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  1. Ridden that many of times. Azuza to GMR? Great ride.
  2. Sadly Australian conservatives to American standards is still socialist..🤣 But even socialists can be fascistic. Enough politics. Way off tangent.
  3. Who are you to talk? You're not even American. Far better than that fascistic clown running Australia. Morrison? Ran out of anything to say so you try to attack American politics? Seriously? 🤣
  4. Always the Australians that talk the most crap. 🤣 That's fine. But I do find it humorous to see an Australian criticize "Abject Silliness." To each their own.
  5. Unlike yourself I actually periodically watched this bike get built. It's literally a ground up build. The frame started from a 12" diamond trellis mockup. The motor was completely redone. Everything was custom made for that bike. The rear shock alone on that thing costs as much as your V11 . The only donor parts are a 1400 Cali motor and a V7 Racer tank. But the motor internals were ground up redone. He's getting 140hp+ out that Cali motor and offers a supercharger.. I mean mock it all you like. I like more agro myself. But honestly after knowing what went into that thing? It's a
  6. That bike is a work of art. Read up on it.
  7. I'd rock those barends. Maybe my CRGs wouldnt spin..
  8. I consider the V11 Lemans as the 900SS' fatter freakier sexy cousin. Both bikes are pretty. You'll spend more time gazing the Duc. You'll ride her but she's higher maintenance than the cousin with junk in her trunk who will let you ride her all day. Sorry if the analogy is a little too pornhub but remember we're talking Italian bikes here. 👊😎
  9. I can see that in New Mexico. I bet no one will work on it there. I see that here in AZ too. Someone in SoCal will snatch that and do the drive to pick it up. Especially at that price.
  10. A remap, throttlebody synch and a valve adjustment will cure your symptoms. It may just need maybe 1 or 2 of the 3 but you mightvas well knock it all out. Check the throttlebody boots for leaks or cracks.
  11. Been listening to Argentine music lately. A gringo that shoots the lingo. Might be in Spanish but you'll still love the melody...
  12. If it's for a pre-2002 it's a bit of work. I still have one I bought and planned fitting to my Lemans about 2-3 years ago. It became a $140 wall ornament. Turned out to be a nice touch..🤣
  13. Rox Lemans

    Scura build

    Ooooh, where you get the carbon bodywork???
  14. I got this baby for my Lemans. It's a nice faux suede. Looks really good. Mind you though made for our bikes it's a tight fit since the faux suede is plush. It'll be a little tight to lock in but it's a nice upgrade.
  15. I use CRGs on my Scura. 3" mirrors. They work well. It was tough though to get them from stop spinning. A little silicone and a washer worked pretty well.
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