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  1. as a total electrical numpty, i forgot that where there’s electrical flow, there’s heat
  2. Possibly a quick query for the leccy-minded chaps on the group: Someone was inferring on faceache that a bike (cali 1100i) that cut out when hot, but was fine when cool, may have dicky relays. I wondered- Why would that be a thing? Working when cold, but not when the bike’s hot? 🤔
  3. similar shifting on mine- best practice for me is to pre-load the lever and make sure to maintain pressure after the shift into 3rd to stop it dropping back out. no probs when you get used to it!
  4. Hi Bridge, I used those tarozzis for a while (Got them from Disco Volante in the correct size). Be aware that whilst they will fit, they don’t fit very well- for one thing the master cylinders prevent them from being orientated ‘square side forward’ properly. I had to use shims to space everything out, which wasn’t ideal at all, and also meant I ended up taking off the choke lever too. Having said that, I did use them for must’ve been a couple years once i got them where i wanted them. Oh and as they’re multi-adjustable, having to drop the sliders every time you change your mind
  5. i think i saw 120 once, but that’s without a fairing and chin down somewhere in the yolk!
  6. although, on the pipe wrap thang: I had my kwakker headers all wrapped, and was most pleased with the funky look! But later, upon removal, was greeted with an absolutely dreadful cancerous wodge of metal beneath... like i’ve not seen metal in such a poor condition...
  7. oh crap- bar-end mirrors are bad too?
  8. this vid was, on the face of it (i’m no expert), an interesting analysis of the exhaust gas flow principles:
  9. stewgnu

    My V11 Build

    That looks great! Streets ahead of a lot of the awkward-looking custom v11’s I’ve seen over the years.
  10. some people claim to be mad but have yet to be tested
  11. No probs. I’ll nip down the garage and root them out.
  12. It only takes a minute Grim, if you’re concerned about your neighbours you’re probably a ‘good neighbour’ yourself and hopefully they’ll understand? You could knock on and explain the reasons for the ensuing italian music. Incidentally, I think i have a few intake boots spare- if you’d like i could post a couple down to you?
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