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  1. I'm not hearing anything very unusual. Hard to tell from the video. I think those sounds you mention are coming from the exhaust. They have a resonance that makes me think that. Does it do it on the other side as well?
  2. Whether it’s the recall issue or not, you should get the recall work done, it’s still active, so it will be covered by Piaggio. Finding a shop that will make that effort and is capable of doing it will be more of a problem. It’s a big job, everything aft of the motor has to come off. My invoice had 9 hours labor estimated, and the mechanic hadn’t done one for years. This was 7 years ago, so you see the issue. The Speedo drive cable can make a mild clicking sound after it snaps, but that doesn’t sound like this is it.
  3. I sold my V11 Sport, so now I'm selling all of this stuff. Discounts for bulk purchases! Best contact me through email: jessebenson(at)Mac(dot)com Omar’s Dirt Track Racing Fairing, Woodcraft clip-ons and mounting hardware: 200.00 + shipping Everybody wanted to know what fairing I had on the bike. Now, you can have it too! This fairing is solid fiberglass, not cheap flexible plastic. I had this painted to match the MG silver, it’s a perfect match. Has some nicks and scratches but I’ll bet your bike does too, right? Steel oil cooler mounts
  4. Yeah, I still have it. A few buyers were interested, but in a world-wide pandemic, motorcycles seem to be the first thing people hesitate buying. Go figure. $4750, includes the OEM clip-ons, triple clamp, bars and bar-end weights to bring it back to stock. If you don't want them, I can drop the price a bit. I also have some other parts I am willing to throw in to sweeten a deal, if there's interest. PM me. Buyer can even have the special grease gun tip I made, to get to that damn upper u-joint without taking off the rear wheel. Yeah, the price is not a "steal", but I defy you to find
  5. Hi JBBenson,

    Keen to purchase if still available.



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      There's someone ahead of you, Ill give him a chance to respond again and then get back to you

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      Sold sorry, good luck

  6. I miss a shift now and again. Usually just poor form on my part. If it does it repeatedly then try the simple stuff first.
  7. http://www.knightdesignllc.com/Products/Motorcycle/Moto-Guzzi/Moto-Guzzi-Motorcycle-Menu.html
  8. I like Todd too. Don’t get the hostility towards him. But this general trend of tail-less modern Manx-style motorcycles leaves me cold. The proportions are all wrong. Some of them are so extreme as to look ridiculous. Look at pipeburn.com for some really bad examples.
  9. The crappy little Do it Best Center on York Boulevard in Los Angeles has an amazing selection of metric fasteners. Wish I had that here...!
  10. I have an f250 7.3 too, got a link to the intake you installed ?
  11. I think you will only introduce a bunch of idle and running problems with near-zero performance gains.
  12. Scud, I just PayPal'd and sent my new address for the 2 springs I reserved. Thanks for doing this...!
  13. $4750 A strong running V11, selling because I got a nearly new Stelvio which I use all the time. The Sport sits there and should be used, it’s really a nice driver. I keep the nearly new battery conditioned and tires inflated and take it out once in a while. All of the weak points with these models has been addressed, including the NHTSA recall, and the performance mods have been done. It’s Japanese reliable: add gas, turn the key and go. The bike is currently in Atlanta GA, with GA title and registration (formerly it was registered and titled in CA). All extras are here in GA a
  14. Piaggio should just hire the guy like they did with that dentist....😁
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