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  1. But seriously, where the hell is it coming from... I was looking today and it seems to be coming from higher up, I changed the top hose...
  2. Duuude you broke your v11 oil-cherry! mine’s misting a wee bit all over the place apparently- rust be gone! Haha
  3. So a mistral titty silencer would be one long nice titanium weld and a re-build...? Even so, doesn’t sound very diy footgoose? Or I am soooo behind in the guzziworld!
  4. It’d actually be quite interesting to know the cost of repairing damaged silencers. I had assumed it wouldn’t be worth it.
  5. I got my blablibio for 3,250 good English pounds a few years back. Bargain.
  6. Well for comparison there’s a low mileage tenni going for £6000...
  7. What about bonding a fresh piece of plastic over the whole front box area? Then you could cut new holes anywhere you like..?
  8. Well I know next to nowt about this sort of thing but I did raise a brow when ol’ lumpy came out! It’ll be a Guzzi thing I thought! Hammers n such...
  9. “Pushes in a crazy way from 5500...” Yeah baby! Like my v11 haha! 6k on the v11 is happy times man!
  10. Hey up! Some may well be familiar with this youchoob channel, but anyway- I found it a fine way to spend a few minutes.
  11. Spose at that point one needs a smaller jockey? Beautiful though... I love the look of the mgs 01
  12. Well i’m actually from that side of the hills originally- born in Stockport (But it’s nicer on this side!). The snaps were taken on my old iphone and unfortunately I’ve noticed there’s a dark inclusion from a scratch on the plastic. The new fork internals are better, no doubt about it, but I’ll be waiting for more pleasant conditions and a fresh rear tyre before attempting to adjust properly. The lack of dive compared to the marzy kit is really noticeable. The brakes feel even better than ever now!
  13. Iirc one of the letters appears just after that arrow crops up. My eyes are quite good still, but it can be a struggle to see these markings for sure. Especially if the bike isn’t raised up! When i’m tackling the job I find myself on hands and knees, torch in gob, spit dribbling down my chin, squinting like James finlayson and cursing as I glimpse the letter scooting past the window again. If you’ve located the arrow, try going ever so slowly onward and hopefully you’ll spy the letter.
  14. I think I figured the photo-posting thang... https://photos.app.goo.gl/xHHxEpskKsZnKUxT8
  15. (30 thru the villages obvs)
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