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  1. value is established at the point of sale, so....
  2. Thanks Bob. Just ordered some 1" med firm and a piece of 1/2" pudgee to cover it. I'll see how that works for me on the smaller (and terrible) Yamaha FJ09 seat, before rebuilding my spare Guzzi seat.
  3. looks like a correct RC to me, and a very good price. aftermarket f fender
  4. If you are curious (as I would be) is it a real RC, there are the obvious exclusive parts, and this....http://static.piaggio.com/recall/form-piaggio_en.html Not all, but most of the time afaik, the response will show something to ID it. Like color, maybe model .. give it a shot. edit: I just tried mine again and it shows Tenni MY2002
  5. Bob, I see they sell in different thickness as well as firmness. What thickness did you use. I was thinking it might be good to top off the layers with 1/4" lighter firmness. I will try this out on my Yamaha seat first, as it very much needs it.
  6. the best of the best would be an early frame with the later frame supports and some kind of suspension (ok Ohlins) upgrade. Oh, ... and a zinc chromate primer fairing
  7. copied (stole) lowryter's post from another thread... hope this works and is ok. But she has another one just as sad. Gawd, that woman can make you cry 1 docc reacted to this Quote In the Emmy Lou video above along with Alison Krauss is Gillian Welsh. I had an affair with her music for years. Her guitar/vocal companion is David Rawlings. This is a Led Zep cover with Gillian and Led Zep's John Paul Jones. Tho this doesn't show Rawlings' tremendous guitar abilities, I thought it was a nice one mic performance. It was her music that re-invigorated my appreciation of Gram Parsons.
  8. another thread drift has got me thinkin about some country music. I wanted to post "Hickory Wind" by Gram Parsons as covered by BR549, but couldn't find a decent youtube vid. Here's the next best, expertly covered by Keith Richards. Gram Parsons and Richards were friends briefly as Parson's life was cut short, but he's known for having a huge influence on the Stones drift into American country.
  9. I love that song, and that girl. and what the hell else do we have to do but drift threads? I've loved the sound of this South'n girl for awhile as well...
  10. ok, I'll share my "accent" story. My ex is a Brit I met many years past. Her family would remind me that they were the English, speaking English, so Americans were the ones with the accent. Good point. Once in the late '80's an old school friend of hers came to the US for his first visit here. Proper host that I am I took him out to the best strip club in town. I wanted to show him how friendly American girls were. Every so often a couple of them would come by to chat with us. They all Loved his accent. "Ohh" they'd say "are you Australian?" "No, ...English" he'd say, maybe a bit slighted. After the second round of girls left us to our beer, I explained the significance of a recent popular film called Crocodile Dundee and suggested... next time a beauty like that asks if you're Australian, just say 'yes'. He started having a lot more fun.
  11. Yes the global economy is "shutting down" or pausing really. But don't forget that the full force of human intellect, creativity, and production is now free to focus on countering this thing. Indiana is on the lesser end of it at the moment, but I see us reducing activity to 'essentials' in the next week or two. My personal situation is good. My girl and I are having fun cooking the things we used to like to occasionally go out for. BTW, my girl works for this Co. and this article is 5 days old https://www.insideindianabusiness.com/story/41901972/roche-begins-delivery-of-covid19-test-kits Lotsa good stuff on the horizon. Better get those bikes ready!
  12. you could still convert your existing arm to a Lucky Phil extended arm. That's how Phil started it all. It's on the forum somewhere where he did the first one.
  13. footgoose

    V11 Tenni

    As Chuck point's out Ram makes a steel single plate clutch/flywheel. Very nice, it's what I used. They made them to replace dual plate clutches in our 6 speed tranny's and the 5 speeders. They do not sell one for the 6 speed any longer but the 5 speed are still available. They stopped selling the 6 speed one because they could no longer get the clutch hub #GU01211640 from MG. The good news is the hub is already in your Tenni. Other than that and the diameter (fixable) of the actuator rod hole in the clutch's 'cup', the 6 and 5 speed kit's are the same. So this and the standard dual plate clutch gives you two options. GU01211640
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