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  1. For me, this guys have the best kit in the market for a Guzzi. Period
  2. Not mine just passing along a great price to the community https://www.thehoodnewmexico.com/product-page/2003-moto-guzzi-lemans-1100 $2600 😮
  3. Kostarika

    900ss vs V11

    *biased opinion My friend has a 91 900ss and it does feel lighter than the V11 but if I had to chose one it would be the V11. Both bikes are relatively similar but I would always chose the V11 if I had a choice. The transmission for me was a big part of that choice (the feel) Take one for a long twisty ride and let us know how it feels.
  4. Hung up some garage wall art! V11 content😂
  5. Great price!!! Wish I was in the market.
  6. Thanks Docc! I rarely take pictures of the bike or use my GoPro as I feel the experience of riding is one to enjoy in the moment. On that note here is a quick video of a morning commute to work 🤬 It was foggy thus the video quality, enjoy!
  7. I have a crossover on my Centauro that looks nothing like that. https://www.mistralspecialparts.it/en/product/crossover-daytona-1100sport-centauro/ The crossover you posted look like any for the V11 platform. Hope that helps
  8. Much needed social distancing ride!!!
  9. Worth a try here.....
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