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  1. I like this bike, have seen the photos before, the dual headlight setup is super cool, how did you do it?
  2. Here, not a bad resource for all things Guzzi: http://www.guzzifan.com j.
  3. Any good hardware store would have something that could work. Otherwise, use a short button-head bolt to plug it.
  4. Having used both the OEM plastic and the all-brass "upgrade", I can say my 2000 Sport runs better with the plastic one. Theory is, that the brass retains heat too long and makes the ECU adjustments lag slightly behind actual conditions, leading to poor running.
  5. Ah, I misunderstood. I do have the manual petcock, I understood the ad as the bike having a standard petcock, with reserve. My mistake. I can still dream.
  6. Ad says “manual petcock conversion”....anybody know about this?
  7. Start with basic tune-up. If the bike was running fine before, it's more like a checklist. Check all fuses and relays as well. Is the battery fully charged, and holding a charge? Don't laugh, a weak battery can cause very weird symptoms that make no sense, and yes, this can appear suddenly. A weak battery can show what's looks like healthy voltage, but not under load or running conditions. It could be the crank sensor, as mentioned above, or the TPS got moved somehow. Doubt it's the fuel pump, they tend to fail slowly.
  8. Well they have the above-mentioned transmission kit, and an engine kit: https://www.ebay.com/itm/MOTO-GUZZI-V11-EV-POLISHED-STAINLESS-ENGINE-bolts-screws-KIT-SET/372061890272?hash=item56a09de6e0:g:m98AAOxy~iJQ~9dr:sc:USPSPriorityMailSmallFlatRateBox!90068!US!-1
  9. I have asked the seller if they have, or can make, a complete set. Will advise.
  10. I plan on doing this soon. Since you all are probably more obsessive I am, I'm looking for a list of sizes and counts of all hex-head bolts, so I can order them all at once. I can, of course, estimate this myself, but looking for a shortcut......is there one? Scud? Docc?
  11. Yeah, I did it. I put baby in a corner.....of her new garage!
  12. Who here has a Norge 8v? Do you like it? Hate it? Although rare, they seem like cool sport tourers. Good used ones are getting pretty cheap. I assume they share engine and drivetrain parts (incl ECU?) with other 1200 8v models, right?
  13. Condition your new battery first before looking for other issues. Get an approved charger and cycle it a few times (search for Docc’s thread about battery conditioning).
  14. I have the top triple from this bike....it had original holes for handlebars, so I got it when I converted my Sport, so I wouldn't have to drill mine. You can see its non-original, as it's painted black.
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