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  2. I have bought this bike with 8K miles about 2 month ago, I have replaced leaking oil sender sensor and resealed leaking crankshaft position sensor, but now after riding in a bit of rain for 10 minutes I noticed the speedometer jumping rapidly from 0 to 90 mi/hr. At this point the "Service!" message and red triangle are on, and I can't seem to enter any other menus to look up failure codes on the dash except for heated grips. Is this normal not to be able to enter system menu with "Service" message on. All ideas on what is going on are welcome. Cheers, Vlad.
  3. Silly question: Would I have to remove the gas tank or just the fairings to get in there? Thanks....
  4. Thank you both! Now at least I know the area to look at. Cheers, Vlad.
  5. I am new to Moto Guzzi and to this forum. I am thinking of buying Stelvio '09 that has a leak, according to the guy selling the bike it is crankshaft position sensor leaking. Can someone shed light on the difficulty of DIY repair and any useful tidbits, photos, parts, cost, etc. Is this a common problem for this bike? Much Thanks, V+
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