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  1. I feel we should have a Moto Guzzi pledge that we'd sing with a hand over our hearts & a tear rolling down our cheek !
  2. Good to see you getting closer to where you want the specs to be The exhaust note as you bring up the revs is intoxicating
  3. Digging a little deeper, they have the rear shock as well.
  4. There are more knowledgeable members on here than me , (Chuck) who will comment at some point but a few other things to consider. You're talking about changing the suspension geometry so you need to look at the offset of the yokes, the length of the forks & how that changes the height & trail of the front. On the shock, the shaft length is important & how it affects the height of the rear of the bike. It's not that it can't be done but it isn't to my knowledge a simple 'plug & play' operation. I'm interested in the topic & hope the more mechanically skilled w
  5. That's the pic I was going to post A good looking Griso there !
  6. Finished making the fork cap extensions that are to go on the V11’s Showa forks. I had a welder add the aluminum tube & then I turned the rough fabrication on my mini-lathe. Thanks to Chuck for the long distance coaching which got me through the initial set up. Machined the ‘nut’ today & am quite pleased.
  7. I did the same, added the fairing to my Griso. Made up some brackets & moved the headlight forward but am pleased with the result.
  8. Thanks Kiwi_Roy. I'm fairly sure I'll have to study your advise a few times to make this work but it's one of the improvements I'm hoping to make. First on my V11 Sport then on Griso.
  9. I imagine any of the tail tidy's need a hugger to stop the shock getting trashed with road dirt... And so it goes more things to do.
  10. Footgoose, thanks for posting that; I like how that tail tidy looks & will fabricate one similar. Who makes the indicators ?
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