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  1. Dear all I have made a slight balls up with Lees email address you will need to re send any inquiries and add a w leewcarey@btinternet.com Sorry about that!
  2. Are the alloy tanks lighter than stock items? Well in the famous words of Vicky Pollard.....Yeah but ....no ...but yeah? empty..... I recon 20% to 25% at least lighter, however as a plus the first tank made has a capacity of 30 ltr or just over 6 Gallons in real money if I recall but check on this standard tank is just under 24 Ltr ? so it depends on how much juice you put in, the 2nd tank I have not yet measured capacity but would think about the same
  3. bbolesaz, I have a picture of the underside of the first tank Lee made for my 2001 Le Mans with the external petcock and pressure valve so you can see how it all fits and how he placed everything in the same locations as the original plastic tank, if I send it to Dave perhaps he can post it on the forum as I am having a bit of a problem posting pics on the site
  4. Lee has made 2 tanks for me the new unpainted is for the Rosso Corsa (internal pump) and the Black painted Le Mans (pictured) is the external pump same as yours only differance is Mk1 V11 has 3 holes in bottom of Tank and later Mk2 tank v11 has just one bloody big one, he built both tanks for me with bikes in situ I suspect (Arizona =Az?) to Essex my be further than you would be willing to travel? but he may be prepared to make without bike especialy if he is doing another in workshop at this time worth a try leecarey@btinternet.com
  5. I thought it would be of interest to members of the V11 forum if you are in the UK maybe even Europe have a knackered Ethanol damaged tank and want a really nice alloy one made thats faithful to the original then the guy to go to is Lee Carey at MCS Engineering, Unit 6 Shipyard Industrial Estate, Brightlingsea, Essex , CO7 0AR, leecarey@btinternet.com he has now made two for me a 2001 Le Mans & 2004 Rosso Corsa his work is absolutley cracking stuff, I was unable to post pictures on site as the files were to big but would be happy to email anyone who is interested. j.nicholas849@btinternet
  6. Thanks for the info - my tank has just started to bubble, so I've dropped them an email. Do you have any photos of yours? Hello Trevini , these tanks start with a bit of distortion if you have found the tank becomes a bit of a pig to get on and off? then out of the blue the bubbles as the tank becomes pourous pop the bubbles and theres petrol, sort of fuel tank measles! I have tried to post some pics on site but must be doing something wrong but if if you ping me an email j.nicholas849@btinternet.com I am quite happy to send you some, I origin
  7. Yep I did make contact with the Tank Shop some time back and I have seen his tanks which are top notch, However it was a year wait at the time and you had to get the bike up to Scotland so for anyone in England (Wales) going to Essex would be better option and a quicker delivery 8 -10 weeks
  8. To all who may still be interested or now have a buggered up tank due to Ethanol I adopted two separate options my Rosso Corsa I shot blasted the tank and had a box alloy tank built that now fits inside the original the down side with this is Im down to 4.4 Imperial Gallons and you loose the air box but as it my Sunday afternoon bike no big sacrifice. My other le man which I use for Touring I ve now had an alloy tank made, the difficulty in getting someone to make a Tank in the UK now is unbelievable all the people I spoke to who make Tanks just want to make what they have always made and a
  9. Andy , Just took a picture to send to Moto Mecca infact, if you let me have your email I will send you one, cost wise my mate made it for me but I have to repaint it and the grahics are a 100 quid so it looks to be about £500 ish time Ive finished, not cheap but what is these days.....as they say If its got Tits or Wheels it"ll cost you Money!! Fred
  10. To all who may have been following the saga of ethenol ate my tank /steel replacement ? things have moved on ! slight change of plan as you may recall I was going to make a steel tank to sit inside the old plastic tank well this has now been done but have used alloy instead and I now have an approx 20L or 4 gallon tank that sits inside the old un quite snug, have had to do away with the airbox with K&Ns and also the standard fuel filler cap replaced with a nice alloy external that looks rather classic , next stage is to get painted, fingers crossed this will be the long term answer to the
  11. I bought an Odyssey had it just over 2 years and it packed up they give 3 year warranty in US and 2 in Europe! didnt get replaced under warranty so in my book Junk wouldnt buy another
  12. Tikkenen, Thanks, I have just sent an email to kaffee mashine on your recommendation so will see what comes back from them?, I have now gutted the underside of my old tank and made a cardboard tank to fit (not the intended long term solution!) but I can now get some idea of how easy or otherwise it will to construct in steel,The airbox will be junked if I go ahead and brackets made to support the side panels and injectors with conical K & Ns semi hidden by the side panels so externally every thing will look pretty standard but lets see how it works out ? I do have a plan "B" and "C" if it
  13. Soren, I spoke to him about a week ago or so and he said he needed pictures of the tank then the bike to be left with him if he took the job on this given other comments here about time to get it made puts the bike out of action for a year!, He has obviously made a few of these tanks now and (very nice to) so you would think he had a template or such to work from if that is possible for an Alloy tank but apprently not!? Fred
  14. Thanks for your thoughts Skeeve and Bjor yes I got in touch with the tank shop and I have to send him some pictures of bike and tank and could be the route to go with my V11 that I use for touring funnily enough this bike is a 2001 and as yet damage to this tank is only 2 small bubbles yet the Rosso Corsa is 2004 and was plastered!, Re the experiment with the steel tank as I said the old tank is now been shot blasted and the bottom cut out, my mate and I ( a pucker engineer unlike myself!) are starting on Monday first to make a cardboard mock up to get the idea of shape fit etc ,It currently l
  15. If thats the case I will give him a call it will be interesting to see what sort of time table/ cost is involved ? but I was told admittedly by a third party it was a long wait as he has an over flowing order book, also a very good engineer friend of mine considered it would be a bugger to get close to an original look given the tanks curves Fred
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