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  1. @al_roethlisbergerHi, have you figured out this problem? I recently started the same thing. I think this is the fault of TPS. These are popular RPMs and the throttle is open in this position very often, as a result of which the track of contact in TPS was erased in this place (thoughts). I have already changed the TPS, but it seems to need a new one. Tell us about your results?
  2. I know, but my English is still weak and I use a translator to communicate. And I'm afraid I will not always be able to correctly understand and convey what I wanted to say.
  3. I'm fine, thank you! I sometimes come here, almost all the information that I need is there, so I have nothing to ask I can’t figure it out only with synchronization. Hello to all !)
  4. Onibaka


  5. Hello! I did not quite understand, if it is worth upgrading the Airbox using a standard paper air filter? And can anyone show the Airbox images after upgrading (with holes in the lid) ?
  6. Onibaka


  7. I chacged the back light (by examples on the furum)
  8. http://www.r1200c.de/anleitungen/led-hauptscheinwerfer2/index.html
  9. I was replacing the breather hose to a new one. I'm sure that I have leaks of exactly gear oil. Also I checked those two bolts, they do not leak. Since the gearbox is now removed, I'll try to replace the oil seals and reseal with sealant. After that I'll see if there will be new leaks. It seems to me that one of the main leaks comes from the vent. Probably there was more oil than necessary or should i consider to change the oil.
  10. I use Eni Rotra MP 80W90 (mineral)
  11. Hello! I need your advise, please. During one of my rides i found out that oil is leaking heavily from the rear drive. About 300 km remained till the house, so i had to pour oil along the way. Later on the way i started filling blows in the back and crunching while driving (when pressing lever clutch). Firts, i thought that the problem was with one of the ball bearings, but overall motocycle was riding as usual. When i was at home, i took off the rear drive, the shaft was swaying (playing). I will replace the bearings (14, 22 on the schema) and the oil seal (17) that was leaking. But i am not sure, that the blows and the cruching were provoked by the bearing (the bearing did not seem to have any defects). After I decided to drain the oil from the gearbox, and I found that the oil was very dirty (although it was cleaner at the last replacement) and there is metal dust on the magnetic plug. I suppose that there is some friction in the gearbox. I took off the gearbox, but on preliminary inspection I have not found out shafts gap or anything. And here i am thinking if it is worth to disassemble further and get the shafts with gears to find something that could provoke the oil dirtiness or simply to replace something for prevention measures? Or maybe it is normal for V11? At the same time, I decided to eliminate all possible leaks, because I have the box all the time wet (from all sides) but i cannot find where from it is leaking. I have found an instruction to eliminate leaks, but except the 2-b point there (about bolts), i did not understood what is ment there, just in general. Can anyone in the diagram indicate with arrows what places of the box are mentioned there? I found another useful, closed topic http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20021
  12. Hello,in my case jerking suddenly started at any moment when the engine was working.
  13. I found this topic, it looked like there was a similar problem, but I did not understand (translation problem) what exactly helped to solve it? Replacement of relay? I changed all the relays a few years ago to new ones, so I tried to swap them. Visually, all the wires are intact, the problem is that the pump does not work just on the road, when I am in the garage, and when I have a toolkit and a place to check, the motorcycle works properly. I read a message from Kiwi_Roy, but I'm afraid I understood only partly (using google translator).
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