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  2. Problem solved, thanks a lot for all good advices, but it ended up in just simple bad connection. This was previously "repaired" by someone and once I got the tank and all the electrical tape off a yellow cable. The annoying and confusing issue was out of the world. It has probably started with a damaged cable to close to the ten pin connector to fix. The happy repairman thus pulled both the female and male pins out of the connector, put them together and then used a lot of tape to hold them together. Still without proper connection though.........As a result of the bad connection there was a
  3. Thanks I'll have that in mind! So far other things have kept me busy. But soon, hopefully, I get started with this little project.....
  4. ok, now it seems that I have some things to do. I once had LeMansV and 750Targa, I disassembled the ignition switch on both of them. That was really needed both switches where in great need of cleaning. But I don't see that would be the problem in this case I believe that either the high or low beam would work. So I'll go for the other suggestions, hopefully this weekend
  5. Thank's a lot for all the interrest in the matter. I will start with the fuse and switch and go from there. I have plans of disassembling of the dash anyway as it totally disintegrated as I was going to replace a bulb earlier. Might be good to check the grounds again I will probably remove fairing and tank as well so it might take a while. I assume the fuse six corresponds to the one with same number at Carl Allisons diagram (and even the original). I'll be back if I find anything of interrest, thanks' again for all valuable hints.
  6. Thank's for the info it might be so it works with the parking light, but that is the minor problem. Only mentioned if it has something to do with the main problem. That bulb is mounted on the a cable running to both the gauges. And shares the same ground as the high and low beam lights. Anyway the big thing is the gauge illumination that goes black when most needed. It's a bit difficult when riding in the dark trying to keep the pace by the sound of the engine:-)
  7. Ok, thank's! The bulbs which goes black are the ones illuminating the speedometer and tachometer gauges. And the "City light " is the 4W bulb- front parking light might also be called dipped beam. The dash lights are actually still ok, all of them, as far as i know...
  8. Hi, I have a -02 V11, LeMans, my problem is that when I activate the high beam the instrument light goes out. Otherwise with low beam on, they works fine. The city light is out as well and I have changed the bulb with no luck. These faults have been present since I bought the bike, everything else seems to work fine. Is there anyone out there, who recognize these faults?? Could it be the headlight switch, a relay, short circuit or what, the circuit diagram just confuses me....... Every information of where to start the troubleshooting welcome :-)
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