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  2. Here is mine for sale https://spokane.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2004-moto-guzzi-v11-lemans/6655754249.html
  3. super clean 2004 V11 Lemans 8000 miles completely stock except the following: KD lowered pegs rally grips all original parts come with bike 2 keys, soft bags,laminar lip, owners manual invisible protective sheeting on top and sides of tank and along tail section only blemish is a one inch crack in windscreen. drilled and sticker over it. img safe asking $5250 Damon 208.819.5111 call or text
  4. Hmmm That is strange I will just post it over tonight
  5. I just bumped it to top It's on swap meet not classifieds http://wildguzzi.com/forum/index.php?topic=92959.0
  6. Selling my pristine stock 04 Lemans Asking 5250 See it over at wildguzzi classifieds Thanks Damon
  7. dl.allen

    M4 mufflers

    stewgnu, do you have the mistral cross over as well? My understanding as much performance and sound comes from the Xover as does the cans? Also, do you run a custom fuel map?
  8. dl.allen

    M4 mufflers

    Nah IMA wimp just want a stock look with a little sound and would like to try a custom fuel map
  9. dl.allen

    M4 mufflers

    I like the look of the MG mistrals just wonder if they have the deep base sound of the M4 oval carbons?
  10. dl.allen

    M4 mufflers

    Are the m4 oval carbon mufflers available anywhere? Thanks PS if not what is the closest look and sound?
  11. How do I adjust slack out of throttle cable? I don't see any cable adjuster Thanks
  12. Scud, I chased tuning issues a long time until I finally got Guzzidag going and found the previous owner had been messing with the CO trim. I move it around a bit and eventually just put it back to zero. Also, the bike is extremely sensitive to exhaust leaks. I went with the machined metal bushings in the cross over to get everything sealed up. the 3000 rpm hiccup finally left after that. If I use ethanol gas it will pop once in a while. With premium non ethanol it runs perfect. How did you set your sag up on the suspension? I had my Sachs re built by race tech and haven't got aroun
  13. Hey thanks for the quick reply. So slight sag differential is all that is needed sounds like. I will measure mine this spring
  14. Tom, did you have to mod those Rizoma pegs to go on there? Thanks
  15. docc, tell me how you set up sag with forward bias please! Thanks. Sorry for the hijack. I will be lowering my pegs soon.
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