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  1. Maybe but not at that capacity..
  2. Prior owner likely. Mine came off with ease but was thinking I might need some Loctite to keep the cover on in fear of overtorquing. Didn't need it though. Looks good, right? 😉
  3. I have one too. Took mine over a month to my doorstep but worth it. Looks good and fits right.
  4. PM me your number and I'll text you pics. Then you can shrink and post them here. Im kinda Cro-Mag with this new forum tech posting pic stuff. Actually looking at it now. Res goes right where it should. I have the adjuster running near the battery tray. But the adjuster is about the size of the res so it would fit. Just prolly need shorter cables for all the plumbing.. I'll send you pics..
  5. A piggyback can be fitted. I have one on my Scura. There's room behind the airbox and above the shock under the seat. If it's thenstandard Scura/Corsa stuff it'll go right on.. The problem is the Ohlins front. It'll bolt up straight but the front fender won't. The front fenders for the Marzocchi to the Ohlins are completely different. He'd have to use the Aprilia fender and just paint it. Screw finding a Scura/Corsa front fender. Almost unobtainium and if found ( a huge IF) people want a fortune for them.
  6. I don't miss below zero...Living in the South West US you forget the term "winterizing." I was just on the Scura yesterday.. in the 60s here(16degrees celcius)...Optimum running temp for air cooled bikes... Feeling quite lucky while reading...
  7. Holy crap, I love it!!! 😳😳😍😍
  8. That's what I meant.🤣 I actually bought a set and haven't installed them yet. Custom faces but are black.
  9. Aren't those clocks Motogadgets? Regardless.. Nice clocks....
  10. Boring as it is I just use my phone. By the way, LOVE the Motogadget clocks..
  11. I love Corsos. I had one a while back. Great natured. Ballerinas in the house(At least mine was). Very smart.
  12. By the look of that plate I wouldn't be surprised if Scud owned that. If not he certainly knows who did.
  13. Definitely priced well. Looks like it was pretty well cared for.
  14. You have a pic of one? Never heard of Sport Cycle Pacific making parts unless they're affiliated with the guy who makes the Guzzi valve covers. Only aluminum anything I know of for the V11s pertaining to the intake is an open airbox frame. I have those on my Guzzis. They make cool sounds.. 😎👍
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