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  1. One thing I learned through the years. Forum drama is f***ing stupid. But Guzzi drama is REALLY f***ing stupid. Get over it. Bury the torquewrench and put your big boy pants on (not gonna drop names but you know who you are). Folks that like these bikes find ways to make them better and the stuff works. Pick a spot to throw your money at and have at it. But the drama and the sh!t talk is just stupid. It's like watching the movie Grumpy Old Men but with Guzzis. Yep, pretty lame. Sucks the fun out of this forum thing.
  2. I have 2 V11s with Todd's map. They're spot on. Best performance mod I did. Not sure how much more power but the bikes will now torque wheelie in 1st with ease. By the butt meter my guess is 10-15hp and much more torque. Also runs smoother at 5k rpm and much much better at sub 3k rpm. Took away the stumble. Waaaaaay better than the Guzzi ecu that came with the racing pipes. Tried it. More noticable difference on the Lemans than the Scura. Im thinking from the heavier flywheel the torque is more felt. But the Scura has better top end. Both have almost the same tune but the 2 bikes have different characteristics. Both positive. I posted prior about the mapping. Great tune. Yes, there are others most likey who can do it. But I got Todd's. Worked for me. The bikes run awesome. But a good fueling tune in these bikes is the best mod you an do. The stock map is just lacking. Works but could be waaaay better.
  3. Power is fun and all but when you're on public unmaintained roads with 120+hp pounding a corner and you feel your rear wheel starting to break free as your butt puckers... Now we see RSV4s with 190rwhp with a map and pipe... My ADD couldn't handle it...😅
  4. It's always been obvious Captain Slow has great taste.
  5. Needs more jugs...🤯🤯🤯😎😎😎
  6. I got mine 2 years ago. And they're not exactly cheap. But looking pretty isn't cheap to begin with. 😉🤑
  7. Ghezzi Brian. Bruno can be a little slow with emails. He's still there though.
  8. I have the Ghezzi Brian huggers on both my V11s. Saw the one Scud had and needed one. Then another...😁 It opens up the rear and shows off that trellis swing arm. It also shows off the 18 years of plastic over a painted steel trellis swing arm..Totally worth it though.
  9. You said the same thing to me 5 years ago on the "Scura " ride... 😁😁😁 You're right. Just far less of them.
  10. I can answer this(and you'll probably not like the answer). You'll have to go to a bodyshop or custom painter. I needed the red for my 02. There was 1 place in the US that had touchup and paint for Guzzis. And for v11s they had I think tenni green, guzzi red, and some of the flat silvers and greys. Not my red. Called Guzzi America/Piaggio in NYC. They had nothing. No color code, nada. It was if Aprilia bleached everything in the change to Piaggio or something. A good custom painter or bodyshop will be able to match it perfect since paint color can change with sun exposer and time. I used Colorzone in Huntington Beach, CA. Send him a sample part with the paint color and he will make it.
  11. The best performance mods I've done is the crossover and pipes and the ECU flash. I did the airbox top removal and put the aluminum frame to hold the air filter in on one v11 and airbox on the other. Not a big difference performance wise. But I will admit the sound of the air sucking into the motor sounds pretty sweet. But the best perfomance upgrade? The ECU. It just unleashes the bike.
  12. https://photos.app.goo.gl/c4Gd3dwCtAoTyBJx7 This work?
  13. Forum won't let me post a pic bigger than .2mb. Ugh.
  14. If I was still in Jersey that bike would of been in my garage dayscafter ther posting.
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