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  1. Thank you sir. It’s how it should have come from the factory, given the nature of a tribute to the great Omobono Tenni. Prevented by bean counters in favor of market and model line pricing. Tenni Corsa ... f - ‘em, I’ll do it myself.
  2. Very short ride, 98 degrees and high humidity captured my attention. Just making sure it all works. As one would expect, a solid reassuring grip and bounce. A better longer ride is yet to come. The true test, on southern Indiana roads.
  3. Warning .. this is Country music. Today an indy radio station played a full hour of this guy. A great, sad story. I can't believe I've never heard of him. I love finding treasures like this, this way. If you have Amazon Prime and want to hear more, check out a dozen or so. Streams for free. No good videos I could find.
  4. my front wheel isn't exactly centered. I am using the wrong spacer and I can't find the correct one from the Rosso Corsa. On this list #7 is the one I'm after, but which? there are 3 The 390 is for std Lemans -Sport (from my 02) and p/n is correct for 02. the 380 is for RC and NC - T6 the 300 is for RC - T5 So, how to determine which is mine... T5 or T6 my guess is T5 as it's earlier, and Nero Corsa came in 04? ( nope, NC was an o3 too) thoughts?
  5. I'm so glad people can make instructional video like these, and are willing to share.
  6. Perfect. Thank you. PM sent
  7. I'm finally getting around to installing the Ohlins from my '03 Rosso Corsa parts bike, on to my '02 LeMans. Searching through the digital manuals I have loaded, I can't find any information supplement covering Ohlins. The shock and forks were rebuilt at Ducati Indy, and set to factory specs, tho I'd want to do the next rebuild myself. Tree p/n's are the same. I'd like to know what's different from standard regarding parts, (I see the axles are a different length) torques, and general assembly requirements, install wheels, etc. Is there a Ohlins manual supplement out there anyone knows of? Parts diagram? I think I've heard that the '03 and up are a different batch/model from the original ones on Scura. ? If there's a discussion somewhere on the forum, I can't locate it. The RC owner manual only says "Hello, yes you have Ohlins" It's all together, and a straight forward job, but I want to be confident.. and right.
  8. welcome back brenwin. I recommend imgzeit as well.
  9. I'm certainly not qualified to add anything to this, but a lean cyl would bug the crap out of me, and I would chase it to the best of my ability. which would include coming on this forum and ask
  10. TB balance port nipple cap missing/rotted? In any case I would try the "spray something flammable" on the intake rubber bits method, to see if any air leaks
  11. check this cz. worked well for me anyway. wheel off of course..
  12. Heck yeah, south of Indianapolis at Nashville, Indiana, take 135 all the way to the bridge at Brandenburg, or head west some after Nashville (Indiana) and take the squiggly bits through the Hoosier Natl Forrest and cross at Cannelton. A few straits here and there, but it's all good.
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