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  1. Good point PJPRO. For both of my MG LeMans, it was apparent on purchase that the previous owners ran too low tire pressures. On the front tire it led to (severe) cupping of the tread outside the center running bead of the tire. On test rides, this condition in turn aggravated handlebar/mirror vibration so much you would see double vision in the mirrors, making them almost useless. The 02 only had 2450 miles upon purchase but the front tire was noticeably cupped considering the mileage.
  2. I have had the '02 only about a month now, have ridden it twice. It has very little miles on it and in new condition, but that doesn't help 18 years worth of new oxidation/corrosion on electrical connections for sure. First timeI rode it I think the battery was a bit low and had couple of issues. Changed out all the relays to OMRONs, no issues after that. 2nd time I rode it about 100 miles, no issues at all. Went to move it the back garage to the driveway a few days ago and when I pressed the starter button, started fine. About an hour later I am ready to go for a ride and go to start it
  3. Kiwi Roy, from your V11 Sport schematic ... "Refer to Test Point Layout drawing for additional troubleshooting info" Is there another drawing you refer to here, or would it be the schematic presented here? Having intermittent starting issue with an almost "new" 2600 miles 2002 LeMans and would like to troubleshoot using this schematic. Assume it is also applicable to 2002 LM? Thanks much for the easily readable/understandable drawing! Tom in VA
  4. Photographers posted along the "Dragon's Tail" route did a great job of catching all the bikes as they went by. This is the first picture in over 50 years of riding of me actually underway on one of my beloved Moto Guzzi's. Can't wait until next years Spine Raid.
  5. Got out for an extended ride on the "new" to me "new" '02 LM. Beautiful weather finally has arrived. Tipped the ODO over to 2650 miles. She's tight and runs like a good sewing machine.
  6. That was halfway (300 of 600 miles ) to Spine Raid. Have a camper in the mountains on a creek that I use as my getaway pad to sleep and ride from since my "home" is in the flat lands of Eastern VA. I was just burning up some tree limbs after riding dirt bike THEN drinking a few cold ones. One thing led to another and the few cold ones lit the idea of "why not a fire?"
  7. Here's a link to the photos I took during the weekend. Didn't pull out the camera, just the phone, but had a good time with docc and the guys. https://ibb.co/album/NtZSgC
  8. Will it be engraved with "Last Edition Lucky Phil ... and Chuck"?
  9. I messaged Chuck just now with my email and address for shipment upon fab.
  10. Been out of loop for awhile on this topic, Any update on another batch being fab'd? I have an "02 anxiously awaiting for upgrade and want another to set on shelf in case i change the 03 current setup.
  11. My bike's in same situation, she's tired of takedown/reassembly and wants some ride time. Now, coils due Tuesday from MGG Cycle so tanks coming off off again. Still gonna be there, just may have to bring a backup ride so I'm not left watching
  12. I cleared the 2 faults indicated. Last night I changed out TPS with a new one and set it as close to157mV as possible. I'll inform after completing another decent tuneup process. (note the black line that shows gaps as I throttle upwards and back down. Appears that is where the bike is stumbling and popping/surging. Hope new tuneup process resolves these holes)
  13. Yup, kinda hijacking this thread but here it is anyway....checking TPS now to see if its smooth transition up/down. Seems to be but I may change TPS to a new one anyway. Also CO Fuel Trim. GD shows "0" on the +/_ screen with START button but then click START and GD gives me what I'd call an error screen that says "Active diagnostics could not be started". Tried multiple ways to get by this running, ignition on, off running, motor cold/hot and hot >60C.. No help.
  14. OK, kinda dumb lazy question here, should my 2003 LM have an O2 sensor installed? I just yesterday removed the PCIII, replugged the ECU wiring back into the 15M ECU. Going to "try" to run the GuzziDiag and see if I can work thru/get system at least up/running to check a few parameters. Not going to make any changes though. Bike ran very well 4k to redline. Coughs, spits, stutters surges below 4K when off throttle or transitioning up/down. Idles fine. (Valves in spec, TB s balanced, air bleed screws cleaned, new plugs, new NGK plug wires, new OMRON relays (all 5), fuel filter and pu
  15. Wikipedia: "The report's conclusion was that the probable cause of the accident was explosion of flammable fuel vapors in the center fuel tank. Although it could not be determined with certainty, the likely ignition source was a short circuit.[1]:xvi Problems with the aircraft's wiring were found, including evidence of arcing in the Fuel Quantity Indication System (FQIS) wiring that enters the tank. The FQIS on Flight 800 is known to have been malfunctioning; the captain remarked on what he called "crazy" readings from the system approximately two minutes and thirty seconds before the aircraf
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