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  1. Haha! I was trying to keep it quiet (..are they the least-cool model of v11?🤔)... but: ZGUKTB0104M112013 Tucked up all schnuggled in Sheffield. 40k miles and running nicely.
  2. Heh! Wish I had the balls to lean mine that far! ... maybe next summer when i’ve gotten used to the new suspension...
  3. Good thinking on the spare plug + cap!
  4. Those little 1/4” ratchets are cheap, small + handy. Need a 3/8” adapter and 8, 10, 11, 13, 17mm sockets. adjustable spanner. set of Allen keys. Ph#2 Screwdriver. pliers/snips? *spare bulbs, fuses and relays are essential* cable ties + strong tape- just in case! back-up charger for your phone! (If all else fails)
  5. If you get the Woodcrafts with the 3” rise you can leave the yolks set as they are and mount beneath.
  6. Hey up Nobleswood, yes they are the original caps I had. I actually sourced the new kit thru uk ebay, the suppliers were an Italian company: Sestamarcia Racing Parts. I think they’re based in Rimini. Despite having the initial problems, they were very helpful in rectifying the issue. Good communication, and in English, so I don’t see why you couldn’t contact them directly. I’ve put about 50 miles on the new kit so far, yesterday was purrfect. The lack of dive is most noticeable and they feel tight, yet ‘supple’ somehow. The brakes feel ace too now for some reason!
  7. Mmmm... suspenders... I am finally well suspendered! Got a Ohlins boinger on the back and new andreani kits on the front! Bike handling ace for a fat lass- nowhere near as much dive through the front. She’s riding the ripples and bumps much better already too and I reckon there’ll be scope to tweek it further. Feeling rather jammy if I do say so.
  8. Mad. And ace. But mad. But still ace! Ha!
  9. Don’t know Phil, i’d assumed my bike had the standard marzi forks. Black stanchions, silver caps, gold r/c adjusters. The new cap threads were 1mm pitch, while mine were 1.5mm, which was why I wondered about the Ohlins version. Anyway, andreani are putting together some 1.5mm threaded caps for me so hopefully soon be getting some crisp, autumn rides in 🙂
  10. Some correctly threaded capalatas should be winging their way my way soon. Hooray!
  11. But still- a damn fine looking motorcycle no? I think they’ve done a fine job of balancing classic design and modern improvements. I doubt it’ll leak oil. Should handle well. I hadn’t noticed the eggy case till you mention it! But how sweet is the rest of it?
  12. Guys, can I get a second opinion on this!? I sent a photo of my marzy caps next to the new ones (there are finer threads on the new ones). I’m pretty certain I know i’v Got Marzocchi forks. The suppliers sent me this message: We did check your photos in Andreani and they told us that your forks are adjustable they are not the standard Marzocchi versions but it is likely that you have a special version eg. Öhlins.We have two solutions to solve the problem that I am going to inform you1 - Andreani you build the cap with 1.5 thread like yours, but before doing this having a special version we ask you to do all the tests for the assembly and that everything corresponds to 100% example: stroke, dimensions, length etc. .. you need to do a fitting test without the cap.2 - you send us your forks and we give them to Andreani in this way they build you cartridges tailor-made for your forks and fit them, and we send them back to you completely ok the only cost you have is shipping that you will have to do, and € 30 for the delivery of the forks to you. Nice of them to offer to sort for the cost of shipping but, personally, i’m still confused as to what’s gone awry...
  13. Yeah man. To be fair, the suppliers seem very helpful so far. It’s wet as an otters pocket here just now so not losing much ridin time!
  14. So I realised why the new caps sent with my andreani kit wouldn’t screw on- the thread pitch doesn’t match the stanchions.... Have I been sent a kit for the Ohlins forks by mistake I wonder? Bit of a long shot but can anyone confirm whether the stanchions (marzy + ohlins) have differing threads? Also, if I were to obtain the correct caps for the marzy tubes, would the internals still be suitable for them (lengths etc)? I went from excited to unhappy rather quickly as i’m sure you can all imagine!
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