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  1. 100 bucks?? holy moly…. there’s a guy here in sheffield will powdercoat them bar ends for a tenner. He did the brake hanger on my old v11 for that much anyway. Did my monza wheels for 100…
  2. it’s also known to be one of the heaviest, ultimo densio pieces of engineering known to man
  3. good time to check needle bearing 31 for grittiness too. And lube the snot out of it.
  4. Yeah man- ‘zooming’ on a w650 is sitting at 90 with your chin ont tank haha Although, even on the V11 i hate taking it past 90 -100mph.
  5. Gorgeous docc. Just lovely. I’ll also sing the praises of the old Kawa W650 all day long, it’s a cracking bike, and apart from the rude welding on the frame, very nicely put th’gither. Zooming on mine from Santiago De Compostela (beautiful town) across to Bilbao to catch the ferry is an ace memory.
  6. hummm i dunno man- the old ‘weight and horsepower’ debate? …who cares really? if a bikes fun to ride it’s fun to ride. if you spend most time touring at high speed get a sport tourer, not a retro. if you spend most time nipping thru the city get a scooter, not a retro. Get a retro cos you like the style. end of. they’re all likely extremely capable machines so get the one you like the look of. which is a moto guzzi v11. 😀
  7. oil comes from a few sources… had a ‘leak’ recently that turned out to be blowing out of the airbox
  8. the Enfields certainly are popular, and seem well liked for what they are… but i have a w650 so that’s that itch scratched. When I look at every year’s line-up of retros, neo-retros, modtros etc, I can’t help but think: “But I’ve got a V11 already”, and then I feel all smug likes.
  9. Yes but they’re on the bike sorry! All shined up nice. I much prefer the look to the mushrooms
  10. i’d kind’ve ignored the clutch safety as i’d assumed the po had bypassed it, rookie error i spose
  11. yes i checked them twice previously as i was going thru it, but didn’t identify the problem, missed it. i was doing the old yank all the cables routine and that did it
  12. Hey man I have a set of the Rossopuro ones with the crash mushrooms attached- is that what you’re after?
  13. Well, like a blind hedgehog shuffling about in a sack, I’ve finally found the light… Problem traced to one of the two bullet connectors by the headstock. I got stranded far from home yesterday and after checking over all the usual suspects I poked a finger down the front of the tank to wiggle the cables and boom baby! Repeated and got the same result- had to start the bike a few times during the journey and it worked every time, fired up strong and instantly. At this stage I haven’t had the tank off for a closer look so I can’t say whether it’s the black or grey, or both, wires that’s causing the problem. But I’m going to cut and replace with spades when I do. So, long story short: It was a knackered starter and bad bullets. But I’ve been thru everything and so the starter system should be 👍 from now on 😀
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