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  1. Great. That option will leave the " handling" aspect as it was in stock configuration.
  2. sorry if I'm misreading this situation but I'll suggest it another way. Leaving all the upper stuff as is (but loosen the center pinch bolt on the upper triple clamp) then loosen the fork pinch bolts on the lower clamp, and slide the whole mess down through the lower clamp holes. The relation between the top of the forks and the upper clamp and your bar position will remain the same as it is now. The center cap bolt will go back as it was before you removed it. There should be no change to the cables fitting. This is essentially "lowering" the forks in the clamp, and raising the bike in relation to the road. Keep in mind you'll have to raise and brace the front of the bike and possibly remove the front wheel to do this. I've not done it without the front wheel off so I couldn't say for sure.
  3. I think you need to put the upper triple clamp back down where it was and use the original center cap bolt. Then lower the fork tubes in both the upper and lower clamps to achieve the same bar height position you have now. This position will slightly change handling as you are lengthening the forks, but I doubt noticeably.
  4. Just one for me Vic. sorry if I confused
  5. just don't give examples of 'other vices' my girl's response was "so the options are motorcycles.... or strip clubs?"
  6. (Chuck) ----- ,... ,...
  7. footgoose

    TLM Guzzi

    God what a load of work! the bike, not the merge
  8. I hear you. I wouldn't/couldn't build it. Wouldn't/couldn't buy it. Would repaint it, ride it and sell it if someone gave it to me. As far as genius goes, Einstein's early works likely weren't the best of his career. I find it refreshing and encouraging that talented engineering types are even in to motorcycling, instead of coffee bean grinders or hover boards. This is 'hot rodding'.This is art. It doesn't physically fit into my definition of 'cool', but what does fit cool is the bastard used his talent's and vision to create it. That is where I find practical and use. Masturbation is not a good word for this exercise in creativity. Practice is maybe a better one. He want's approval. He has mine, but I'll bet after seeing my credentials, he could care less. So many things come to mind that are useless and marvelous at the same time. This level of devotion is easy to defend.
  9. maybe blocked vent 'tank suck' ? was there a whoosh when opening the cap? or... I did have a similar experience to yours years back. thought it was vapor lock. turned out to be a failing (as in not completely failed) #5 relay. carry an extra or swap it with #1 if it happens again.
  10. thanks. left field is where I play... https://www.altberg.co.uk/boots/hogg-all-weather-original
  11. Far be it from me to deter any transactions on the forum. I always have something in 'Classifieds' and my pile of stuff does not seem to get any smaller. I don't sell these and I couldn't say if there are any left... I'm just ass ume ing. Just throwing out a friendly reminder of the Rusty Star Picket Project, the OP, and others', efforts to make these fine pieces available to us, with the designers blessing. I sold my extra one just before these came out... so will probably be needing another as I'm looking for yet another V11.
  12. Had to look up Helimot. Good folks it seems. I may have to get their gloves. Any experience with those? https://www.citybike.com/columns/uneasy-rider/fear-of-missing-helimot/
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