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  1. I understood that Meinoff was the V11 guru creating different maps: https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19652-v11-ecu-15rc-vs-15m/#entry214733
  2. Some machines get names cos one pops into my head & it seems to fit. My V11 Sport naked is Scarlet, for obvious reasons . My Sprinter van is Moby, cos it's a huge white whale & moves with the same agility
  3. The wife's birthday is coming up I thought I'd treat her to a V11.
  4. Stewgnu, can you post the link to those replacement cartidges you just installed ? Have you had a chance to try them out properly ? I heard it's been a wet Autumn. Is this the syle of fork cap you have ?
  5. Glad I asked as I'm pulling the alternator to replace the timing chain tensioner & leaking gasket. So I'm in the general vacinity.
  6. Which connectors are these ? I can't visulise where they are. As the owner of a 2004 with 18500miles I should have a look.
  7. Docc,

    guidance needed; I read a thread recently where you advised a member on posting pictures through another site( one you knew well) but I can't find that thread. Help.

    I'm tired of not being able to upload pictures cos they are too big. Time to do something about it !

    1. docc


      Hi, Tim! When PhotoBockit pulled its first sabotage, my son Nic (v7cafe on here) built a hosting site for images (he's a senior software engineer). It is completely secure, unsearchable from the web's engines and does no tracking, ads, pop-ups or other nonsense. It's $11/year. Take the tour of imgzeit:


      Best! docc

  8. Try going to Grisoghetto.com & doing a search there
  9. Saw my brother last month, and we were day dreaming about riding from his place in Glasgow down to the ferry & over to the Isle of Man for the Classic. Something for us to do before we get too old
  10. Sp838, what did you spend on getting the NIX cartridges installed? Just for a frame of reference
  11. Most of the Guzzi rallies I get to there aren't that many people with brown hair : it's mostly all grey heads
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