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  1. Hey did we get anywhere with the andreani kit? Anyone using them yet?
  2. If the exhaust can takes a whang, it could possibly crack the crossover- maybe not from one drop ... but worth 3 minutes to check anyway. Cracks there make tuning Not Fun.
  3. Isn’t there a groove there that means there’ll always be a bit of fore-aft wiggle?
  4. It’s done for aesthetics. Makes a counterpoint to all the machined metal and stuff.
  5. I’m about 10 miles away from her 40,000th mile burpday. Just ordered some woodcraft clips to celebrate 🙂
  6. Well they’re gettin along some in age now, but (due to this website!) maybe there’s more otr than some equivalent years/manufacturers/models of motorised by-cycle?
  7. There was a young fellow in sheffield a few years back who rode about on one of those big, long, lazy kwaka drifters with the funky valanced mudguards- his grin couldn’t have been any wider!
  8. I keep looking at Yamaha Trx850’s... Thin, light, powerful enough, cool 90’s design. And a twin too 🙂. Low mileage good ones are slightly on the expensive side in the uk, considering the age, but negotiation could come into play perchance.
  9. I doubt that would result in any pleasure. No, but I did find a nasty crack in my mistral cross-over, right before the lambda. Must have stressed it due to dropping the bike on it’s silencers all those times! I guess the bike must’ve been over-fuelling? Compensating for false air readings? Anyhoo, i dug out the oe crossover and now i literally am getting 20% ish more mileage! Hooray! Also the bike sounds more ‘growly’ for some reason so it’s a win win situation. No wonder i was having such difficulty tuning the bike to run well...
  10. Well i did it! I now have 20% more fuel economy! Imagine my surprise and pleasure! Ha!
  11. Ooo well that was lovely. Only got sprinkled on for about 5 minutes too. Damn but the sound of those cans on the overrun.... Bike running like a watch🙂
  12. 50% chance of rain here today.. which means: Rain. So sod it, I’m gonna fit the ol’ earbashers (mivv cans) and spank her across Snakes Pass and back. Snakes is a 20 mile twisty, beautiful, dangerous road across the peaks that the V11 is truly made for! Just got to watch out for large german cars performing alarming overtakes on blind corners...
  13. I’m a ‘sump dropper’. Always have a snoot at the wee mesh but it’s always clean as a whistle. 🙃
  14. Upon returning from my lovely tour up to, and around, the Hebrides, my bike has developed a fierce squeaking from the rear end. Initial bouncings seeeem to rule out the shock.. is it coming from the driveshaft..? Inside the bevel box..? Hmmm. Brake seems fine.....
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