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  1. And that is why, after forty years, they have lost me........
  2. The terrible thing is because Jude and I had our flights to the UK cancelled and I didn't buy a Honda CT125 because the shop was so hopeless and it soured me on the whole idea by the time the RS660 arrives here next year I'll have enough money sloshing around to buy one. I'm hoping the Tuono version won't be far behind as I think the 'Sporty' version will be to radical for my old bones. They are gorgeous though. I still have all my old V4 tools still too.....
  3. My 12 year old Mana eats Burgmans like those shitty little biscuits you get at poncy cafe's when you buy a coffee. I also reckon it will probably beat a V85 in a drag race if anyone wants to play that shitty, pointless, game. Guzzi gotta change....
  4. This engine from Aprilia is mooted for a new Touareg too if you're into that sort of thing. 😎
  5. Want. This is what Guzzi should be allowed to build. Not some sclerotic, wheezing, 2V air cooled shitbox.
  6. This! As I spend an awful lot of time saying about the CARC bikes in general, love them for what they are. Not what they're not! You can make a superb 'Road' bike out of a Griso but even if you could get it to make 130hp, which you can't, it would still be utterly uncompetitive as a track tool. And before people start bleating at me that they've seen Dyno charts showing preposterous claimed power outputs I can assure you that having built a couple of 1400 Hi-Cams now and had Mark log build maps for them there are several things about these 'Super Hi-Cams' that just don't cut the must
  7. It doesn't do that because it can't. It's all unicorn farts and blowhardery.
  8. I did an Ohlins modification to a Griso front end but ended up using Sachs forks off an RSV4 with Matris internals on mine. Also have a Matris shock on the back. The bloke I sold the Ohlins too is very happy I believe. Having said that the stock Showas are a spectacularly good fork. They are just terribly sprung and valved on the Griso! There are a host of decent rear shocks around. Order one 20mm longer eye to eye.
  9. I doubt there is much of anything in the oil galleries. The cross-drilling's go from the top of the webs where the trap used to be, all the way through the pin both ways to the front and rear journals. There are then cross drilling's in the pin, (One per rod bearing only. Another weak point in my book.) that intersect with the through drilling's. The through drilling's are sealed with grub screws. ive had a couple of high mileage motors apart and removed those grub screws and had a poke down the galleries with a probe and flushed them out well and there was no detritus in them, not even i
  10. 8V 1200 crank. 7.1 kg. Probably because it doesn't have the enormous steel penis sticking out the front for the alternator to hang off. [img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50399815216_0657dc618d_z.jpg[/img][/url] Also note the absence of a sludge trap in the crankpin. [img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50399121498_501d941d47_z.jpg[/img] Big end lubrication is taken care of by two cross-drilling's from the main bearings to the crankpin. I assume that the sludge trap was deleted for cost/saving purposes. They made a lot of bleating noises about how much stiffer the
  11. With or without my clothes on?
  12. Would you like me to weigh a 1200 crank for comparison?
  13. I thought that was done to allow for a longer stroke? I'll have to go take a looksee at the bore and stroke figures to see if I'm right. Did the MGS use big bolt Carillos? The 1200 and 1400 'Nuovo Hi Cam' motors both have the same stroke and have the 'Full Length' front to rear idler/jack shaft as the cam drive is taken from the rear of the shaft by chain to the cams rather than the rather inelegant belt arrangement used on the early Hi Cams and MGS-01.
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