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  1. I have nothing to contribute likely due to various oil threads over the years leaving me wanting. I default to what the engine was designed for. I'm slow to convert to synth but have begun the switch with my autos since my F150 Ford calls for semi synth. I will follow this and as I usually do, will pilfer knowledge from those with more expertise. TIA
  2. Docc... I must say, is not normal. No doubt... he's not an ax murderer. But... after several meet ups, many beers (maybe whiskey) and chats, both bikes and general philosophy, I'd have to label him 'extraordinary'. An A-lister for sure on the human scale. (sorry buddy, I calls it like I seez it)
  3. also... the little switch is very sensitive to position and tightness of the bolts. Try loosening/re tightening them and be sure there's no bind anywhere. Often a slight adjustment will fix it.
  4. just throwing this out there for the overseas folks. I bought a patch from Australia at the start of the virus scare and it took 45 days. The seller on the other end said it sat 14 days minimum in customs. But... that was coming here to US so who knows. Just don't worry like I did
  5. My 'theory' on the RC and NC valve cover color is that they are the same, possibly left overs from the Rosso Mandello. I swiped the pics of these covers and tank from Surg's post. These were new or nearly new parts for the RM. The paint does fade though, on the alm, as evident on my '03 RC below.
  6. So yeah, as has been noted, and to expand on Pete's comment "So which is 'Best'? That is entirely up to you and how you are built, assembled and ride. " ... they're all similar enough to maybe just pay attn to the faults we know of that you'd like to avoid. Like the single plate alloy flywheel models ... unless the repair has been done. Avoid the '02 and early '03 (carryovers) with the bubble-up/flaking motor paint, unless you want to fix it. The early red frames have a quirk of the occasional transmission case crack, but there's a preventative for that. All other nits and fiddles are more or less common to all of them and are easily seen to. I say 'easily' with the very high regard I have for V11 LeMans.com and the folks here who make it easy for me. The only real difference to any of them - to me - is between long and short frames, and that difference is handling. Not a huge difference, but it's there. And as Chuck said "03 and later are the best sorted from the factory."
  7. I had a look for your original thread on the idea and mfg of the very first one Phil. Would have posted the link if I'd found it, to show the thought process behind it as well as a guide for those who missed out on one this time and may want to make their own. Thanks for coming up with the idea and sharing.
  8. This could be a "Ted Talk" at the 16th Southern Spine Raid on tech (bourbon) night?
  9. Great synopsis Docc, and good points. My personal experience with a suspension swap shows Ohlins is clearly better "off the shelf" than the stock unit. Regarding Guzzi spec Ohlins, ...idk for sure but when my '03 Ohlins were rebuilt at Ducati Indy by Matt Carr, a Duc and Ohlins certified tech, he said he could tell no differences, when asked directly, and that they took standard Ohlins service parts. I don't know why they would build a cheaper/lower quality piece for MG, but it's possible. I do know that '02 Guzzi spec Ohlins differ from '03 and up.
  10. that oem blunderbuss exhaust is probably 6 or 8kg. swap it out and yer laughin'. a bit longer in wheel base than a v11, and I'll bet it's a smooth sweeper gobbler.
  11. footgoose

    M Unit V11

    ^^^ you should see my attempt at rewire 'to tidy up' my XS650. My basis was remove everything but on, start/run, lights. No knowledge or experience. Somehow the start button still cranks the starter while switched off. I feel lucky and will be leaving that oddity as is. I could do with a lesson or 3 in basic circuitry.
  12. footgoose

    M Unit V11

    now that is a nice upgrade.
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