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  1. Who wants to have a go at this first ? Here’s a kit that looks like it contains everything needed but the carbon fiber https://www.carbonfiberglass.com/Fiberglass-mold-kit-economy
  2. I recently found this Youtube video on suspension valving, it clearly illustrates & explains this nebulous topic https://youtu.be/dRekn0iRiRs
  3. I’m probably on the wrong thread, but on one of the discussions of forks, Lucky Phil made the comment that you could get Andreani cartridge inserts for the V11. Intrigued, I went looking, https://www.ebay.com/itm/112664548144?hash=item1a3b549330:g:PoIAAOSwovNaH91O At that price it’s a great deal for hopefully a plug & play piece of equipment
  4. You need a least one of the 1200 Griso’s
  5. Answered my own question https://superbikeschool.com Started by Keith Code
  6. Guys, Anyone know of, have experience with https://www.superbike-coach.com Stories & anecdotes welcome I thought this was the bike school run by Keith Code but didn’t initially see any reference to him
  7. I haven’t figured out how to get to articles I’m searching for using the sites search function, however doing a search on Google usually gets me there.
  8. True. Cross out Grisoghetto & write in ‘V11LeMans’
  9. Grisoghetto. Those guys are hoarders over there, some of them have 2 Grisos justifying it as ‘one for around town & one for out of town’. You’ll only get one of them to part with a Griso at the funeral ! Just saying. 😆
  10. My understanding is that Fast by Feracchi FBF are closed now so no asking them. My experience; when I bought my Griso, they were the original dealer that first sold the bike & had done some recall work. When I called them up they had a record of the work done.
  11. Colt, I’ve been re-reading some of the threads; https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/20201-re-engineering-the-shift-spring/page/51/ https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19547-v11-shift-improvement/page/4/#comment-213468 Building up my confidence to tackle some of these jobs as I’m a part-time mechanic & have many opportunities to learn from my mistakes 🙄, & going over the conversations there are a lot of experienced clever people here willing to share their knowledge & develop solutions to some of the V11 Sports imperfections. A good group of riders. 👍
  12. Hey Colt, Good to see you made it here to the enthusiasts site. 😁 Chuck in his homage to the Mighty Scura said, ‘it was the bike that taught him how to dance’. Hopefully you will have the same special relationship Cheers
  13. I had two starting issues with my 2004 V11 when I got it. First one turn the handlebars to the right lock & no instrument lights, nothing. Turn the bars to the left lock everything worked. Turned out under the tank were two bullet connectors that when the bars were to the right pulled apart enough to stop everything. The second issue which might be what you are experiencing, although my cylinder was still tight, the wiring was not supported going into the cylinder & one of the soldered joints broke but didn’t come away. I took the cylinder out & had enough play in the wiring to re-solder all back where it should have been. Added a physical support to take the tension off the wires going to the lock cylinder & all has been good since. Luckily for me it wasn’t beyond what was easy to see.
  14. Thanks. I wasn’t sure if this operation required a specific sealant . So Yamabond 4 would work just as well
  15. I’m getting the supplies in to do just that overdue job
  16. Having read many of the articles here, I wanted to ask about what gasket sealants members use & recommend. ThreeBond's 1194 comes up as a gearbox sealant on Lucky Phils gearshift thread. That seems to have been replaced with Threebond 1184. Threebond 1211 was in an engine build article somewhere. Jim Hamlin likes using Threebond 1207B when re-attaching the two sections of a CARC unit together. Appreciate the advice.
  17. That confirms the numbers then. On my Sport I have the LSL handlebars & risers to sit up more, rather than the clip-ons.
  18. Front tyre inflated to 36 psi V11 Circumference 1883mm Diameter 600mm Griso circumference 1878mm Diameter 598mm Fork length, I believe I measured this with the front wheel off the ground, from top of triple tree to center of axle V11; 750mm Griso; 725 mm
  19. It's these subtlies that I'm interested in as I try to understand the different values between the Griso & V11 Wheelbase V11: 1490 Griso: 1554 Head angle V11; 25 Griso; 26.5 Offset V11; 40 mm Griso; 35mm Trail V11; 103mm Griso: 108mm Yet the V11 steers as if it has more trail. The Griso acts as if the steering is very 'light' & is quick to turn in. Sorry to go off topic , it's just interesting & currently head scratching
  20. My V11 Sport is the 2003 model sold as a 2004. It has the 43mm Marzocchi forks & is the KT model. So from your discussion I understand that, for my bike, the head angle is 25*, the offset is 40 mm. Now written in my notes, from where I don’t know, I have a trail of 103mm. Should that be 96mm ? Having the Griso & the V11, I’m trying to educate myself about these details, as the two bikes steer differently & trying to understand the mathematics behind the riding feel. Especially as I change the forks & potentially the geometry.
  21. Scud, is this the same rear mudguard you have ?
  22. Scud, I like the look of the rear mudguard & how it shows off the swingarm but couldn’t find anything more than pictures & a description on the Ghezzi-Brian website. What was the cost for that piece of visual enhancement?
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