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  1. you're inspirational. I love what you've done with the place!
  2. Sorry for the Gentleman, his friend, and yourself. Very possibly a medical event. I'm sure all are glad for your kind help.
  3. it should be noted there are subtle differences in the indents for the fuses and relays. It is very important to be sure nothing even come close to fouling these areas as the bases and connections are already of questionable reliability.
  4. '00 on the left '02 right [img]https://static.imgzeit.com/reduced/773af1304c89895f/IMG-1622.JPG[/img] ( the BBcode for forums still not working)
  5. I used to ride often with a small group that chased the high tech and high power formats. They had to upgrade every couple years to keep up with the times and each other. Some nice, fast machines. But for colors, they all looked the same to me. I bought the Tenni new knowing it was out of date, parts of it were very out of date. I hope Guzzi makes it as a company, but if they fail, so be it. Regarding new bikes, All brands lost me some time ago. Too many great deals on used out there to suffer the serious depreciation of new. That, and I don't see any mfg bringing to market a new offerin
  6. Welcome Rob. Aftermarket "extended" items will be hard to find. Oem are scarce too but at least there are some nice std aftermarket still available. Much better stuff. I broke one too and now have these. https://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=50&products_id=2795 http://www.harpermoto.com/harpers-6061-billet-alum.-shift-lever-0110831.html I added these to prevent/reduce future breakage. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/woodcraft-eccentric-folding-toe-piece?gclid=Cj0KCQjwoJX8BRCZARIsAEWBFMIz8YQDszICQ05VWgL9rZHNNVDVwYP1Mm5H589A0zy_pmmKlFNbLy
  7. The distortion is certainly caused by the alcohol in the gas. I'm simply making the point that the US market having ethanol fuel was not a financial consideration. So yeah, a quality control issue.
  8. I've been hounding my local panel beater, a very talented friend, for several years to make me a tank. He is so covered up he has given up his well paying job in the medical field and still has no time for me.
  9. Yeah I'd call it plastic. They're reasoning I'd guess was more about politics maybe. Ethanol in fuel, in the US at least, has been a hot potato for some time. The Italians maybe took the world view. ?
  10. I like that you've given consideration to the construction and physics of the functionality of the weight as well as mirror facility. If I were to choose another mirror style, would they not fit too? IE 7/8"/22+mm cut at the indent? If so I would be interested in a set, and thanks for mentioning. (re: early V11) I would also love to see what else you're up to in the rabbit hole
  11. Lots of info if you search for problems with Ducati tanks. Because Ducs are far more plentiful... including.... http://files.courthousenews.com/2010/11/19/Ducati.pdf and.... "The tanks are made from Nylon 6/6, aka PA6 or Polyamide 6. They are made by Acerbis." (Acerbis made our Guzzi tanks) "Nylon 6/6 absorbs water. Ethanol wicks moisture from the air and gravity causes the water to weigh down the ethanol so that it separates from the gasoline solution. This means you end up with a pool of water at the bottom of your tank which is readily absorbed by the nylon surface."
  12. the tank will get longer while it's off. 2-10mm. I had my tank off a couple years ago while doing a lot of work through the winter, maybe 6 months, drained of gas, and it went back on fine, so they do move back some. I had it off this spring for one day and it lengthened about 4mm. Likely depends on regional fuels. I've used wood blocks as leverage, a big phillips to align the bolt hole, it's a pita but has to be done. The po of my parts bike welded the nut mount back further to the rear. Some use a ratchet strap, which I did last time and it worked ok. All in all I'd say my tank is not a
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