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  1. i think i saw 120 once, but that’s without a fairing and chin down somewhere in the yolk!
  2. although, on the pipe wrap thang: I had my kwakker headers all wrapped, and was most pleased with the funky look! But later, upon removal, was greeted with an absolutely dreadful cancerous wodge of metal beneath... like i’ve not seen metal in such a poor condition...
  3. oh crap- bar-end mirrors are bad too?
  4. this vid was, on the face of it (i’m no expert), an interesting analysis of the exhaust gas flow principles:
  5. stewgnu

    My V11 Build

    That looks great! Streets ahead of a lot of the awkward-looking custom v11’s I’ve seen over the years.
  6. some people claim to be mad but have yet to be tested
  7. No probs. I’ll nip down the garage and root them out.
  8. It only takes a minute Grim, if you’re concerned about your neighbours you’re probably a ‘good neighbour’ yourself and hopefully they’ll understand? You could knock on and explain the reasons for the ensuing italian music. Incidentally, I think i have a few intake boots spare- if you’d like i could post a couple down to you?
  9. well idk neither... i looked down last week and saw one of my clipon bolts was missing... make you wonder about all those bolts you’ve messed with
  10. rather a shame things turned out the way they did. And that’s not just the damage to my hearing...
  11. Yes. If you want loud, these are your choice. I’ve actually just temporarily removed my carbon mistrals to refit the mivvs- just briefly, to remind myself how nice they sound! (The lhs one has bad rash from a spill 🙁) Without the dbk’s they are shockingly loud. I ended up cutting away at the dbk’s a bit to find a middle ground in the loudness. They are definitely my favourite sounding ‘silencer’, if you want an idea of how they sound, check this video out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5Rdq5Af7uo&app=desktop edit* skip to 2 mins in for soundcheck
  12. The sweep of the pipes look great Phil. I like how it looks like the tank has respectfully lifted her skirt a tad to allow that thumping motor room! (Any chance of a shot sans bellypan? )
  13. the only thing that’s light on these bikes... are the lights
  14. what’s with the psychodelicamundo background dude? you just assuming that we all, due to being locked-down, are snarfing our supply of psilocybin mushrooms that we did pick last september??
  15. Wishing him a speedy full recovery.
  16. haha true true, maybe bigger campers don’t tend to drive about as much? Although I bought an old 3 tonner recently... doesn’t look like she’ll get much use for some time mind.
  17. on the plus side, a lot of our bureaucracy works fairly smoothly 🙂. Like when you buy a car/bike, just fill the form in, send it off, get it back in about a week, sorted- it’s yours! I have heard that places like Spain and Italy can only dream of such ease.
  18. Does anyone fit the battlax’s on their v11? I used to use them on my old w650 and they were great.
  19. Holy bat-euros batman! Well, if anyone’s reading this who wants a replacement rod, i’ve still got my old one. Managed to get a rossopuro item a ways back so no reason to keep it.
  20. thinking about it- i have a 300 litre fish tank... so my bike is indeed lighter than a (fish) tank. 🐳
  21. oh jaysus- i realise there’s a lot of ‘mericans on here- it’s not what you’re thinkin...
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