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  1. Thanks Docc, ive sent this to the mechanic. Hope he comes back with a positive(+) reply...the odyssey is about $175 in Canada
  2. Odyssey PC545 seems too large for the battery area under the seat. Am I mistaken?
  3. Hi everyone Just took the V11 Sport (2003)out of storage and need a new battery. The mechanic is recommending the YUASA 53030 Li ion...for @$500...is this correct? Says due to limited space available...is there a cheaper option? Thanks.
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  5. Thanks for the feedback. You guys were bang on, barrel connectors were loose. Pulled then out, cleaned them a little, crimped them lightly....starts right up every time! Thanks again. Now back to loving my new Italian girlfriend...what a beauty!
  6. Hello V11 forum! I recently purchased a 2003 v11 cafe sport with 6300 miles on it. The bike appeared in amazing condition. I nearly immediately took it on a 1000+ mile ride from Toronto to Gettysburg, PA. There is nothing like 1000 miles to expose the age of bike. Day two I was on the 44 South, carving turns and I went to downshift and my gear shift petal blows...the bolt assembly just falls off. Luckily I had some quick thinking riders with me and we removed the bolt from the rear break which luckily fits the gear shift petal, then used some wire to fix the rear break. By day three my electronic starter became very moody. Sometimes it starts immediately and then other times nothing...so strange too, doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason why it turns over or not...sometimes taking 10 mins or so to finally start. Now I don't trust it... Suggestions....help. Did I get hosed....I love the bike but am worried its gonna leave me stranded. Cheers, Buttaknife
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