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  1. Well if someone more knowledgeable can give me pointers, I’ll upload the file to our forum for what it’s worth 🙂
  2. Clips for the later 54mm forks. These are the ‘high rise’ units so when set under the yolk you still get a fair bit of up/down adjustment for comfort or otherwise. Good serviceable condition £70 plus postage. (Not far off half price for new)
  3. My new V11 already has an ohlins unit so i now have a spare to sell. £500 plus postage. These shocks knock the spots off the ‘adequate’ sachs units.
  4. gstallions- well i originally started drawing it out with pen and pencil crayons... then made a couple mistakes... so photo’d what i’d done and went into procreate and finished the job there. so i now have a digi copy that zoomz in and out. ace.
  5. I’ve just found the link to this old tractor’s page... doh! There’re full colour copies of, what looks like, every model! I would say I wasted my time drawing up my own haha, but it certainly improved my knowledge!
  6. Evening All! So I had a little wiring issue with my wee Monza, and decided to draw out a coloured wiring diagram to gain some control over the problem. Went marvellously- all sorted now yay. I ended up enjoying it so much that I decided to draw out the V11 diagram in colour too. So, if any of you fine gentlemen would like a copy of this let me know. It’s been a tough year, that’s for sure, so no charge for this unless you’re feeling flush and want to punt a few quid my way. I’ve gained enough from this forum over the past few years not to feel greedy at all. Looking
  7. One easy check is the exhaust system itself. Especially check that either the port gaskets are a: present and, if so, b: not mullered. I only mention as my monza was baking on one side and it turned out the gaskets had perished- one side pretty much awol which resulted in a dreadful air leak.
  8. These bikes like constant maintenance so buy the best one. The £££’s you’ll save could go toward a re-paint in any colour you like. Including a lovely dark dark black.
  9. stewgnu


    Hey up Steve, got a Hyperpro going wanting if you’re interested
  10. Hey up Knumbnutz, one truly excellent source of information is Richardsons ‘Guzziology’. I was flicking through it only today and was interested to note that the 1100 Sports, and Daytonas, don’t have the rubber cush drives that the V11 do. Highly recommend it mate.
  11. dunno, but i’d have eaten a kilo of dry cornflakes for one about a year ago
  12. as a total electrical numpty, i forgot that where there’s electrical flow, there’s heat
  13. Possibly a quick query for the leccy-minded chaps on the group: Someone was inferring on faceache that a bike (cali 1100i) that cut out when hot, but was fine when cool, may have dicky relays. I wondered- Why would that be a thing? Working when cold, but not when the bike’s hot? 🤔
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