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  1. If your Mistral is Ti and built like this Guzzi Ti can, with a sleeve, 2 end caps, a strap covering the end caps, and some stuff inside, then drill out the rivets and pull it apart. Everything should slide out. Might be some sticky stuff holding the glass fiber, use yer knife. put the sleeve over something to use as a dolly and tap away, gently. Any imperfections in the dolly or hammer surface will show on the metal. get some new alm pop rivets and pop back together. 3m scratch pad and sand paper to get some finish back. polish if needed. It ain't perfect but it worked for me. Most of the damage was covered by the hanger strap. It only took a few hours and a year later I fell over again so I get to fix it again! (that's why alm rivets) A bit more difficult this time, as you can see on the end cap...
  2. New gaskets are in order. MGcycle has them BUT, wait for someone else to chime in with that type/brand of better gasket. I can't remember it, but I need to get some too.
  3. As I recall, Staintune are welded construction. Doesn't mean repair is impossible, just more difficult, ie; must be re-welded. Being stainless, they'll polish up nice. The type with riveted on straps and removable end caps are easy to repair. DIY. If the end caps aren't messed up. Carbon fiber is a different story.
  4. Brilliant video! I'll take the Lotus at the end.
  5. so which mufflers are you running WT? and what's needing fixed?
  6. I'm planning to go this time and thanks for the heads up. If you like traditional German food, bier, and live music, I recommend https://www.hofbrauhausnewport.com/ Easy access across the river in Newport, near the Aquarium and Newport on the Levee mall. Cross over Taylor Southgate bridge off Broadway. Saw my first Zydeco band there.
  7. This is a teensie bit disappointing...must say. Two months from now I'll be wondering "where did I see this info?", as I often do. The search feature is nice if you're clever to use the right word, but often won't, as you all know, turn up the (findable) post you may need. Thank you Docc, for your diligence in past efforts on topic organization. It's been so helpful. I assume you can still move/combine a new topic?
  8. so, it didn't connect to the post I asked it to so... scroll to 'Large Blocks, V10 V11' , then to 'V11 gear box spring break, the cause.' It's worth the trip https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&u=https://www.forumguzzi.fr/&prev=search
  9. Another V11 forum?? in France? Welcome! is it this one? I'm sure Scud will have a few leftovers. Hope the link translates.. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&u=https://www.forumguzzi.fr/&prev=search
  10. Has the 'non-contoured' base for early frame (red) Sports. Leather rider seating, the rest is vinyl. All panels and stitching in great shape. Has not been used much, no butt impressions, and padding is excellent. It won't work on later bikes without some seat base (or under seat) modification, that's why I'm selling. $200. includes shipping anywhere in USA-48.
  11. hell yeah, I can tell in the first few seconds of the excellent video ... SwooshDave!
  12. Yes true Docc. Ads often get the year wrong and we don't know how Japan 'dates' an import, possibly a holdover ... who knows? That's an '02 Scura fer shur.
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Moto-Guzzi-V11-Scura-2004-in-stunning-condition/174124724816?hash=item288aa47250:g:16EAAOSwXqxd89oA It's just a stock Scura with the tank and tail replaced. Someone liked it better than the flat black. So do I. Half that price is high retail in US money. I have no problem with someone asking way too much. It's theirs to sell.
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