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  1. Nope, not I. At least not that I remember but 1995 was a long, long time ago. I'm pretty sure the first time I saw the description used I smiled at how apposite it seemed.
  2. The term 'Pork Chop' was never derisive. It was a simple observation of the plates on early Spineys like the 1100 Sport C and Daytona 1000. They look like a pork chops! Well, sort of....... The name just stuck after the design changed and no longer had the 'Eye' in the middle. Even to this day, long after the Spineys and CARC bike's are historical artefacts if you ask their owners what the footpeg hanger plates are called most will call them 'Pork Chops' even if they don't know why. Its just another one of those 'Guzzi' things like the frame series of the big twins being called, Loop, Tonti, Spiney or CARC. Pete
  3. It looks unbelievably awful you bastard! Really, it's stunning. I'm awestruck
  4. The seat isn't flat like say a 1970's Tonti. It is after all a *Modern* ish motorbike. Because of the petrol tank being under the seat I suppose they may of raised the arse end a bit more than they would of otherwise of done but another thing we did was get MJM to build us a seat and squab which are much more comfortable than the stocker but the squab is even higher. Luckily Jude being a shortarse this is actually beneficial! If I was married to a Naiomi Campbell type skyscraper model I could see it being an issue but for two ageing fatties it's fine. As for the Stelvio? I asked $13.5k and got it. An awful lot of work went into it as the 1200 and 1400 motors are very, very different despite their seeming similarities. There was an awful lot went into the build and tune of that bike but little of the work was mine. Most of it was the labour of Michael and Mark. Pete PS. That's equivalent to about seven dunny rolls at the current exchange rate I reckon!😂🙄
  5. I've always been a fan of automatic bikes and scooters. My first big trip around the USA was on a 1980 Convert in 2004 and I've always liked 'Twist and Go' machines because for some reason they seem to enrage dimwits and shitgibbons who think they are 'Real' motorcyclists and only some sort of inferior people would want to ride autos and scooters. I fart on their heads! In any sort of 'Urban' situation an auto wins hands down but they are also awesome for touring with a pillion as there is none of the lurching when you change gear. I originally bought the Mana simply because I like Autos but I was also fascinated by the E-CVT, the three ride modes and the faux 'Gear' system. I swiftly realised that as a touring machine it is second to none. I have the full boat of 'Touring' gear on mine which is an NA but I also owned a GT in the US and that was even better, the frame mounted fairing is much superior to the screen on my NA. With the Givi bags and top-box plus the storage compartment where the petrol tank would be on a conventional bike it has enormous carrying capacity and even with a full load of gear and Jude and I on it it will happily sit way above the speed limit for as long as you want it to. Unlike the other 'Tri-Map' Aprilias the different ride modes are controlled by the TCU and the engine mapping doesn't seem to change appreciably in the different ride modes. In reality I rarely take mine out of 'Touring' mode. The ability to change 'Down' ratios with the 'Gear lever' or paddles is a great boon on steep descents but I rarely use 'Sport Gear', the faux 'Manual' system as I have 'Manual' bikes for that. The one thing that does let it down in stock trim is the suspension which is poverty pack, bargain basement rubbish. One of my first mods was ro stick Gen 2 Tuono forks and a Hyperpro shock on it and it can now be great fun for giving blokes who reckon they are a bit 'Gun' a hard time in the twisties. With the fork swap came 100mm radial calipers and HH pads so it stops as well as it handles. Its not light or powerful, (Although it is both lighter and more energetic than a V85!) but it is very easy to ride, it's different in a good way and it's fun! Why do I prefer it over the Stelvio? Personal choice, lack of weight and suitability to purpose, it's that simple. It's funny, in 2013 I bought a California 1400 'Touring' in the USA. At that time I still owned my Mana GT there. We did a three month tour on that huge black pig and not a day went by when Jude and I didn't say, "Damn! I wish we were on the Mana!" Live and learn eh?
  6. Go and ask on the Stelvio thread on ADV. it'll take you at least three lifetimes to reach any conclusions and you will probably take your own life after about a day as it will seem like a blessed relief compared to weighing up the options held forth as if pearls before swine by the mighty.
  7. On my recently departed 1400 I had TKC 70's, loved 'em, but they aren't the longest lived tyres. I'm on a bit of a Conti binge at the moment. I've got Sport Attacks on my Griso,they stick like shit to a blanket but they also evaporate. If I get 6K km out of a set I'm doing well!
  8. I seem to remember there being some talk about these getting scarce? I've got one from a stash I inherited. Grey/Silver. Not new but VGC if anyone is interested. PM me. Pete
  9. If it's a LeMans I thought they all had Marzocchis?
  10. Are you sure it's the bevelbox and not the UJ support bearing or gearbox output shaft bearing?
  11. What do you need to do? Replace a seal? A bearing? Or the whole CW&P assembly?
  12. Yup, rather uninteresting, low powered, under-suspended, boring-bikes sell well.
  13. No. They have built a well promoted and therefore popular machine.
  14. Heavens to Betsy! Don't any of you ever think about stuff like this?? For crying out loud. It's a splash fed gearbox. There are no pressure fed bushes as there are on most 'Conventional' motorbike gearboxes, the whole thing depends on oil being picked up and flung about by the gears that will be whirring around in the mass of aerated oil at the bottom of the gearbox as you are playing Mr. Fur-Chest on a Sunday morning. Obviously if there is too little then when it's being flung about there won't be enough and keep everything cool and protected. If there is too much it will foam up, (Some oils are worse for this than others.) and will get blurted out of the gearbox breather making a horrid, smelly, mess. BUT the 100-150 ml that makes the difference between the sight glass being 'Full' and it being 'Empty' is really of near zero importance. If you can see some oil in the sight glass when the bike is upright and level it's good to bloody go! If there isn't enough oil it will squeak! If there's too much you'll get a slippery back tyre. Simples! Youse need to stop worrying. Think a bit more and ride a bigly much more. Next thing you know we'll have a thread about high hysteresis handlebar grips or something equally mental!
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