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  1. Woo hoo! Count me in..am local so will not be camping. Will be great to see ya.
  2. bzane


  3. Got a GPR titanium a year or so ago. Single-side with a Y-pipe. No restricters installed. Added a Power Commander III to de-lean. Quiet at idle, loud at high throttle. Deep happy sound all around. Good low-end. Makes a huge difference in power and feel 5k to 7.5k!!! Bike much happier! No more surging at 3k, no more 4K pinging, but sometimes pings at 5k, will adjust the PC again. Wanted to avoid over-rich.
  4. Didn't mention, I don't use a computer with the pc3. Just use the 3 on-module buttons. 1 - I don't want to pull my MSPC out of the closet. 2 - more than 3 knobs is more than I want to learn. Can take to a dyno tuner,but why? Won't track the v11, and I suspect it will like simple,3-knob seasonal adjustments
  5. Just an update. After 1000 miles, the GPR is louder, I guess from glass fiber packing or blowout, but still not anoyingly load. A good neighbor bike. Tone improved. Tweaked the pc3 to avoid richness. Rule seems to be to set for lean stumbles then add 1. So Easy! Bike is such a treat to ride now, may consider other stuff like "decent tune" and "guzzitech" but wanted to get rolling with minimal emotion peeling the onion. A v11 won't be a Japanese appliance, which is just as well, we'd sell it. For those haven't, tweak those suspension clickers. Better ride and less chassis pitching. Happy camper. All is good. Is a great bike!!! Am now mostly swearing at my 2000 Valkyrie. Crazy smog plumbing getting in the way of a cruise control install. Swears, hammering, knuckleblood.
  6. Ah, per champagne, thought you were referring to maybe running "rich"or the flavor of the sound. :-) Per the fit of the mounts, it just connects to the two head pipes in the front, and then hangs off the left passengerpeg/mufflerhanger. Like most aftermarket pipes, uses a sleeve on the muffler, so the fit always works. Have to admit I didn't mount it myself, but I suspected the hardest task was going to be removing the old pipe (swear, hammer, swear, heat, cold, swear, hammer) and removing the crossover bracketry (and California canister). Seemed a good choice to let a mechanic do that for 1 1/2 hours. The PC3 was trivial - remove 4 bolts holding ECU on under the seat, swap connectors, turn the ECU 90 degrees so cables fit nicely, restore 4 bolts. Per PC3 versus 15M, different strokes for different folks! Reflashing the ECU yields ultimate flexibility... but absolute power corrupts absolutely. I'd spend the next 6 years tweaking it and probably making it worse. I'll likely spend no more than a few days tweaking the PC3 (fewer knobs) and probably can't make it as bad as if I had ultimate flexibility. Refuse to dig out my MSPC to do a detailed PC3 mapping, been there, done that. Am a simpleton, now.
  7. Okay, I give up, what does "Aaaaaah! "Champagne!"" mean? :-)
  8. Thanks for the rich/lean info & map pointer! Per request, attached are photos.
  9. Too weeks ago, installed a GPR exhaust that comes with a "Y" mid pipe a few weeks ago. Put a Power Commander PC3 on the next day. Quick summary, a lot more power at higher (4500+) rpm. The engine used to go flat at about 6000, now loves to charge up to 8000. Complete personality transformation. Feels smoother and happier. The power is reduced in the 3000-4000 range, but it was torquey enough that this was a good trade-off. Saves about 20-25 lbs. The 4500/5000 ping is gone. Went without the (dual!) db-killers. The sound is much nicer than stock. Still quiet until you twist the loud handle, so is a great improvement. Just the sound a stocker *should* have. The flavor of the sound is nice, but nothing special. Would definitely recommend! Sorry I waited so long, after having the bike 6 years. It is a 2002 LeMans. Makes me certain to keep another 6 years. Absolutely, positively need the PCIII. The one day without it, it was nasty, surging at 3000 and generally not happy. Only took minutes to install. Just guessing, I set the PCII for +2 at low, +3 at mid, and +2 at high. Expected to be playing with it a lot, but ran great at those settings immediately, so haven't tweaked it since. Got the PC from 58cycle and the exhaust from Moto Legends. Has been very smooth (for a V11), except a hot day in the desert (maybe 90) when I was trolling thru town. Cosmetically, the single-sided titanium pipe is quite pretty and takes the visual weight off the back. So much so, the bike looks better without the pillion cowl. A surprise. Question: Since I've assumed the pipe would lean it, and wanted to fix the freeway ping, I automatically set the PC for the settings above. Is it possibly running too rich? If it is too rich, how would I know? Does it matter?
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