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Community Answers

  1. Mine broke too. I used a stainless 60mm cap-head screw for a couple years 🙂
  2. there were 5 on sale on ebay quite recently.
  3. Could the TPS have been knocked out of whack??
  4. Yes i too thought the early bikes had slightly narrower forks- i’ve already put off one chap who asked on faceache whether they’d fit his early model.
  5. stewgnu

    Decent Tune-up

    Er, into a multimeter set to dc? Sorry- i feel i’m misunderstanding the question 😆
  6. why do you want to edit it? is it incorrect?
  7. it offers these options: PSD, PDF, PNG, TIFF, JPG, plus some animated options. I have no idea what all this means.
  8. yes it does! i can’t post directly as i can’t be arsed to figure that out. but i’ll email it to you if you like 😬
  9. err, let me just check that fella...
  10. That sir, is a question! 02 is right around the bitsa years. Do you have the 54mm forks?
  11. Haha! Nay bother brother! send me an email and i’ll ping it over to thee x The monza is comparatively simples compared to other models; Originally I only needed to figure out how the winkers worked...
  12. Great, nice one docc, we got there in the end! Hope it’s useful to you fine gentlemen (and ladies- are there any lassies on here?) P.S. I’ve also done a coloured V50/Monza diagram if anyone needs it.
  13. Sorry doc- it’s bigger than the 200kb limit... we need an egghead to help out on this one!
  14. Hey Docc, it’s on procreate but can be exported as jpg or pdf or most anything by looks of it. I can email it to you if you like in either format? I’m so behind with computer stuff- rather unacceptable in these times for someone my age!
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