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  1. is the eccentric adjuster improperly set?
  2. Hello rev, i’ve literally just replaced mine this month. I ended up ordering an Electrosport 515 through a company called KGB Motorcycle Distribution. I’m in Sheffield myself and the unit arrived really promptly after ordering. It’s pricier than the chineesium(?) cheapo ones at £130 but looks pleasingly well made and working well for a few hundred miles now. Stewart.
  3. Ah ha! Of course! 😬 Thanks man, I have a koso combined clock that only has one warning lamp. I had decided to wire it up to the oil warning rather than the battery warning. So naturally i was not warned when my reg failed haha. I think i’ll pop a lamp somewhere to wire it up to. For me, every day is an eleckrickity-learning day.
  4. Fitted a new regulator, an Electrosport 515 unit which was supplied by KGB motorcycle distribution. Much like their russian namesakes they were surprisingly efficient and I had it in hand within 48hours of ordering it. Wired it up fine despite my lack of knowledge… and it seems to be functioning… although i do wonder what that white wire is for 😐 … any clues anyone?
  5. As a minnow in this field (er, or err, a baby wabbit in this pond?), I’d just like to draw our attention to just how fucking beautiful the design of the modern brake caliper is. A damn triumph of simple and effective design. So few parts, so reliable, so easy for a home mech to service. The ins and outs of the gradual refinements are interesting if it pertains to your personal use of them, but it’d be sad to see us fall out over it!
  6. And for full enjoyment it’s best to assemble and fill with oil, then find the wee circlip when you’re tidying up. Then, for extra magic ace-ness, assemble again, fill with oil again, then find out that you’ve nudged the eccentric out of whack. Can’t beat doing it a few times to really get speedy at doing it 😀
  7. Absolutely, there’s quite a range of ergonomics available between low clips, high clips and ‘proper’ handlebars.
  8. Could the eccentric be set incorrectly? Just a thought… although good to have a spare spring anyways.
  9. latest incarnation has labelled instrument panel and relays in bold. If anyone’s struggling due to the colours let me know and i’ll include a numbered legend.
  10. I went into the local shop last week and they went on their system and said the v11 was recommended a full synth 0w30. Till now I’d been using the semi 20w50 v-twin putoline. I’m thinking of emailing opie oils to ask whether they have a suggestion.
  11. “Yeah man I’ll take the Volcano Ghost chilli Burrito Challenge!”
  12. No, i’ve just run them without (it’s happened on both my v11s, due to hitting potholes i think!). I haven’t noticed much difference at nighttime, but i suppose there must be a reduced effect?
  13. Make sure your swingarm bearings are in good order…. or you won’t get full benefit from your lovely shocker…
  14. I finally got a decent ride out of the old girl today! I was putting a speedbleeder in the clutch piston, and after removing the swingarm I found the bearings were seized solid 😠. Like totally solid. The pivot nubs must’ve been rotating independently within the races. You try and do one little job eh? So, once more unto the pluckin breach then! Those bearings are b*stards straight from satan’s worse dreams. I had forgotten I’d done this job on my last v11; must’ve blanked it for sanity’s sake… But, new bearings in (lovely fag ones- fags are so nice haha) and blow me down but i think the rear suspension is actually working as it should now. I kept wondering why I wasn’t feeling confident in the corners before but now we’re back in business!
  15. Whoaa there fella! Don’t break it or buy a new unit. What i did was reach in with a set of tin snips and cut bits off it till it was small enough to drop out. It’s only very thin metal so cuts very easily.
  16. how much is the m shocker?
  17. Areet fellas, got the following bits that should be re-homed really: - ITI speedo - ITI Tacho - Veglia Speedo - Veglia Tacho - Clock mounts x 3 (One of which is the carbon fibre type) - Ballabio fairing inc mount - Carbon fibre fairing - Tarozzi Clip-ons - OE clip-ons (Just the clips, no bars) - Sump baffle plate If anyone’s interested send me a message! 😀
  18. Hello, @motortouring, sorry i missed your response- yes i still have them if you’re after a set
  19. I had pretty crappy fuel economy till i discovered a nasty crack in my mistral crossover. It was right next to the lambda sensor too. Actually i’ve only just last week had it repair welded and popped it back on the bike.
  20. It took me a frankly embarrassingly long time to understand what was going on with the start relay fix. I refer to it as a royrelay in due deference.
  21. I did a wheelie today!! ok .. so probs only about 3mm.. or that’s 1/8th of an inch to our fine US chums. ….But it still counts!
  22. those bastards can get damn hot. i melted the anodising off the disc once. got to refresh it every year or so i reckon.
  23. The effects certainly were, but with the wheel gripped between my shins the play thru the ‘bars was almost imperceptable. I was rather pleased with the fix- £18 for 2 bearings vs £200 for a new disc!
  24. Extra bonus- i thought the pulsing on the brakes was warped discs. Nope, was bollixed wheels bearings
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