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  1. Try going to Grisoghetto.com & doing a search there
  2. Saw my brother last month, and we were day dreaming about riding from his place in Glasgow down to the ferry & over to the Isle of Man for the Classic. Something for us to do before we get too old
  3. Sp838, what did you spend on getting the NIX cartridges installed? Just for a frame of reference
  4. Most of the Guzzi rallies I get to there aren't that many people with brown hair : it's mostly all grey heads
  5. Phil, here you go this should open it up ; https://viewer.autodesk.com/ thanks for the detailed post, for me it's an education
  6. Hadn't realised that. That does get you the tried & true 1100, that we know & love.
  7. Let me be clear; there are quite a few new bikes for sale at great prices. I would steer clear of bikes that might have flat tappets due to the lack of knowledge of the problem, the outright denial by dealers, the lack of support from Piaggio. There are plenty of post 2013 bikes out there. I found myself with a Griso cos One of the voices in my head said ' you won't know if you'll like it till you try it...' my Griso's a keeper for me. just want to paint it red
  8. I'm enjoying my Griso There are some great deals out there on a bike that isn't being made anymore...
  9. Guzzimoto, I remember your article from a few years back welding up one of the oils in the fork tube. Advice taken. I'll get some numbers & revisit setting the sag. Mind you now I think about it, the Griso forks are due for a 19K service so they might get the upgrades first.
  10. Let me re - phrase; I have found someone local that I'm going to start working on my suspension with, beginning with the forks. He has worked with RaceTech & is very impressed with them. So yes we'll be considering the springs as well, but as I don't carry much weight ( said he sucking it all in ) the thought was the springs would still be usable. But I'm open to ideas, suggestions. Just thought I'd pick the brains of those who'd gone before me before being bewildered by the Dark Arts. Novice question here: the Marzocchi's are damping rod forks not the cartridge type I believe ?
  11. I am considering upgrading my forks by having Racetech valves installed. Having read through some of the articles posted thought I'd ask the collective wisdom about what is currently available for 43mm Marzocchi's and what should I be considering for spirited road riding but not track caliber. Thanks
  12. Thought I'd revive this thread... Rox, what's your review of the Racetech gold valve forks ?
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