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  1. The unridable Vincent is a beautiful piece of work. "the entire stage was shaking" is a Commando legacy. The XR750's were, and usually are, among my favorites. Thanks for sharing
  2. Awhile back I placed an order from McMaster for all relevant sized bolts in stainless, mostly socket head and include flat washers and Schnoor in several sizes. Small bags of each. Not a huge amount of money and darned handy to have a little hardware store in stash, having a few metric bikes. I replace everything with stainless where it's low torque or of no consequence.
  3. Early tank off bike and sealed up, but no lid. I poured 22.4 liter of water as accurately as I could measure, up to the bottom of the nylon collar, not touching it. Given the inevitable swelling, this supports the 5.8 gal capacity.
  4. I had the same weird problem you had.... It was this ^^^^
  5. A pair of High Mount muffler brackets from an early SportI (97 me thinks) The same as was used with the Ti muffler kit on the later Sport/LM with the addition of a flat 1/4" thick bracket (not included but a traced drawing provided from my other set, seen on the box top and easily made) $50.US plus ship. A new tranny/frame brace for the red frame models. One of Don's production, unused. $40.US plus ship. Shift Linkage Arm Is SOLD - Thanks! An extended shift linkage arm unused. One of the first runs from Chuck. I got an extra and won't need it. IIRC they were $50.US plus ship. Tell me if I've misremembered the cost. Paypal 'friends' please or snail me a check is fine. Thanks
  6. With all mounting hardware. Support arms with clamp bolts, and threaded headlight can mount bolts. All there. Screen is near new. Superb paint, clear plexi. $250.US plus shipping. (likely around $30 ConUS) PayPal (friends, if you would please) thanks
  7. All 3 of mine dissolved. If leaking higher up it can catch onto a cable/wire/hose and follow it down to show up almost anywhere. I'd recommend buying one now to have on hand whatever you find.
  8. Personally I DO tend to run at a high RPM through all the gears and I nearly always downshift for hard throttle. The thing positively sings at higher rpm's as well as shifts effortlessly. It's made to rev IMO. My bike loves me for it. I ride all my bikes this way. Also I don't give a hoot about mpg OR tire life. (other than to determine a fault) This is my toy, not my investment.
  9. would you link me to that unit please, and did you have to wire in an incandescent as well to make it work?
  10. I will add Cadre Cycle in Cincinnati to that list. Just because they had new OEM V11 LeMans badges for the side covers IN Stock!
  11. "fresh fuel" often means-- added to the old fuel left at the bottom of the tank. If it sat awhile before purchase, and under less than desirable conditions, it may also include condensation. Hopefully the tank was drained and rinsed prior, then you can rule out water. Sounds like water to me.
  12. ? I didn't see you mention using one in your process or a photo. To use this stand I put the front wheel in a "condor" wheel chock, which stabilizes the bike, position the stand and lever it up with said breaker bar. Comes down easily too. I've done it without the chock but I like servicing it in the chock because a shop tipover is not an option. If I need to service the front end I use a floor jack under the motor, in conjunction with the rear stand and lift the wheel out of the chock, using ratchet straps to the rafters to stabilize. I'm used to doing without assistance and it's just the system I've come to use.
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