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  1. A "What Are You Wearing?" Thread is kinda creepy unless on a motorcycle forum I guess.... I just wear a Dainese I've already crashed in since I know it works....Dainese gloves and make it point not to wear a helmet that matches the bike.. leather Chucks since it's better than wearing flip flops.., No joke, Indians be riding their Enfields with flip flops...I have kevlar jeans but rarely wearthem here in AZ since it's so friggin hot . Lucky jeans.. Lucky since I haven't crashed in them...
  2. Sounds like a cough. At low rpms? 3k? Both mine do it. Throttle bodies probably need synching . A custom map helps. Just order a new set of new rubbers from MG Cycles too. That rubber is probably as old as the bike and in Cali??? Certainly dried and cracked.
  3. You're probably right. Then it became an unfinished project(snafu) that ended up on ebay. Only thing to really do is lay resin in those holes and make new ones. A new one from Harpers wasn't too crazy expensive. Had to paint it though.
  4. Im in your boat. Wasn't even thinking about the heat. Im down the road in Marana. Guess there are 2 Scuras in AZ now.
  5. My Scura battery just pooped today. Ive noticed batteries in mine only go 3yrs tops. They'll be fine and then I'll get a battery light at low idle. Maybe for a month being the warning that I'll be stranded soon. Then poof. I might be able to start it with the trickle charger on it for a half hour a few times more but those cells are given up.
  6. The more I see these Scuras popping up the more Im beginning to think MG made more than 600 of them.. Kind of like what Ducati did with the limited edition Sport Classic in black and gold. 2 guys showed up to Marcus Dairy in CT with number 38s.... lol And having 2k miles makes me worry. But with that said that thing is SUPER clean.
  7. I want to say the v7 tanks are 5.9gal.. Fitting one to a Spine may be pretty interesting though.
  8. Brian can pull that off with ease with some simple bodywork and some silencers. And profitable. Folks have been awaiting a new incarnation of the Lemans for over a decade.
  9. Something kinda like this i would love. Maybe twin shock with a 4valve making 80-90hp? Totally doable.
  10. I haven't "heard" that but if you follow Guzzi.... Theyll have the 1400 for the cruisers and 750s and 850s for the retros and small cruisers. Guzzi has become the "Retros and Cruiser Wing" of Piaggio. As for a new LeMans? It's coming and highly likely a 850 4 valve retro.
  11. A slight ping or cough at low rpms once in a while has been normal with mine. With stock maps, sport maps and even custom maps. With my Lemans Im running a closed airbox with K&N, Mistral crossover, Mistral pipe and custom Guzzitech map. 91 octane. My Scura has an open airbox with a K&N, Guzzitech crossover, M4 pipes and a custom Guzzitech map. Try to stay away from ethanol.
  12. Safford Peak. AKA " Sombrero Peak". Actually just south east of Pichaco.
  13. Today dusted off the LeMans... Fun little zip. Had time for a matching photo...
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