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  1. I take another two from this run, if it happens.....
  2. You might want to try to get them wrapped, they have a lot of different colors of vinyl wrap now, and you might find one that is really close.
  3. You can use fender washers on the bottom of the mounts to trim them so they're more symmetrical. But, that RH top frame bracket looks bent too far outwards.
  4. Todd at Guzzitech in CA flashed my V11 Sport, it has run like a top since, try him at: todd@guzzitech.com
  5. There’s a few universal side stands online, would require ordering a couple and experimenting.....
  6. Here are V11 Sport 54mm OEM clip ons mounted above the triple:
  7. The OEM bars are not 7/8", I think they are slightly smaller. I wanted to put the heavy OEM bars into the Woodcraft 54mm clip-ons, but they need a shim and it got too complicated with all the other mods, so went with Woodcraft 7/8" bars and Manic Salamander bar end weights, and filled the Woodcraft bars with lead shot. Not sure where my OEM clip-ons, bars and end weights are, I'll have to look. I also have a photo with the OEM clip-ons mounted above the top triple. I bought the bike that way. Have to look for that too.
  8. Woodcraft has a good selection of clip-ons in all kinds of sizes and rises: https://www.woodcraft-cfm.com/category?cid=131&clev=1&hs=1
  9. It arrived. It seems like a Coppa fairing. There are decal artifacts that indicate it had another decal looping under the red one..... Also, the silver paint looks original, the same shade as my '00 Sport. The part number MG doesn't turn up anything, but since OEM parts generally start with "GU", it may be a Stucchi. It is ABS or some kind of thick plastic, not fiberglass. In any case, the headlight opening looks a little small for my Sport and its chrome headlight bezel, but I have to do a proper test fit. I am busy sorting my nearly-new Stelvio, so I'll get to it later......
  10. I almost bought a Tatra 603 when I lived in Germany. But the export became problematic, as the older Tatras were considered "cultural artifacts". The country was being looted after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Air cooled 3.5L V-8, with an interesting temperature controlled vacuum actuated system of vanes to direct air for cooling as needed. Also an insane Rube-Goldberg linkage from column shifter all the way back to the transmission at the back. Eerily quiet at speed, as all the engine noise disappears in the slipstream and all you really hear is mild wind noise.
  11. Omars Dirt Track racing 1/4 for 8" headlight: https://www.omarsfiberglass.com/fairings I've since converted to handlebars. The Omars fairing requires different clip-ons, I got some from Woodcraft with 2" rise
  12. I have the SW Motech tailbag which works nicely on the seat cowl:
  13. I had to strip a black painted triple clamp when I converted to handlebars. Pull the triple and strip the paint, starting with a chemical stripper, then using a gentle blast media. I had a friend do it who has a blast cabinet. Polish it, then clear coat. Before and after:
  14. JBBenson

    Tank bag

    I bought a few tank bags for my '00 Sport with the chin pad, including the stupid ring system that SW Motech uses. Lame. Ended up with a Cortech 2.0 low profile that straps on and looks good too.
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