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  2. Doc, below is a link of a a guy (who is funny as fack, but that aside) in this video he shows a trick to remove bearings in blind holes. I know the swingarm bearing is pretty big and I needed a welder to remove it, I wonder is the trick works. It looks plausible.
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    IMG 20161007 195211854

    The picture doesnt lie haha. it it im afraid...
  4. Progress is slow but steady The gearbox has been rebuild by the Guzzi shop and is in working order again. During the search for the oil leak comming from the rear of the engine, the mechanice discoverd that the clutch was f*cked up. Somehow the rivets of one of the frictionplates had failed. I would not be suppised if this happed during the lock up of the gearbox. Anyway the clutch was fixed and the rear crank seal was leaking and was replaced as well. All in all enough euro's where spend on getting the bike back onto the road. My brother also modified the shifter mechanism a
  5. We will look into the oil leaking bit! I have inspected to hose before. Looks fine on the outside. We have aready replaced 3 springs in the gearbox hehe . But thanks for the heads up!
  6. Worked out a deal with Scud (thanks for that!) and the gearbox has arrived savely. For the peace of mind we will have the bearing that failed on the old box replaced for the new one. We also noticed oil in the clutch bell housing. We suspect its the rear crank seal, this will need to be replaced as well. Since both require some special tools we will take it to the dealer. Not much to recognise as a V11 anymore
  7. we just came back from surgery. This is what we found: getting the box of was easy peasy after the last encounter with the thing haha. we first opened the inspection plate since that was the easiest to do. In that compartment of the box we only found 3 pieces of the bearing cage. So we opened her up further. We found a sh*t load of metal and alu parts in there. Most of the roller balls had left the bearing a broke out a piece of the casting. We have no clue how this happened but I find it very ''telling'' that a almost identical failure mode had been observed by
  8. Added the pics to the V11 gallery, seems to work fine
  9. Yes the rear wheel locked up! After coming to a stop we diagnosed the following: Engine works fine, clutch works and is able to disengage the engine from gearbox. No exterior damage could be observed on any parts. We used the centre stand to lift the rear wheel from the ground. After 10 minutes of messing with the gear lever we found something that felt like neutral (N light on). We could rotate the rear wheel During further rotation of the rear wheel (like during the pushing onto the trailer) horrible metallic grinding noises could be heard from the gearbox . We had the idea to open
  10. Out of the blue everything locked up. Thank god it was at a very small road at low speed. After that shifting was near to impossible and the noise from the gearbox was terrible. Even during pushing. The AA Guy was very helpfull and towed the bike to a bigger City where it is now awaiting shipment. Could take a few weeks.
  11. So the gearbox on the ol V11 died and f*cked up the motorcycle trip for this summer . Bike is still in the UK and will be shipped back to the Netherlands. Might as well share it here for the fellow guzzi owners. Probably be the last topic, since this bike has been in the garage more then the road. BTW anyone got a good picture sharing platform recommendation? Always used picasa but that has been dropped ** pics added
  12. Hi guys, Just a small follow up on this issue: I see you have been brainstorming about this item! The last part I find hard to understand . Anyway after our (my brother and me) last findings some parts have been changed. We started with the reg/rec since it was the easiest to come by. We went for an original OEM replacement from Ducati. Did not seem to make any difference at all acc to my brother. Next he changed the stator for a new one. He took it out for some big test rides (4h+) and did not run into any problems. Battery voltage afterwards seems to be OK. He measured the Vdc a
  13. Why do you think the RR is aftermarket? Its exactly as shown in the official moto guzzi manual (see pic above) anyways the voltage is not going up. Hate to just order parts randomly. Would really like to rule out which part is faulty (if possible).
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