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  1. MikeDelta


  2. Hi Docc, Here the photos of the sleeping brother (Le Mans) and sister (Norge). MikeDelta
  3. Dears, Last week I brought home a sister for my V11 Le Mans, I introduce you my 2007 Norge 1200 32000km. Tested only for 300km, but very nice , I like it. Inviato dal mio UMI eMAX utilizzando Tapatalk
  4. Thanks, I'll arrange that. Normally I grease the outer of the connections once in place not the two faces in direct contact. I undestand It was a mistake. MikeDelta
  5. Thanks Roy, I'll check first the bolt if it could be a reliable spot , otherwise there is the finn option. What about the gouge of the strap, how thin or heavy should be the wire for properly doing its role? MikeDelta
  6. I've got the importance of an additional ground strap from the voltage regulator case to the engine and I'm plannining to put and additional strap on my 2002 V11 Le Mans. What is not so obvious to me is why to drill a hole on one finn instead of using the existing fixing bolt of the frame/case.. MikeDelta
  7. Today I rode back home the bike from the workshop. A 300km trip, the bike run well , even smoother than last summer when it was hot. A joy to ride. A minor imperfection was the rev gauge with a misty glass, when I hauled her the rain was terrible. But it solved itself near home. On the way I stopped in Sirmione on the Garda lake, a nice and ancient town even back to the Romans. I enclose the photos. MikeDelta
  8. Gents, The shop contacted me this afternoon after solving the problem. The connectors under the fuse box had one connection recessed from its position. It was a time consuming research. Could be that the bike was defective from the factory or the previous owner worked on that connection for some reasons. Has someone already experienced it? MikeDelta
  9. Thanks, As the rest of the bike electrical system is working properly I assume that the battery is correctly connected. I contacted the dealer, who sold the bike, for sorting out the problem. MikeDelta
  10. No, I haven't check if the light is on when the key is on. the green neutral gear and the two reds are on , as normal. Cranking 1red switchs off. MikeDelta
  11. Dears, This afternoon I took off the Ecu and connected 30 and 87 in relay 5 listening to the fuel pump, but nothing happend. I havent investigated further with the multimeter, I realize that is time to think about a workshop. As I'm courious I enclose two photos of what is under the Ecu. There are two bullets connectors (female if I remember correctly) not conncted and another wire with a black cap. Do you know what thet are for? Thanks MikeDelta
  12. I'm on a 2 weeks business trip, never tried any attemp so far. Thanks to Roy I got how to test/star the pump from the relay bay and disconnect the ECU before. I Will also disconnect the 30 Amp fuse while charging the battery in the future. MikeDelta
  13. Thanks to all, I need now to find the time for putting in place suggestions. MikeDelta
  14. Thanks for suggestions. The pump does not prime, I haven't realized that it works for one or two seconds as it stays absolutely silent. Can a failed Ecu have any influence on the problem. The bike run perfectly till it was switched off 1 month ago. In the meantime I have only taken the fuel tank off a few times for fitting the tank cover in the best way. MikeDelta
  15. Thanks, I took the opportunity for additional maintenance changing the fuel filter, partially the fuel hoses, cheking the fuel pump off the the bike and it works well. But on the bike it is dead. Fuses are ok. Unfortunately I've finished the time to spend on it, hopefully again on the week end with your suggestions. MikeDelta
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