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  1. Wishing him a speedy full recovery.
  2. haha true true, maybe bigger campers don’t tend to drive about as much? Although I bought an old 3 tonner recently... doesn’t look like she’ll get much use for some time mind.
  3. on the plus side, a lot of our bureaucracy works fairly smoothly 🙂. Like when you buy a car/bike, just fill the form in, send it off, get it back in about a week, sorted- it’s yours! I have heard that places like Spain and Italy can only dream of such ease.
  4. Does anyone fit the battlax’s on their v11? I used to use them on my old w650 and they were great.
  5. Holy bat-euros batman! Well, if anyone’s reading this who wants a replacement rod, i’ve still got my old one. Managed to get a rossopuro item a ways back so no reason to keep it.
  6. thinking about it- i have a 300 litre fish tank... so my bike is indeed lighter than a (fish) tank. 🐳
  7. oh jaysus- i realise there’s a lot of ‘mericans on here- it’s not what you’re thinkin...
  8. can’t hardly wait to see/hear that beauty fired up! ...*whispers* damn those belly pans are awful.... har!
  9. i re-installed my fast-idle lever today. thought everyone would like to know.
  10. yes it is lighter than a tank.
  11. the long-frame can be made to turn in alarmingly (dangerously?) quickly as i found out when piddling about with the fork/yolk height. 😮
  12. So sorry Nobleswood- I didn’t compile a thread, i feel i lie somewhere around the lower end of knowledge on this forum! In hindsight I should have done so. I could certainly give what little help I’m able if anyone wanted to attempt the job. I removed the whole lot and stripped and cleaned before re-installing. One thing I didn’t do was replace the seals, which may have been a mistake, but the current ones are working just fine so.... One other error i made was not to specify a spring rate from the suppliers. They just sent a set out without checking too. The springs were stamped ‘9.3’ and they confirmed that that was ok for me in the end. I weigh about 67kilos or 10 and a quarter stone ish. I have never done a sag test in my puff.
  13. Well mine does have a bit of slop in the rear drive, not sure if they all do? Maybe we’re talking different points
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