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  1. Sir Chicken has a 2004 Moto Guzzi V11 though... Ye be a right royal rich chicken indeed! 🙂
  2. “Long legged and easy to drop”
  3. stewgnu

    SPMC Wheels

    Haha! Join the club man- I can’t get my fork caps to screw on...
  4. stewgnu

    SPMC Wheels

    No “brembo” written on them?
  5. oh sorry- do they all use the same discs?
  6. I’ve fitted some griso front discs to mine, which were much cheaper than the oe v11 ones, and work perfectly fine.
  7. I guess it depends how limber you are? I’m 5’ 11’’ and 145lbs, the bike is naked with stock pegs (used various bar configurations over the years). Never ridden a faired bike very far so perhaps don’t know what i’m missing, but she’s a joy to tour on. Up to 300 miles per day is fine, 500 miles starts to hurt back + arse. However, i do avoid long motorway cruising as much as possible, just hate it, you don’t see anything. I suppose that’s much harder to avoid in the states and where a fairing would come into play?
  8. Holy tits that’s a schmokin hot wee video there brother! ... ... ... (buells r still shite though haha!) before i bought my lovely v11 i lusted after a firebolt. Sooooo glad i got my v11- at 5k revs the guzz is tight, eager and fierce! The Byonk is all done and crappy.
  9. My pal had a ulyssesses... it was hideous... can’t recommend them. Weirdly top-heavy, felt like revs maxed out at around 4k, finish was appalling (loom running over sharp edges) , ‘design features’ like the pekky frame and oily swingarm seemed unnecessary. Edit: lets not forget the shitty belt drive...
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