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  1. Ok thanks so much think I’ll give it a try
  2. There is ECU for sale from ‘02 LeMans on forum and I have 2000 V11Sport though we are not sure if it will work. They both have same type of connector and are both IAW15M however the 02 model ends with c7 mine with C5. I believe later models may have had O2 sensor and if so perhaps that’s the difference? Any knowledge someone could share would be appreciated. Thanks Stan
  3. Ps Bill if you can send pic to rusobo@gmail.com thanks Stan
  4. Bill was this off a running bike you were familiar with? I’ve been busy at work but if I can find out it’s compatible I would like to buy it.
  5. Hi Bill do you still have ECU and to your knowledge is that same as 2000 v11sport? thanks Stan
  6. Stano


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