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  1. Thanks I’ll be cautious getting the seal in, too many examples of timing cases with pieces broken off recently
  2. Novice question; replacing the seal. Is it a dry fit ? Fixed with gasket sealer ? Lightly oiled & fitted ? Hammer for moderators approval
  3. My fairing had some buzzing when I first installed it. I added some foam door sealer around the headlight where the fairing & trim ring touch. Then 2mm neoprene pads between the supports, brackets & the fairing. That cured it for me
  4. Looking at my torque chart that specs a general torque for an M8 x 1.25 bolt is 20 Lbs. That’s what I used. Yes. I was lucky
  5. It has the raised numbers 8.8 on the top
  6. Got lucky tonight; changing out the camchain tensioner ( yes I'm still tinkering with that ) as I torqued down the bolts the new, from the hardware store bolt 'gave' more than the other bolts & didn't make the wrench 'click' as quickly as the oem bolts. Could have been a disaster.
  7. Anybody have a source for the Valpollini gaskets? AF1 & MG Cycle have the regular & a thicker gasket, GU 1402360B, listed on their websires, but no reference to the Valpollini gasket.
  8. Last year was the first time I made it there. Expect it to be busy with a line. Recommendations 🤔 Cadre Cycle is a great place to visit, & come to think of it, probably a good place to ask about Breweries 👍
  9. The Garage Brewed Bike Show is on February 8th. https://garagebrewed.com/ Only a couple of hours from Indianapolis....
  10. Stewgnu, great pictures ! Thanks. My brother & family live on the West side of the Peak District in Cheshire. We had hoped to visit him this summer & hike the hills around Mellor but it didn't happen Your pictures wowed my family; next time we'll get there. How are you liking the new front end ?
  11. Stewgnu Riding in the Peak District
  12. My see if there is anyone near you who can set up your suspension. I have been trying to figure this out for years & finding 'Jake' just up the road from me has been an enjoyable education. He doesn't charge much & has an experianced eye, so that when he pushes down on the forks or the shock he can tell what needs to be done. If you don't have much luck with finding a guru, you can always look up Dave Moss Tuning on Youtube & watch his videos over winter As several have posted here, setting up the sag on the bike is an important first step that can tell you alot about what's to be done. Good luck. Keep asking questions.
  13. One time when I was grumbling to Curtis Harper about my valve covers leaking first the left & then the right one the SSR, he mentioned flattening them on some plate glass with sandpaper. They are only aluminum after all & tightening them down incorrectly can twist them out of shape. Mine were twisted enough to need attention. It may not make a difference but it doesn't hurt either.
  14. So. Scud. Tell us about this 'MV Agusta F4' that's visiting ?
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