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  1. this one popped up in the same search... maybe sumthin here. at least dlaing has some p/n's for bearings
  2. The green Sport is truly gorgeous. I wonder if a half fairing version 'in the flesh' might be too much of a good thing. Are there any other photos of this design? The Champagne '02 would be the first LM in (almost) one color. I would love to hear their thoughts at the time on decisions made for colors. I have no problem envisioning an all silver, red frame LM. Possibly the first 2 model years having no red or yellow choice, as well as no fairing, was an attempt at distinction from the earlier Sport I line.. ? The green Sport seems to say "this is still a traditional Guzzi" to those, at the time, who may have considered the new design too radical. The Telaio Rosso homage was enough, I think, to leave the fairing off. Also... at the time... would green have been the "flagship" color with black and silver as alternatives? Any pricing variation?
  3. Thanks for that Pete.
  4. welcome back brother. MG Cycle will have what you need. I use a 27mm nut (or 1- 1/16") thats about 20mm tall, that I found in my bolt/nut pile. The recess in the cap is only about 1/4" so you dont need a nut as deep as mine. Then a 27mm socket fits right over to unscrew.
  5. I love my V11, (one a bit more than the other) and will always keep and ride it. If I were to seek another Guzzi, it would be a Griso, hands down. It has always had my interest, tho once dampened somewhat with the tappet issues. Once the wire spoked wheel version came out and the roller fix, I like them even more.
  6. the one with the tube between is Mistral
  7. the conversation is way above my pay grade, but I'm following your projects with much interest. thanks for taking the time, and for posting.
  8. footgoose

    Riding gear

    adding a bit more detail.... For day rides I have 2 Vanson. A grey full perf for hot, and a black half perf for cooler days. If I went down I'd be very glad to have one of these jackets on. They fit so nice in riding position, but a bit stiff and "shaped" for any walking around. The full perf is older and really comfortable. I keep lite armor in shoulder and elbow only, in this one. All areas including back get heavy armor for the half perf. My Roadcrafter has all but hip armor. I should get that. Helmets are very personal. Some fit some heads, some don't. Schuberth feels like a bucket, Arai too wide on my bean. Shoei feel like they were made for me. They must use the same test dummies. Model after model, the same great fit. The GT Air is my latest, and greatest. The hide-away sunscreen visor is perfect. No need to carry xtra visors, and it doesn't foul if you're wearing glasses, OR go down too far, giving you a 'peek' under it if needed (tunnels). Older Nolan used to fit me well, but the older generation modular were too big (exterior) and too noisy. Their newer ones look better in photos. Anyone using a late model Nolan modular? like N100-5? Or? My A star boots are still lovely after all these years -- for touring. My A star waterproof gloves, are not waterproof or lovely.
  9. footgoose

    Riding gear

    oooo, I like that cinch system! wonder if it will outlast the boot. It breaks, yer %$#@d.
  10. thanks for that link Tim. Very helpful. It and other pertinent threads could be combined (?) maybe for a massive Single Plate Conversion 'sticky' ??
  11. the Guzzi 'single' flywheel is aluminum. the RAM is steel. that is why the RAM does not crack
  12. This flywheel bears a strong resemblance to my OEM Tenni fw. but for the sensor cap screws.
  13. I have an actuating rod from a dual plate '03 and it measures 203mm in length by 8mm I have the OEM 6spd clutch actuating rod receiving cup, or "button" with a hole measuring 8.68mm. I don't have the rod to measure length as it's in the bike. I had, and threw out, a 5spd clutch. I measured the "button" hole and posted it somewhere on the forum in one of our conversion threads. I believe it's smaller in dia. maybe 6 or 7mm?? Sorry
  14. any wondering as to who the mfg of the exploding flywheel is cleared up here. can't believe I never noticed it before...
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