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  1. I 2nd to the looks of great riding close by, have never focused on this part of SW VA. I would note that if they are still trucking coal on those roads it can make for a miserable day, dusty, slow and hot. However, I imagine most of that area has stopped mining coal by now. Following....
  2. Oh mate, I've still got mine, almost factory perfect as I described before. Only non-factory mod is the MPH bar risers as described in https://mphcycles.com/handle-bar-risers/. You won't find another one that looks any better and I venture to say it would be worth the trip to Virginia to see in person. New tires installed and the elusive factory rear rack included as shown in 1st three pics of google photo link. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ergoERzXaEie8jiV8
  3. docc, I always love your "out of the box" thought train, good on a routine basis for much levity . Part of the reason why I lurk in the V11LM shadows so much
  4. No experience with Stelvio or Griso. I do have a 2016 Norge (last year they made). Have mod'd fueling (GTM reflash), suspension (Matris fork upgrade, Ohlin rear shock), exhaust (Y pipe and Mistral muff), etc. The fueling upgrade makes it much smoother ride. My buddy who is also a long term MG owner/rider has ridden my Norge and says it is the smoothest, best handling MG he's ever ridden. (He owns 5 MGs, including one V11, but no CARC bikes).
  5. Once installed you will like them. I have on my '03 LM
  6. Installed a "indestructible" Scud shift spring, bearing and Lucky Phil Extender yesterday in friends '02 V11 Lemans (with 70K miles on it). He was very excited for the improvements and once the case sealant sets up, will fill/adjust and test run. I told him he is now officially a member of the very exclusive V11 "not-so-secret" mod club now. Once again, continuing THANKS! to all for the detailed photos, discussion and collaboration in upgrading another iconic machine. (This was the 2nd tranny I have done the spring/bearing on and it all came back to me very quickly. I have one extender and 2 spare springs left, which are still pending install on my virgin champagne '02 LeMans. But I can say that I do feel "qualified" now with the improvement process).
  7. That setup was on my'03 when I bought it 11 years ago. PO had no accompanying paperwork so not sure of manufacturer. No markings that I have seen either. I ride with bars all way up to save my back, makes it good for longer distances and like you said doesn't affect the OEM fork length.
  8. Yes, I sure will Bill. Being 10 hours from the Kentucky Spring Spine location, I may likely trailer and stay at campground there nearby. That is, only if I get a free pass from the boss. She is planning a trip to Bahamas with her brother/sister sometime in May and if that occurs during that weekend I will be on triple-dog duty. Anyway, it's a ways out and I will stay in touch regardless. And yes, I would enjoy hanging with the guys at your February retreat if other duties/commitments don't prevent. I'll look more at your link and get back to you for sure. I've been admiring that gathering for quite a few years now. Tom
  9. Yup, thats it. Thanks docc! Pics from the Spine Raid a few years ago. Fantastic riding in TN and NC!
  10. That's a notable name you don't hear mentioned often (Joe Eish). A legend in MG motorcycle parts for sure. Have heard much of that inventory is still just sitting there.
  11. Very nice. I have 2, a low mile mostly all stock '02 w/ is not so comfortable, and then my '03 more heavily modified with GutsiBits foot controls and bar risers w/ req'd new control cables/brake lines. That and the bar end ThrottleMeisters make all the difference in comfort. Gonna have to go research those HB bags/mounts
  12. I'm going to get an "OJT" training session from my son at Xmas so that I can post photos the proper way and avoid further churn for docc and other MAC/Apple users. (Forgive my un-adaptability, I'm from the "old" generation and still file paperwork in a steel file cabinet!)
