back many years and am never sure how available these vendors may be. Safe riding. Tom
  13. http://www.casperselectronics.com/cart/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=853&search=109172 Continues showing website as "updating". Any ideas on a current link for Cable 1?
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