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  1. how long have you had the bike? where and how long was it stored, for both you and the PO? corrosion, bad connections and grounds could be in several places. Damp, unused, or neglected V11 tend to get pissy.
  2. wicked cousin.... Viva Tonti! "... pronounced Gootsie ... try to keep up"
  3. a good friend taught me this. You must only make the decision to sell or keep, following a good ride. If you can have a quality ride, get off her and say, "yeah I could give her up" - time to sell.
  4. what's the verdict on sealed vs not sealed relays, irrespective of brand.
  5. I have, and ride both. the red frame handles the curves much better, but I'm not the racy sort so.... something to do with the tire/rim size, and something to do with the short frame for sure. beyond that, the long frame is at home on my favorite type roads, long sweepers. If I were to build one for racing I'd put the money into a short one... with the bracing from a long one.
  6. I have the rossopuro cardan bar FWIW. what is this?
  7. Nice bike, any name containing the word hammer will fit right in here. Welcome
  8. We’re in camp. Colors flying. It’ll be good to see y’all. Ride safe
  9. Ha. Dave, I saw your cans for sale and wondered.... well one thing led to another and here I am, and so are you. too funny. Well, if they don't sell you can always make^^^ this^^^ work. I have a spare set too, was thinking of stealing the mid pipes for a muffler project
  10. not sure what 4 does, but 5 runs the fuel pump. did you replace all relays? if not, do that first. smarter people will chime in with help. welcome Paul
  11. footgoose

    Decent Tune-up

    thanks Docc, for your continued care and attention.
  12. hopefully the easyout comes out easy. then if enlarging the hole VERY carefully won't work, use a die grinder or dremmel tool with grinder bit to hollow it out. just don't get into the female threads.
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