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    Goosed Again

  2. The +1 and + 2 on the instruments got me taking another look and sure enough, it was the lamp socket on the speedo side. I had taken off the tach before but the speedo was holding tight so I didn't bother. This time I attacked it more aggressively, prying little by little with a flathead and sure enough it came out and exposed the culprit - the busted lamp assembly. That's the good news, I even put in a new fuse with the lamp disconnected, turned the key and no POP! The bad news is that when the speedo came out I heard something fall into the bike. It's that little brown wafer at the bot
  3. Still baffled, no offense Kiwi_Roy, I still haven't tried the headlamp hook up yet cause it makes no sense (the physical act) to me. And I'm really not electrically inclined. I jiggled wires, cleaned and reseated relays, cleaned terminals. Pulled the starter and checked/cleaned terminals, cleaned and reseated bullet connections where i could find them. I don't see any exposed wires, is there anything I'm missing? Anyone have any other ideas? Again, this isn't when I hit the starter button, this is when I first turn the key the 5 amp fuse for the rear tail light. The brake light wor
  4. "replace the fuse with an old headlamp bulb" I'm not quite understanding you on that one. I'll open the headlight housing tomorrow and take a look there. Thanks
  5. Well, it's not at the tail light assembly, I disconnected that, replace the fuse, turned the ignition key, and POP goes another 5 amp weasel. Anybody got any good recommendations on where to check next?
  6. I have a seat for sale, from my 2000 Sport, and another member wanted to find out if it would mount without problems on a 2003. I'm not sure and couldn't find anything during a search, will they swap out from year to year? Thanks
  7. I have it listed on Fleabay with a starting bid of $75, BIN of $99. If anyone here wants it, I'll stop the auction and sell it for $65 + actual shipping cost. Just do an ebay search "Guzzi 2000 V11 Lemans Sport Seat" and you'll see it. Cheers Bob DROPPING IT TO $50 + SHIPPING
  8. Looking for a set of good clean bar end weights, my bike didn't have any when I bought it. Anybody got a spare set they'd like to sell?
  9. Didn't want to go the route of rigging a charger to accommodate, went the easy way and just ordered a Yuasa, with shipping $89. Excellent reputation from other riders, years of making a quality product. Thanks all
  10. I really don't want to buy a new charger and a few on this board mentioned their PC545's leaking. Was wondering about some other options, thanks though!
  11. I'm looking to replace my Interstate YTS15L-BS. This was the battery that came with the bike (2000 Sport) when I got it, haven't been wildly impressed. I've seen some threads here recommending the Odyssey PC545 but it looked like I would have to modify the battery box if I'm not mistaken. There are also probably some new better then ever designs with excellent cranking power, charge holding, etc. Anybody got any recommendations on a good drop in?
  12. Had a great time yesterday, went and rented a couple of Guzzi's with a friend (Heike) who's thinking of picking up a V7 Stone but wanted a real ride instead of a dealership "once around the block". I kind of knew about Rent-A-Guzzi's Todd Eagen from the GuzziTech site as I had ridden with him years ago when I was living in SoCal full time, riding a '73 Eldo. Great guy, is the MGNOC SoCal rep these days, and had put together the national rally when it was in Southern California a few years back. He also makes performance upgrade hardware and is a highly respected Guzzi tuner. What we were after
  13. Nice bike! One of my "what the hell was I thinking???' when I sold it" bikes. Right there with a R69S I sent off to Japan in the '80's but way more fun.
  14. Dirt cheap in the bay area... $2800 for a low mile 2000 with a slight amount of rash http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/mcy/4906575288.html
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