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  1. I do a complete flush as Scud describes but I use a turkey baster to empty the rez. Every two years. Just as the Satanic BMW tech's used to advise for my ABS Beem's. I thought I should give this a try this time .. http://pentosin.net/specsheets/Pentosin_SuperDot_4.pdf any thoughts?
  2. Nice. We should just have our new tires delivered to your house then?
  3. in 2000 my gf at the time and I were attending the Stugis motorcycle rally. We walked in to a bar on main street and sat for a beer. this guy comes out and starts to play. within a minute my gf looks at me and says "I think we're witnessing greatness" He looked to be maybe 22. We did not leave the place. We showed up to the same place the same night the following year.. and there he was again. Good times. There's not much out there on him. What there is is kind of sad. He went the way of so many beautiful artists. His recorded stuff is still great Fun
  4. That's a personal choice imo. Some on the forum still run the alm flywheel, and some have replaced. I ran mine 13000 mi before I replaced it. It had no problems... just the one in my head. I got tired of the worry. I finally bit the bullet and did it myself. I am not a tech. I am a hobbyist mechanic. My greatest encouragement to do the job was this forum support and the realization that many tech's were probably more likely to f it up than I was. If I had had a tech I trusted I would have paid to have it done. My job turned out fine. I read all the threads, consulted a few members when I got s
  5. Yes. It is commonly accepted knowledge that the stock air box is preferred. Guzzi put a lot of work into making the flow optimal, a long time ago. It's not just a box, it's an integral piece of the intake system. It is surely the 'tuner friendly' way to go. That said, Dr. John Wittner, who was instrumental in development of the spine frame, succeeded in putting Guzzi back in the racing limelight for a short time in the 80's, certainly used V stacks on at least some of his bikes. It can be done right, I just don't care enough to do it. I'd be interested in reading anyone's outcomes using p
  6. If no fluid leaking then it must be air in the line. Pump the lever over and over again till something happens. It should get some resistance. As soon as you feel any pressure, bleed it of air.
  7. so now I'm thinking about my 545's - 3 of them. I know one is old because it was in the bike for a long time and when it started getting weak I bought a new one. BEFORE I knew of Docc's expert treatise on conditioning. I got another one a few years ago in my "parts bike". I put the new one in the Tenni and proceeded to condition the others. I just now ran out to the shop and checked the 2 on the bench. Not been charged in 5 months. One at 12.56 and one at 12.38. (I'll bring them back to full tomorrow) My curiosity peaked when I see "2019" tags on both - can't be true. Odyssey site reveale
  8. the tiny photo makes it difficult to see the ring ends. so, depending... I'll assume it's one of those very small, very deep set, tight fitting mf'r of a ring with no helpful ends. I sometimes use my micro screwdriver as a starter, with slightly larger ones as it comes out. An fine ice pick can be helpful helpful too. The video kid was hard to watch. The right idea with shaved ape execution. a little patience my son.
  9. the standard model V11 clutch assembly on most models is a dual plate clutch with a steel flywheel. the factory Guzzi V11 "lightened" clutch assy on special models is a single plate clutch with an aluminum flywheel. The problem is with the alm flywheel. It isn't strong enough to handle stress. It can (and should) be replaced with the standard dual plate/steel assembly or an aftermarket lightened steel assembly.
  10. "listen to that noise, it sound's like music" -Antonio Ligabue https://wide.piaggiogroup.com/en/articles/people/antonio-ligabue-and-moto-guzzi-a-bond-of-art-and-life/index.html
  11. Though they may be the most desirable, I would suggest, is to the general population. Not to take anything from it mind, but not my cuppa either. I must say though, it was a stunning way to end the series, (I know-ScuraR) but they should have wrapped it up with an "equal" LeMans.
  12. NICE bike!.... and the Italian flag garage floor! (don't let Bill H see this)
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