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  1. it would seem the injectors are the culprit. I don't know how to test them. I take it the plugs are dry after some cranking?
  2. welcome milo. how did you test pressure? disconnect fuel line and watch it squirt? replace the fuel filter if you have not yet done so. others will chime in on injectors.
  3. replacing it is a win win. Even if that isn't the leak source, the original tube will fail so, good to rule it out.
  4. I've had similar issues on two V11. Both were the crankcase ventilation tube. The pasta they are made of doesn't like oil and heat so they disintegrate. The leak can start at the top clamp and run down and drip on various cables and such and can appear to come from 'wherever". The most common spot to fall apart is at the lower hose clamp and then drips down the sides to wherever it wants to go.
  5. this was from a parts bike I had. Hand made. This is stainless so not an easy shop fab, but maybe useful for you to come up with something if you don't find anything. it's made from flat stock and bent. I made a template for future needs. This lighting is ebay. You can make flat portions larger for different lights. the lower bit is just thin aluminum cut to cover the exposed wiring and such under the tail. It all bolts to the existing subframe wiith no mods. Click the pics to enlarge. Hosted on https://imgzeit.com/
  6. my Agostini. One manufacturer I'll bet, for two brand names.
  7. old pics from mgcycle - mistral http://www.mgcycle.com/images/atrex/mg1005_02.jpg
  8. the pics don't load but I recall (if you are referring to your new bike) they looked like docc's cans. They be either Mistral or Agostini imo. If they had oval stickers it would likely be Mistral.
  9. European tomfoolery no doubt plays a part but clearly the war against oil production in this country has a considerable effect on US prices. And the price uptick began well before. I had oil heat in the late 80's in a large historic home in the Indiana countryside. I don't recall the price then but I do remember thinking how expensive it was compared to my former home with natural gas. Partly due no doubt to the inefficiency of the oil burner. It made a lovely humid heat though. My local Co-OP offered to install a complete geothermal system for free if I switched. (I had to buy the materials) I ended up moving. Check with your local Co-Op and see what they will do. They gave me a new water heater and install when I allowed a metering device. Maybe they have a plan. mikev - take the "handout". It's your money anyway so it's really a handback. I'd ask the feds for some too. If they give solar incentives to states with lots of sunshine, where solar makes sense, why not an equal contribution for residents of a state with 30-40% less sunshine, and solar may not be as smart. At least in Indiana, the winter assistance program is a state operation but it's fed money and they have to spend it to get more. Seems like you should get something for the efficiency increase from the new furnace. aggravating.
  10. I'm with docc on this. Get the rear wheel up and your eyes in close. If the shift lever touches the pork chop at any point it's enough to cause the problem.
  11. I wonder if a couple of slightly longer allens would give better purchase, if there's room of course.
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