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  1. From a Rosso Corsa I parted. The vid is from the last time it ran before parting. I tried to show imperfections in the photos. A scratch and some fine stuff on the glass from too rough cleaning and the rest is on the inside from fog and dust. The back side is clean and no wobbly pieces. check p/n's ! $60. plus ship.
  2. I have one from an '03 if you're interested. Looks just like yours, but check p/n's. Works and looks pretty good. A small scratch on the face and some "cleaning fuzzie bits" If you look close. The rest seen is on the inside, likely some fog and dust deposits. 25k mi. Used electronic parts might be good money after bad idk, but it's an alternative for you. I have pics and a video of the bike running just before I parted it out that I can PM if interested I just stuck the info in classifieds in case you don't need it.
  3. if you haven't already Bob, see to the troublesome bullet connectors on the left side at the neck while you're in the harness.
  4. I'm with you on all this. Several HD's have come and gone in my garage and honestly they were more dependable, required less maintenance, and easier to work on than my Italians, and an endless support system and aftermarket. The torque was thrilling. Twisty roads.... not so much. (Except for my buddy's Buell XB9r)
  5. Lovely time! I 'thought' a comment on every photo. Loved the 2a day. Thanks for sharing. Sambuca? is there a Dr Gonzo alter ego about?
  6. lol perfect avatar! it's a ww2 aircraft cowl... I'm guessing F4F maybe? Chuck?
  7. agreed... first place to start.
  8. This what you're going with? Seems perfect
  9. I have kept up with your videos. You do a superb job caring for your motorcycles. This one is really nice. Makes me want to do a fly-n-ride it home.. and then well.. there's the boat part of the trip
  10. Welcome X! Both beautiful bikes. this forum will be a great source for sorting the RC. The SUB link is interesting. The '81 LeMans seems reasonably priced.
  11. footgoose

    2000 Sport

    I agree docc. I take a pragmatic approach to value and believe that value of a particular item is set at the point of sale. That doesn't help someone trying to decide what to ask. Face it, Guzzi is sort of an odd bike in the US, and spine frames are even more unusual. Real value is found in the passion of the buyer and the disconnect of the seller. Dealerships don't care so they ask for the moon. IMhO, one penny less than $3000 for your bike is giving it away and anything over 5k is flirting with high retail. That said, "there's an ass for every seat" a dealer friend once told me. Start h
  12. Exactly. Check the oil and tires... When I could remember to, & don't use the wrong brake fluid. Mine had the dual exhaust exit driver side just in front of the rear tire, meGod what a sound.
  13. I agree with scud. I laid mine down and it cost me a few hundred to fix. (I did have some items in my pile of stuff) Leave the Ins Co out of it, if it truly is lite damage. Start here with a list of what you'll need and see what washes up. It'll leave you with a good title.... and a good story. See what they offer, I'll bet no more than 3k. Of course you might be injured.... so there's that to consider.
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