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  1. I don't see any RAM clutches but this at MGCycle, and it's for 5 speeds. Which are you looking at? http://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=193&products_id=1698
  2. ...and I shall follow your progress
  3. great looking gauge! vintage? maybe just the bracket?
  4. Great looks for sure. I like the valve covers and head guards, which ones are those? Maybe a different angle of ones I've seen before?? What is that kick stand? Running a slopper plate now/still?, seems like it may be more helpful with the extra oil. so.. how much oil capacity? Is that the oil filter protruding? Tokico caliper? GSXR front end? Sorry, just so much in the pic. I like the naked sub frame looks too. (has anyone else's emoji menu gone crazy?)
  5. My "early" 2000 Sport's P/O was a very finicky 'die hard' as well. His records indicate fading "side plates" and he had them powder coated. I thank him.
  6. The crash bar is sold, thank you!
  7. Another advantage to using the oem (later, no rise) clipons, is they are built to reduce vibes. The end weight bolts far up inside the bar, in rubber, not out on the end like most weights. Comparing the '02 LM with the '00 Sport, the sport bars present slightly higher and approx 3/4" further forward than the '02. Also consider the length of your forks. My '02 oem are approx 30 1/4" (off bike) top of tube (not cap) to center of the axle. The '02 with '03 Ohlins installed, sloppy measure on the side stand is 30". The Sport same measure is 29 1/2". The '02 has about 3/4" up thru the top tree, or the thickness of the clipon bracket.
  8. wow, a live, in the flesh, in your face, actual troll. I call mine, in most similar circumstances, a Moto Gootsie. If we get past that, it's a V11 Lemans, beyond that, Stefania.
  9. Re photos, just fyi, and I've had this happen before. all good pics on my desktop Win 10 using firefox. no luck on my iphone. "DW" ... doting wife? yes, bumper stickers of any kind ... not a good idea
  10. ... a thought I often find myself sharing in everyday living, though not as eloquent.
  11. I like it. You going to do a batch?
  12. I can rustle up an oem one if you want it. Take what time you need to find one you really want first. It'll be here for a back up plan. The smallish cf's look so good
  13. this possibility is exactly why I haven't bought it. It's 2000 miles away and I like to put eyes and hands on my bikes. This thing could be the deal of the century, but I'll have to find out vicariously.
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