  13. Ha, now I'm thoroughly confused! Are Google Photo images not viewable by Apple hardware?
  14. Thanks for input. Cleaned both right away, seems to have taken care of the worst of it. Boots were almost new, my hope is riding time will solve most of the residual gasoline smell issues on right boot. Leather pants were immediately cleaned but are due for a good mink oil treatment anyways. Here's a pic of repair parts, available from MG Cycle (for future reference/if anyone needs updated fittings for '03 V11 models and later): https://photos.app.goo.gl/HXSPGXpii8d1679y9 Grand total was $81.33 delivered to door. Part # 01106692 fuel pump connector (white elbow) Part # MG410 Fuel pump elbow hose connection spigot for internal fuel pump models (Sorry Docc for always using a google link for photos. Know that's extra work for you in everyone of my photo posts)
  15. This is what I'm using, makes for much comfort over 400 mile days, and around town. https://photos.app.goo.gl/jCyt3TMWrLcZNQ517
  16. So I did my fall PMs, fluid changes/valve adjustments/rebalancing TBs and the sort on the red '03 LM. Had a nice warm sunny day so looked to take advantage and get a ride in before the weather changed. Got about 3-4 miles down the road when the motor started sputtering. In moderate traffic so I'm looking for a real quick bail out place while jabb-ing at the throttle open to try to keep the motor running. Tap the rear brake once or twice to slow down, super squishy flat-tire feeling. Golly, I'm now thinking "how in the world can 2 separate problems crop up at once!" Make it into a church parking lot, throw down the side stand and look down to find gas running from under the tank, down the side of tranny/motor, dripping off the "Y" exhaust pipe, soaking right leg of leathers and into the inside of my right boot. Also see a standing puddle of gas on the ground below where I sit. Now I'm "FREAKING OUT!!!" (as my 5 y/o old granddaughter says). I quickly hop off, roll it forward away from the puddle, grab the tank bag off in case the whole bike goes up in flames. Grab my phone out of tank bag and start to call 911 as I was sure the exhaust would light it off. I give it about 10-15 seconds and .... no ignition/no flames. WHEW, breathing a BIG sigh of relief. Dial up my son to come bail me out with the truck and motorcycle trailer. (My son said he's seen a couple of wrecks at the track due to fuel leaks getting on the rear tire). Back at home, tank off, bike up on the rack, I find that somehow the inner QD at the tank elbow nipple had come disconnected. A few strong arm efforts at reconnection (without stressing the plastic tank elbow too much) I am unable to get it to lock back in. I surmise that my QD rebuilding effort about 6-7 years ago I likely used the wrong material O-rings, resulting in them becoming swollen up and prevent the QD from seating. At least this is my preliminary hypothesis. Have given it a good effort cleaning the boots and leathers, looks like only time will tell if they survive the dousing. Just very grateful that my bike (and me) didn't go up in smoke. I would have been a not-so comical sight on the roadside, hot footing it with my right boot and right leg on fire, as well as my beloved LeMans, heavily involved in a serious gasoline fire. Lesson learned. New connectors (both sides, tank and fuel line) on order from MG Cycle. From now on, when it comes to fuel repairs, there will be no cutting corners here in this Virgina garage.
  17. Very nice, like this setup. Always thought I could tour my '03 but have never sought out the side bags. IMHO it's just as comfortable cruising as my '16 Norge, and has "Throttle Meister's" bar ends/ throttle assist to help with right hand fatigue. Are those bags/racks off an Aprilia?
  18. The first thing I think of here is "crash bars" for the cylinders? ... still liking that side exhaust look though. (But it will never replace my love of the V11!)
  19. PM sent to FreyZI but no response. I am no longer interested. FreyZI, please update your commitment list when you return.
  20. In support of continuing superior V11 refinement, you can count me in on a CF booty lid to match my Carbon Fiber FBF cans on my '03 LM. Assume Frey ZI will handle disbursement and the builder will handle shipping? I expect all that usual collective organizing stuff will follow via comments. I'll be on the MotoGP road to Texas for about 2 weeks but available for collecting $ after 4/15/22. Must say another great effort by the group. I never know what's the next for "opportunity" for my wallet
  21. Thanks docc! and might I add, excellent place to eat on those chilly Spine Raid mornings!
  22. https://photos.app.goo.gl/EvXEtUDqjRRvMaAH6 Tellico Grains Bakery 2021. Brought back my childhood memories.
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