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  1. Who here has a Norge 8v? Do you like it? Hate it? Although rare, they seem like cool sport tourers. Good used ones are getting pretty cheap. I assume they share engine and drivetrain parts (incl ECU?) with other 1200 8v models, right?
  2. Condition your new battery first before looking for other issues. Get an approved charger and cycle it a few times (search for Docc’s thread about battery conditioning).
  3. I have the top triple from this bike....it had original holes for handlebars, so I got it when I converted my Sport, so I wouldn't have to drill mine. You can see its non-original, as it's painted black.
  4. I'll take a couple too if a batch is ordered.... J.
  5. The Centauro is cool, looks nice in blue. The Norge is a 2007, so 2 valve motor....same with the Griso https://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/mcy/d/augusta-3-moto-guzzis/6860652473.html
  6. JBBenson

    Riding gear

    Good point. Yes, earplugs. I wear Surefire EP4's and carry a spare pair in my bag. Riding with earplugs reduces fatigue on longer rides, too. It's amazing, after getting used to riding with them, how loud it is without them.
  7. JBBenson

    Riding gear

    Stretch jeans, leather jacket, A pair of Dainese brown boots, (I prefer gear that looks like normal clothes) Hi-Viz yellow Schubert C3 and a Hit-Air vest.
  8. Yep, “stubby” hex wrench gets in there (stubby hex wrenches are really helpful). It also helps to tilt the battery a little bit (to provide some room) until the threads bite. Piece of inner tube is a good idea. Putting these 90 adapters on with the hex wrench, I did make a little fireworks show by accident...
  9. Got them here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B004QCEQO4?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  10. Installed a new regulator that I got from Guzzitech. I like to replace old, iffy parts before they leave me stranded. Also installed 90 degree adapters on the battery so I had something easier to put clamps on if needed.....I carry a little jump starter battery with me in my tank bag. It’s already saved my ass once. Did a quick 40 mile rounder through the west part of Atlanta.
  11. Since you are able to shift into all gears, it's most likely the linkage. Close to zero chance that you have transmission issues. The Motratech foot controls probably required changing the geometry of the shift mechanism, so you need to go back to the original configuration and angle. I don't have a photo of stock shift linkage, (and mine isn't stock anyway) but try Googling to find some images.
  12. Clean the throttle bodies (especially upstream) thoroughly, as well as cleaning the butterfly pivots, inside and out. I had the same problem you did, and it was a build up of gunk (probably from Ethanol in the fuel) that was not allowing the butterflies to completely close, or to close erratically.
  13. I had Todd Eagan rebuild my forks including new valves and springs, best upgrade I ever did for my bike. Money well spent. Do it.
  14. What diameter forks does it have?
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