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  2. I'd like some advice about a clutch-related issue with my 2010 V7 Classic. My 2010 Guzzi is under warranty because I bought it new last year. About a month ago, I took it to the local dealer for its 9,600 mi service. At that point, the clutch lever had become very loose (lots of free play), but the clutch itself had never slipped and the bike shifted well. When the bike was returned to me after the service, the mechanic had adjusted the clutch cable to the factory-specified tension. As soon as I accelerated away from the shop, I realized the clutch was slipping. It was still slipping after the dealer replaced the clutch cable under warranty. Long story short: with the factory specified free play in the cable, the clutch slips. When I adjust the lever so that it it has a lot of free-play, the clutch seems to work fine and the bike shifts smoothly, although I can hear it rattling away when it is disengaged. The dealer says a faulty "clutch release shaft" caused my clutch to remain partly engaged, which, in turn, caused the disc to fail prematurely. I'm also told Guzzi has approved a repair under warranty. Despite the warranty approval, I can't get the dealer to do the work. Every time I speak to the owner, he tells me he'll call\email me after he checks out the service department's schedule. He doesn't call. I call him a few days later. He says he'll call me right back. I never hear from him. It's been going on for at least two weeks. Do I have a clutch problem, a dealer problem, or both? Assuming it's both, where should I turn for warranty service in the Greater New York area? With a reasonable expenditure of money and patience, am I going to be able to resolve this issue before July?
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