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  1. My bad. That's what I meant. Good save, Sir.
  2. Oh, and your petcock is fine. The 30 amp? Had to think about it.. Sounds like one of my rookie mistakes. Trying to start it letting the starter run maybe? Or the battery may be low. I've done it. Almost threw my helmet once when it happened.. These are new Guzzi owner issues. Easily sorted out.
  3. Is this while riding after a while in hot weather? Kinda sounds like the infamous vapor issue. Sputtering? Stalls? Gurgle sound? Bike sits for a while then starts fine? Sounds like it.. Your burnt fuse may be a different issue. Mine was doing it in this 115 degree heat. Also a valve cove gasket seep (heat stuff). Heat shielding the fuel lines and fuel pump. Plus a new gasket. Should be golden.
  4. Mark is known for many quotes....🤣
  5. If that dude selling the V11 also owns that old V7 then I'd consider it. Or maybe offer $5000-$5500.. The old Goose is a good sign he's cared for it.
  6. I know Tankshop in the UK used to do these tanks years ago for external fuel pump bikes. Worth a shot. They were pricy however hand made. Worth a shot to see if they're still banging out tanks.
  7. I had them custom done by Todd at Guzzitech. The cans started out as M4 carbon that were shortened. They were inspired off the Giannelli high mounts that were discontinued long ago.
  8. Out riding the mountain today. Discovered the hard way my battery is going kaput. 2 years on the money. But it was still a fun ride. Hot but fun.
  9. Rox Lemans

    Scura build

    You've gone practically full custom. But I like where you're going with it. 🤘😎
  10. Looks meh. But better than stock. I'd buy one. 😉
  11. That motor certainly came from a utilitarian heritage. 😉
  12. They're out there. Especially in Kentucky. 🤫
  13. The GPS speedo and tach are his best bet. Install it and forget it. The whole "self lubricating plastic gears" thing was a mega fail for our bikes. And those guys print the dials to look just like the ITI or Veglias too.
  14. Na, this guy is high.. Bike likely needs all new gaskets just from sitting so long. Would rather a Corsa Rossa with 25k on the clocks once owned by an Aerospace Engineer for $6500.. 🤫🤜💥🤛
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