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  1. I own "Have A Nice Conflict" which is a pretty good read. There were a handful of situations I was experiencing with my job as I was reading it that are in the book. The perspective was helpful. I'll check your new one out..
  2. Mechanical change in Japan happens mid year. Mechanical change in the Guzzi plant? Every 25 years. 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Mid Ohio's cool. I got to make one on 08. Had a ton of fun. Got to hang out with Mark Wilsmore that weekend. Hadn't a clue who he was at first till I talked about wanting to hit the Ace Cafe . He was like: "Yeah, been there a few times.. Great English breakfasts." It was a great time. I wish I could of met Ago... Total legend.
  4. I just caught wind of this yesterday. Owned by Mahindra, designed in the UK, engine engineered in Austria (likely Rotax), and built in India. 45bhp(likely 35-37hp) single cylinder with a top speed of 105mph (my bet 95mph.). Weighs like 450lbs so it's likely 90% steel and highly overengineered to be super reliable. Then they're pricing it right on par with the Enfield Interceptor. I may get one.. I love road going thumpers..
  5. I'm sure Harper's can still get them. That's where I scored mine.
  6. Rox Lemans

    EICMA 2021

    I can agree with the tank saying 850.. Kind of a bit much. Should of been more subtle.. Maybe on the V7 emblem put 850 or maybe on the bar clamp or on the guages for the occasional rider that needs to be reminded of how many CCs their bike has..
  7. Nope. Quite easy.. MG and Harper's should readily have them. Had to change the ones on my LeMans out a while ago.
  8. Rox Lemans

    CARC Fail2.jpg

    Hm.. That's not supposed to happen. 🤔
  9. Used Guzzi parts have always been a crap shoot. Depends on demand.. Last year you could get an 02 tank for $250 in the US.. That same tank pending on color can be as high as $550. Saw a Legrano( sorry for the spelling.. The cool Guzzi green) green going for that.. Without the pad.. Will someone pay that? Demand dictates.. Im thinking close to that. Cuz it's green and in decent shape. But then a purple 03 tank will be $300.. Hard to tell.
  10. I like it. Still oddball. Still Guzzi. I love how the exhaust exits the jugs from the bottom instead of the front. I can see why they did it but it still looks cool. But I'm waiting for a roadster/naked version.
  11. I would say it's pricy but it's a superlight track bike with 220hp and 105ft lbs. That's almost motogp numbers for just over $100k.
  12. Very true. I personally think they made more Scuras and Rosso Mandellos than they said. I was at Marcus Dairy one time and 2 guys showed with Limited Edition SportClassics with the same number. That was hilarious. I wouldn't be surprised if there are duplicate number Scuras and Rossas out there. I don't think the US even ever got the Scura R. I've never seen one in the flesh. Even any pics I've seen they've all had Euro plates on them. As for the red seat? So very very true.
  13. If that's the case perhaps he should get an OEM ECU.. Some folk trying to get stuff to work that they likely shouldn't be using. Just pull this "Cliff Jefferies" stuff off and get a MM ecu . EV-11 stuff is plentiful. And cheap. Or just ponder and scratch your head and wonder why some guy's backyard mechanic rig is fouling up. I wish this guy the best getting his bike going. I learned a lot of lessons with my LeMans trusting "mechanics" with "backyard garage remedies" and all it did was cost a lot more money in the end unscrewing my bike from the backyard mechanic work. A simple google search on this "GuzziDiag" tunes and it's just a mixed bag of horror stories or a few praises. The guy who owned my LeMans prior to me installed some backyard tune I discovered. It ran like the throttlebodies were dirty and out of wack. Hard to start, coughed, periodic stalling. Come to find there was some "custom tune" done to the ecu. Then when it ran like crap someone tried manually adjusting the throttlebodies and tps switch in attempts to rectify (likely Etheridge). Took me over a year and around $700 to get it sorted. But ponder away. I'm stepping out.
  14. It should be a Magnetti Marelli like any other Aprilia era Guzzi. Likely someone put in a crap map throwing off the timing or other things. I've heard nothing good of GuzziDiag. I'm not looking to argue . But everything he's seemed to describe sounds like a fueling issue. Could be a sensor. I don't know.
  15. I would recommend getting an ECU reflash then having your TPS switch adjusted and throttlebodies synched. I would recommend Guzzitech but right now due to EPA crap it's hard to find people to program ECUs. But try synching your throttlebodies and adjusting your TPS first. If that don't do it have someone reprogram your ECU. Not to be patronizing but check all your rubber bits to make sure nothing's cracked or overtightened. I've made that mistake.
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