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  1. Sounds like my riding test. I did it on a shovelhead Harley low rider. Not the best choice. Others have used smaller, easier to maneuver bikes for the test. The MSF course is likely the way to go.
  2. In Indiana, easy. It's an endorsement "M" to the drivers license. Once you get the M, you keep it. If you are applying for it, you need to take a M test at the BMV. They give you a manual and take the test (written) and then a physical rider test. You show up to a parking lot with a small group and an official and do some tricks that I would describe as maneuvers to show you can handle a bike. I moved out of state for awhile and let my M lapse so I had to take the rider test in 1993. It was a joke really. The rider portion of the test could be averted by taking a MSF course through the AMA.
  3. That is a kind and thoughtful offer Paul. I once was a member of a now defunct local vintage moto forum in which one thoughtful member started a "pay it forward" thread where members could give away items that were say, not of particularly great value, but too good to throw away. In the vintage scene all sorts of bits and pieces were utilized for all sorts of applications. The only requirement to claim the free item was to, shortly thereafter, continue to "pay it forward" and offer up something else. Value was not relevant. Cool idea. I took advantage of the first offer, a book of the his
  4. Was it you asking about cost of aftermarket mufflers? Those look like Staintune, ...some of the best.
  5. looks goood, sounds right! congratulations
  6. BMW motorcycles was recently picked up by a car dealer (Tom Wood) that also has a power sports room. They have locations in several states. I think the BMW's in the Indianapolis store are brought in from their 'real' dealerships elsewhere to fill the void. They will likely have to provide a dedicated showroom. I don't see them doing that anywhere near that location, a high priced area. Falcone (that would have been the Speedway dealer you visited) was also a car dealer that got into bikes. He's back to just cars.
  7. Guzzi dealers are in a precarious position. Based on what I've seen transpire in my area in the last two decades, the "big" mfg's are not allowing dealers of their product to include other marques in the same building. In Indy, I've witnessed HD and BMW be directed by the mfg to display ONLY their product or lose it. Indy's best BMW dealer, Revard, who built a stand alone building, was not allowed to put another brand in the same room. They could not survive. Most recently the former Triumph dealership (Falcone) had to part ways with Triumph because they were required to provide a separate bui
  8. Enter Vin here. Should give year, color, and verify Tenni. http://static.piaggio.com/recall/form-piaggio_en.html Otherwise l agree with Steve S. You'll want to get all info on previous work done, and sort out the clutch at some point. As I've said before, it's not guaranteed to break but it's a known weak point that will always be a threat. welcome!
  9. Stock cans on these actually don't sound that bad, but they look huge and weigh a ton! And once you've heard it with a non restrictive crossover and straight through cans, you wouldn't have it any other way. In the end there are options that are reasonably priced and given some research, might even be inexpensive. Don't let it stand in the way of getting the bike. Sort the pipes later. Welcome!
  10. welcome. the filter coming loose is a known issue and with attention can be resolved. it very well may have been the demise of the bearings.
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