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  1. Just to add information not as a dictate, when I changed the springs on my Griso, which is a similar weight, I installed 1.05 kg/mm Traxxion springs. The Griso has Showa forks & with all the gear I ride with I'm at 200 lbs. This allowed me to get the sag settings I was looking for, 35 mm at the front. Initially I bought a 0.95 kg/mm spring which was too light & Traxxion swapped it for me, costing me freight only. Remember as well as changing the oil weight, the air gap needs to be precise
  2. I have a constant fight with the moisture here in the mid west, trying to keep rust from etching into my ferrous tools. Would ACF-50 be a solution ?
  3. That's what I was thinking; as the Beetle map made such an improvement to Griso's not performance as such, useability (?). I was thinking of installing Meinolf's map on the V11.
  4. With my 2013 1200 8v Griso installing the Beetle map smoothed out the idle, cured the popping on deceleration, made the throttle less twitchy ( mostly noticable in a corner trying to balance the suspension ) & improved the mpg. In my opinion a good investment
  5. Lucky Dog An old guy around here has one that he beats to death, leaves out in all weather, has dropped a few times. Still it does look good under all the scars & grime.
  6. I feel we should have a Moto Guzzi pledge that we'd sing with a hand over our hearts & a tear rolling down our cheek !
  7. Good to see you getting closer to where you want the specs to be The exhaust note as you bring up the revs is intoxicating
  8. Digging a little deeper, they have the rear shock as well.
  9. There are more knowledgeable members on here than me , (Chuck) who will comment at some point but a few other things to consider. You're talking about changing the suspension geometry so you need to look at the offset of the yokes, the length of the forks & how that changes the height & trail of the front. On the shock, the shaft length is important & how it affects the height of the rear of the bike. It's not that it can't be done but it isn't to my knowledge a simple 'plug & play' operation. I'm interested in the topic & hope the more mechanically skilled will chime in.
  10. That's the pic I was going to post A good looking Griso there !
  11. Finished making the fork cap extensions that are to go on the V11’s Showa forks. I had a welder add the aluminum tube & then I turned the rough fabrication on my mini-lathe. Thanks to Chuck for the long distance coaching which got me through the initial set up. Machined the ‘nut’ today & am quite pleased.
  12. I did the same, added the fairing to my Griso. Made up some brackets & moved the headlight forward but am pleased with the result.
  13. Thanks Kiwi_Roy. I'm fairly sure I'll have to study your advise a few times to make this work but it's one of the improvements I'm hoping to make. First on my V11 Sport then on Griso.
  14. I imagine any of the tail tidy's need a hugger to stop the shock getting trashed with road dirt... And so it goes more things to do.
  15. Footgoose, thanks for posting that; I like how that tail tidy looks & will fabricate one similar. Who makes the indicators ?
  16. Ah you’ve shamed me into it Whilst I can see 5 mm being stiff enough for the fore & aft loads, will that be enough for the side to side vibration ? Does there need to be a rib added ?
  17. It's for the stock V11 2004 version. I was musing about what I wanted to do to clean up the lines of the rear of my bike. Pull the blanket of a mudshield from the tyre & install a slimmer cleaner hugger. Cut the passenger footpegs off the muffler hangers. Then fabricate a tail tidy of sorts. Change the bulbous brake light for an LED unit. Then as the beer adjusted my capacity for what is reasonable, started looking at those sexy Rizoma turn indicators. At that point I realised I'd strayed into fantasyland & went to bed So if anyone has a set lying around, of no use...
  18. Any one have the hangers that support the mufflers & passenger pegs ? Cheers
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