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  1. I bought mine from Harpers a few years ago, he refered to it as a Scura bikini fairing . Give him a call & see if he's got one
  2. Stewgnu, Suspension is my current motorbike study area these days & as the kid with a new interest I'm asking everyone about that subject & often asking the questions as well. There are many books out there that illuminate the subject but my current read & recommendation for clearly explaining the subject is 'Total Control' by Lee Parks. Another useful source on YouTube is Dave Moss Tuning. Here on V11LeMans we have members who know there stuff as well, amongst others LuckyPhil & GuzziMoto. Here's a good writeup by Scud, look who the second post is from... https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/20132-setting-suspension-sag/ You've treated yourself to some top notch stuff, give it a chance to work as it should. Hell we've got the time now ! Mind you having another mate helping to measure ain't going to happen at the moment
  3. I might have to go out to the shed & open my forks to look just to satisfy my curiousity......looked in the manual instead & confirmed these are damping rod forks. Stewgnu, don't know if I missed your thread on putting the cartridges in? Did you measure the sag to determine if the spring rate was correct for you ? How much do you weigh ? What spring rate do you currently have ? £400 seems like a great deal. I paid about that much to rebuild the Showa forks on my Griso with new valves, shim stack, wipers & seals. Did you have a look at what the shim stack was on your new cartridges before intalling them ?
  4. I'm abit confused here; I thought all the V11, non Ohlins, bikes had damper rods forks. Admittedly I haven't pulled the forks apart & my opinion is based on the fact that there is no compression adjustment on the lower fork bracket.
  5. I am always impressed with how fluent Noraly from Icthy Boots is, even on complex topics. Whenever I watch the Isle of Man, I can never understand anything when they interview those guys. Half time I can't even understand the announcers. They should use subtitles. Have you watched the film on the Dunlop bike racing family ? They are barely understandable Classic stuff !
  6. Accents are funny things. I grew up in a rural area in Lincolnshire, only about 40 miles from Stewgnu's place really but I never visited. From the town of Newark where I went to school, to Lincoln was about 17 miles and had it's own accent. My parents were from Nottingham, 40 miles away, & I could hear the subtle change of accent & local slang. Sheffield & Yorkshire was only 40 miles but a huge leap in how different the language sounds. If you watch the BBC the programs are rich with accents from different parts of what is a small country
  7. Stewgnu, The schools are closed here in Ohio so we're at home alot & watching funny movies; watched 'The Full Monty' last night, set in Sheffield. Had the subtitles on but the kids still had to have 'Yorkshire' translated for them
  8. I'm going to digress slightly here; I'm searching for seals & dust caps for my Griso & rather than use OEM wanted to try SKF seals, which I've heard good things about. But I haven't found a source yet. Any pointers ?
  9. Docc, How are you & yours doing ? Heard you had a bit of wind down there ! Tim
  10. I was fairly certain that I was sent an invite by mistake, but they allowed me to hold the flashlight for Nick, do the dishes & load firewood. No body raised the issue so I stayed . For riding bikes it's a great part of the world, I was envious. Bill was & if Kathy allows, is, a generous host.
  11. Thanks I’ll be cautious getting the seal in, too many examples of timing cases with pieces broken off recently
  12. Novice question; replacing the seal. Is it a dry fit ? Fixed with gasket sealer ? Lightly oiled & fitted ? Hammer for moderators approval
  13. My fairing had some buzzing when I first installed it. I added some foam door sealer around the headlight where the fairing & trim ring touch. Then 2mm neoprene pads between the supports, brackets & the fairing. That cured it for me
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