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  1. in the multi band concert heyday of the '70's, this show was almost always there. Good times!
  2. I'm far from the cesspool of corporate marketing strategy, but I do know that sometimes things are done to lose money on purpose. This bike does not look like a part of such a scheme. Quite the opposite. To me it looks like a big push to the future success of the marque, otherwise the r&d was all wasted. The first "major" upgrade to the classic MG motor. Harley Davidson's resurrection came from two (well, 3) things. The American bad-ass biker gang wana-be persona, and the 1984 Evolution motor, IE; the beginning of HD's dependable long running (yet still classic) line of engines. (the third thing was that tariff thing) Everyone knows how well it paid off. HD and Guzzi are not so different historically really to think this a poor example to look at. Guzzi, as HD, has always been "behind" the rest. So if this is truly a new beginning, why wouldn't they put all the cards on the table? This 'could' be a great motor. This 'could' be a great chassis. How it looks to Guzzi people of the past (me) plays a very small part. As I've said, they didn't build it for me. Why would they not continue with a v-twin? Ducati still relies on a v-twin. Guzzi could never compete with the Japanese multi cylinder, multi designed, multi line, hyper-engineered motorcycles. It worked for Willie Davidson... "stick with what worked for us and make it better, a lot better." It worked pretty well for John Bloor's Triumph as well. Add to that the sound of a V twin.. heartbeat, passion. Italian. When the V11 spine frames were being produced, they were the best technology MG was willing, or capable, of marketing. At the end of the spine run Ducati came out with their version of essentially the same bike, the Sport 1000 classic series, which was considered, and labeled "retro". So for Duc it was a step back and a nod to the past to grab a burgeoning market, while for MG the spine/old motor was their top of the line, the best they had to offer. Guzzi couldn't "retro" because they hadn't come far enough to go back. I had the same feeling in 2002 when I bought my V11 new. I knew it was "behind" technically. I loved it for that. It was the perfect new/old bike. I'm sure it was not their intention, but they made it for me. I don't feel any of the same for the V100 because it serves a different purpose for the company. It ushers (hopefully) a new era. If I were a 20 or 30 something Italian boy I would likely be drooling for the arrival of this this new bike. Heritage, national pride, and whatever the Italian equivalent of macho biker dude is, could be what sparks "the beginning of a beautiful friendship" for a lot of riders.
  3. Which should be addressed near the top of the list anyway because, A. it could be the problem and B. it will be a problem someday.
  4. Good feeling to find them. Something you might look for in any paperwork you may have received with the bike, is the key code tag. I have on a few occasions found that the previous owner was diligent enough and kept it with the extra 'pristine' key or taped it to a document to keep safe.
  5. Wow, the best for cheap!
  6. Is this not something a very good locksmith could make a key for? Use the helmet lock, taken off and taken in to the shop? I've not had one apart. Otherwise, buy the new stuff and you'll find your lost keys immediately
  7. it's a good possibility this is a coincidence. I wouldn't give it much credence till the connections are cleaned up.
  8. That's a tough question for me. I would have to see it in the flesh and, I'm no longer in the market for that size and type of motorcycle. 'In photos' it speaks "Japanese" to me and I mean that in the good way, as in - well engineered quality. Keeping in mind I haven't studied it's technical aspects other than the general description. What stands out that I don't care for is it's generic sport standard appearance while not evoking a bit more of the familiar Guzzi passion. I suppose that will come with production of different variations. I also don't care for the monocoque style bodywork. Maybe passion will reveal itself as innovation and QC, which makes me hopeful for MG. They need a resurgence, models and configurations that make the most of Guzzi's unique and gorgeous trademark motor design. A high point in the last gasp for combustion air. Maybe this bike is the basis.
  9. my '00 has the Diablo II's as well (70's) and they're great. I don't care at all about mileage either. Stick to the road please.
  10. yes docc my battery adapter setup is on my '02 and there is plenty of room. AND/but I had lowered my battery tray before I decided to use the adapters. I haven't installed them on my '00 Black Beauty yet so it may be different. I will use a clay-type substance to get an accurate measure of space when seated, as I always do for tight spaces involving important "stuff". Those brackets are probably the cheapest, most satisfying piece I've added to the bike. All these years fiddling with the battery and connecting wires. p.s. I'm in the camp that disconnects the battery for charging and everything else. I just don't care to remember what goes where and when and why. ,,, just which terminal comes off - goes on -- first!
  11. these things make it easier to connect wiring to battery https://www.ebay.com/itm/401458934022?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  12. I have used s/s fasteners on all my bikes since forever. I learned early on to not rely on them for high torque spec applications. Also to make sure threads are de-burred and if the fit is tight into alm, I won't use it there either. Hard metal cuts soft metal, only takes once to learn that one. S/S in construction applications have shown them to be soft and easily broken when torqued a bit too far. Small or shallow allen head will round out easily and as has been said, use snug fitting wrenches. They work great for all bodywork, controls, footrests, switch-gear, number plate, etc where you normally get annoying rusty bolts.
  13. This. ^^^^ and buying individual pieces will cost Much more. Price 5 sockets or wrenches and then price the kit of 10 or 12.
  14. my money's on it being a factory special. All are likely late production 2001's. "What better way to use those extra black tanks when we're short of silver ones"
  15. I wasn't planning on posting anywhere else. I bought my Tenni new from Harpers in '03. A great shop! I try to get what I need from them but it hasn't always been "easy", at least by my definition. I'm glad to see the restructure.
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