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  1. As some may know the CARC bikes use a remote breather from the slave cylinder to a bleed nipple up under the seat. I'm sure it would be very easy to fabricate something similar for the V11 and it makes bleeding the clutch a breeze.
  2. He's off at the Ragged Fringe Rally this weekend so if he doesn't get back to you immediately just be patient. He will reply.
  3. Sport-I's use the 'Broad sump' the same as the V11. The thing is because of the taller gearing in the lower gears in the old five speed box the issue of oil surge and pick-up exposure doesn't seem to trouble them. This isn't to say it couldn't happen, just that I've never heard of a Sport-I running its big ends due to pick up exposure, (Or a Centy or Daytona RS.). That being the case, while fitting one is extra insurance it probably isn't necessary. The carb Sports still used the old 'Deep Sump' with bottom feeding pick up so exposure isn't an issue. Pete
  4. Mark, (Beetle.) can be contacted at Griso.org pete
  5. Have either of you blokes with clutch problems tried using the adjuster on the arm at the back of the gearbox? If the adjuster is set so that it's too far in the arm will be too far back and may be jamming on either part of the frame or the swingarm and preloading the thrust bearing and pushrod. pete
  6. Well, I'd just like to say a big 'Thank you' to 'Pressureangle' who today dropped a not insignificant amount of money into my paypal account. While handing over manufacture of sloppage sheets was not something that I was expecting to make any money out of really the last year has been pretty tough for my business with my understudy Michael busting his back and becoming a paraplegic setting up a 'Cripple Friendly' workshop has been both time consuming and expensive! Particularly as diminished income meant there was less tax money to use as write-offs for new tooling and equipment! While Jude and I are far from paupers the bank accounts, both business and personal, have taken a severe pizzleing this year. The cash injection is greatly appreciated. As well as the filthy lucre for me for every plate sold there is going to be a donation made to MSF for all their excellent work so please, if you need a plate buy one from Eric rather than the thieving twats in Huddersfield who stole the design and copied it without even so much as a 'By your leave'. Pete
  7. Ooo! Now you're getting kinky! Would you like to see my podge bar?
  8. It's not the key per se. It's the fact that the key is recognised by the dashboard. If you bypass the ignition the dash will still lock you out unless you know the previous owner's user code, which in this case isn't known.
  9. Currently there is a thread going on over on WG concerning a a Norge that is for sale with no keys. It's clean, low Kms by all accounts and all that is wrong with it is it doesn't have a key so it can't be started. Because the keys are coded to the dash it means that it needs a new dash and lockset to get it going but as I've explained in the thread you can get the pair of them, dash and lockset, for about $7-750. The bike is for sale for $1,500 and nobody over there wants it! It's insane! Anyway here's a link to the thread.... https://wildguzzi.com/forum/index.php?topic=102566.0 if I was coming over again any time soon I'd be all over it like jam on toast! Somebody save the poor thing! Pete
  10. That always confused me a bit as I've never had to modify anything..... (Shrug?)
  11. Excellent! I reckon even I could do that!
  12. ECU56 is the speedo sensor. Has it been wet where you are or have you recently washed the bike? Early sensors were prone to water intrusion at the join between the cable and the 'Block'. If you remove it and dry it with a hairdryer and then seal around the join with silastic it may solve the issue. If not buy a new one. They aren't terrifically spendy. Diagnostic code for Griso is 12425. pete
  13. Fantastic! Thanks Rolf. I think the chances of me getting any help, or even information, from our importer here on an 18 year old motorbike is nonexistent. I'll try today but I'll bet you anything I get the bum's rush so if you want to part with those bits I'll probably be in the market. Customer is coming up next Wednesday. my email incidentally is motomoda.roper<at>gmail.com Thanks.
  14. OK, so next question is what are the major parts needed ,ie the bits that fall to pieces, needed to rectify said clusterfuck? Yes, any seals and gaskets, (Although from memory the original six speeder doesn't use gaskets?) but what are the explody bits? Part #'s or just a parts diagram with arrows would be good. I see that Guzzi suggested 8-9 hours for the repair. I fart lavishly in their general direction! pete
  15. Thanks. That's exactly what I needed.
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