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  1. I just omitted the whole top of the airbox and put in a frame to hold in the air filter. I think it's 2 M5 screws that hold that bugger in..
  2. Two different animals, two different types of clients. However, cool. For the suggested price of the new Speed Triple RR I'd rather an MV Superveloce Realistically, when the Speed Triple R hits it'll be atound the price of a Superveloce anyway. The MVs have been going out the doors for around $22k. That's about what the Speedy will be out the door. But the Guzzi? My guess prolly around $15k. Maybe less after the hype goes away.
  3. I gotta admit it. The more I see it the more I like it.. But still can't wait to see a naked variant.
  4. I'm loving the exit of the exhaust from the bottom of the jug. I'm hoping they do a roadster version with low bars or clipons and a seat cowling.. You know.. A V11ish version.. 😎👍
  5. I got to looking at the new Guzzi. I was liking the styling but then it started looking all too familiar. It was as if a Motus and an old z1000 had a baby... I hope they make a naked version to show off that new motor..
  6. I've been saying that about the V11 for years. 🤣 It's what to love about them. By the way. Some did actually come around and fix their Fiats right....
  7. A classic. I had this as a screensaver for years. Had a buddy photoshop the v11 into Scura colors.. I'll try to dig it up for you.
  8. I love these Interceptor Twins. I've been considering a "Mr Clean" chrome tank version. Decently built, parts are cheap. Reminded me of a 2000s Bonneville but more compact. Which was good. Very good. I'll tell ya though.. That orange is pretty sexy.
  9. Owning a Guzzi is more like a marriage. The honeymoon will be awesome. You'll love it. Then some quirks will come out which will begin your "sorting out " phase. Some days she'll piss you off. Some days you'll want to get rid of her. But then the quirk will be repaired and when you ride her it'll be more satisfying and even thrilling. Then dudes will look at her and wanna ride her. You'll either be nice and blow it off or tell them to "Get bent." You'll take the time to perfect her and she'll age like wine.. Won't be the fastest in town. Some days will let you down. But you won't get rid of her. Cuz she's YOUR b!tch.. True story.. I own two. Straight polygamist. Don't judge me. 😅👍
  10. Man, I'd love an MT-01 in my stable.😍
  11. They kinda do. They call it a V7. 🤣👍
  12. I'm just patiently waiting fot a new LeMans or at least a Griso replacement. I mean the V85s are cool and all but when you've been riding V11 Spineys for years a V85 can still seem a little meh. And the 1400 is cruiser and more of a freight train. This motor reborn into another kind of Tonti style or spine frame would be just pretty. Or both. Guzzi should get this done with and make a reborn retro s1000 twin shock deal and then a sporty modern single swingarm deal.
  13. The way I'm reading it the new engine will likely have chains to lift the valves instead of belts or pushrods. Piaggio can't be stupid enough to put a CVT on a Goose unless they're looking to bankrupt the brand. 110hp would be nice though.
  14. Looks promising. Would love to see a Griso replacement. Or what would be even better would be the reincarnated 1000S and a LeMans., Just throwing it out there.....
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