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  1. Welshguzzi


  2. I got those rubber mounted nuts from Gutsibits here in the UK, so I'm guessing they're available in the States as well.........
  3. I'm reluctant to hijack this thread, but a comment above has aroused my suspicions: it's to do with positioning of the air temperature sensor. My Le Mans gets spitty and unfriendly when it's hot, and won't idle. Could this be related to the temp sensor? (Standard air box and tappets recently set) And my apologies for sneaking this in!
  4. Question: will they look better with the tank on?
  5. Has anyone had any experience with Jofama tail bags? They look ok, but looks can deceive...........
  6. Hi Rob! How's yer bits? I too might be interested in one of these - perhaps get 2 and save on shipping? However, it largely depends upon whether Mrs Welshguzzi gets a job soon :-(
  7. Which model did you fit? I'm guessing it was one of these? http://www.jwspeaker.com/products/led-headlights-model-8700-evolution-2/ And what sort of price are we talking?
  8. So why not reduce to even smaller clearances...........? Just asking
  9. Ambient temperatures are variable - Sweden in winter or North Australia in summer? Could be different by 50 Celsius
  10. I think the later ones are different, but I'm only going on second-hand knowledge, so apologies if I'm feeding you misinformation!
  11. I believe that the Alfa part is only compatible with certain years, so it might be a good idea to check before shelling out your spondulies
  12. Well, I was going to say, but I'm just too polite! (Ya bonehead........)
  13. Well said! I've rebuilt a bevel drive 900SS, but would now find tackling a V11 clutch a real challenge, partly due to the physical size of it, but also for all the reasons you have described.
  14. How come your bike is so pristine, like? I smell Photoshop......... ;-)
  15. Welshguzzi


    Hi Lamedog, Which handlebar risers have you fitted? I'm considering Apex when the money is available
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