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  1. I doubt that would result in any pleasure. No, but I did find a nasty crack in my mistral cross-over, right before the lambda. Must have stressed it due to dropping the bike on it’s silencers all those times! I guess the bike must’ve been over-fuelling? Compensating for false air readings? Anyhoo, i dug out the oe crossover and now i literally am getting 20% ish more mileage! Hooray! Also the bike sounds more ‘growly’ for some reason so it’s a win win situation. No wonder i was having such difficulty tuning the bike to run well...
  2. Well i did it! I now have 20% more fuel economy! Imagine my surprise and pleasure! Ha!
  3. Ooo well that was lovely. Only got sprinkled on for about 5 minutes too. Damn but the sound of those cans on the overrun.... Bike running like a watch🙂
  4. 50% chance of rain here today.. which means: Rain. So sod it, I’m gonna fit the ol’ earbashers (mivv cans) and spank her across Snakes Pass and back. Snakes is a 20 mile twisty, beautiful, dangerous road across the peaks that the V11 is truly made for! Just got to watch out for large german cars performing alarming overtakes on blind corners...
  5. I’m a ‘sump dropper’. Always have a snoot at the wee mesh but it’s always clean as a whistle. 🙃
  6. Upon returning from my lovely tour up to, and around, the Hebrides, my bike has developed a fierce squeaking from the rear end. Initial bouncings seeeem to rule out the shock.. is it coming from the driveshaft..? Inside the bevel box..? Hmmm. Brake seems fine.....
  7. stewgnu


    I’ve had a few fixings of various types rattle loose there. What have you guys had success with? is there a torque value or anyone using a threadlocker?
  8. stewgnu

    Riding gear

    Ear plugs: can be a necessity depending on what cans you’ve got installed! My old mivvs were beautifully horrendous
  9. “oops” or “oh dear”. Or possibly “shucks” for our american brethren? Or is it “My bad bro” if you’re under 35..? some punctuation might’ve helped... Anyway, the point remains! Although if i hadn’t noticed the ‘min thickness’ etching, and hadn’t checked it out of interest, i could’ve been heading for “Maximum wups”! 0.0
  10. Looks lovely man, really nice lines. But how will you fit a top-box?
  11. A final tweek has my v11 running very well again! New rubber and new front discs (old ones were 0.2mm under the minimum wups) will see me fully fettled for my upcoming jaunt to the lovely Scottish Isle of Skye. Can’t wait!
  12. Hey that looks rather swish- can we get a full pic?
  13. Sooo, Tim, does Sir sport a monobrow? Or does Sir wax, or strategically shave...? inquiring minds...
  14. Agreed, that rubber is toast man. Usually there’s a problem that’s not visible, but that one... This is a good time to take it all apart and clean the tb’s- the bleed screws and plates benefit from a clean, and you’ll likely recover that creamy smooth V11 surge, yeah baby!
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