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  1. The cost in £ was quoted above. Chucking £'s to $AU in the currency converter will tell you roughly what the cost will be in $AU. I thought that was what you were wanting to know? You'll also need a timing chest gasket and front seal and o-ring.
  2. Well, you'd go to a currency converter on the interwebs and ask. ???
  3. No, it won't. Nowhere near, but.... if you are seeing significant scatter on the spark and can't justify the cost of a gear set there is now, apparently, a Valtek type blade tensioner available that fits the V11 donk. I can't remember exactly what the issue was with the earlier tensioner. Probably something to do with its mounting. The thing is though that a properly tensioned chain is probably as good as most people need. That isn't to suggest that Joe's gears aren't the 'Duck's Guts' and the gold standard. Quite simply they are! But they aren't the only option and it depends on how obsessed you are with chasing 'Mechanical Nirvana'.
  4. I only designed the one plate for 'Broad Sump' engines and it fits all models. If the plagiarists who stole the design have changed it slightly it would be unnecessary. I believe, from memory, that the later plates have a slightly longer dipstick slot to prevent the stick fouling on the plate but apart from that my design never changed when I was manufacturing them.
  5. Behold! In sooth it is the turdy-most! An originally flatulent and boring motorcycle with the handling characteristics of an occasional table with castors, one of which is missing, the appearance of a 1940's Belgian croissant delivery cart that makes a noise like a parson farting in the bath. To compound it's horridness large parts of it are missing and acquiring them will mean you will have to spend time interacting with other owners of noxious, antiquated BMW's. Now if old Guzzi owners are notorious for their corn cob pipes and resistance to anything that even hints at modernity BMW owners are infinitely worse! Never mind the corn cob pipes, the BMW crowd all speak in high squeaky voices, have stained cardigans that stop, (Usually because the knitting is unraveling!) above their navels revealing their undergarments that are always covered in unmentionable stains! Their beige trousers have a crotch about at knee level and the bottoms of the legs are always frayed as they are far too long and as a result have been trodden on by their leatherette brothel-creepers. Often the trouser cuffs will have dogshit on them as well because these people are usually accompanied by small, yapping, dogs that crap everywhere. Crowning the whole lot will be a tartan Tam-o-shanter that looks like it's been farted on by a horse. When you talk to these people it's always important to wear at least a mask but preferably an airtight helmet of some sort as they are incapable of normal speech and their shrill utterances are always accompanied by torrents of spittle and half digested food. If you do, mistakenly, go ahead with such a purchase it must be remembered that within 18 months you too will resemble the type of person portrayed above! I'm sorry, but it is inevitable and cannot be avoided. Remember. Just say 'No' to BMW's. It's for your own good.
  6. Because you have to get the fluid in there in the first place. Also air can be trapped in the cylinder itself so it needs to be flushed.
  7. An even better idea would be to do as was done on the CARC bikes and replace the impossible to get at bleed nipple on the slave cylinder with a hose to a remote bleed nipple up under the seat somewhere. It's a brilliant system. I can't for the life of me see how they overlooked it on the V11's.
  8. With us Bill there is no point in worrying. Bungendore is a sort of Las Vegas for Tiger Snakes and Browns are common. It's just something you live with, like bears in your neck of the woods but at least with snakes if they do kill you it won't be with any sort of malice! As for Erika? She's a scientist. Deeply committed and fully aware of the dangers. She's not like those idiots you see on YouTube trying to pat lions or stroke a bison! I worry more about her being attacked by some toothless meth-head in Queanbeyan than I do about her fondling of venomous animals. Mind you I'd hate to be the meth-head who tried it on with her! She's a not insubstantial young woman used to hard physical labour and while she's not a fighter I feel that a right uppercut followed by a left hook would probably render most aggressors senseless on the ground with birds tweeting around their head like a cartoon villain!😆
  9. Well you won't have to worry about mice!😆 We get Tigers, Red-Bellied Blacks and Eastern Brown snakes in our yard Bill and the Garage is full of Redback spiders too which are pretty nasty. Any of the three common snakes will kill you, the Eastern Brown is in the top five most venomous in the world! They're generally OK though. If we leave them alone they leave us alone. Its my daughter that worries me. She works for the Dept of environment and conservation and one of her projects is studying Whip Snake numbers. Problem is the little whip snakes, (Which are venomous but have tiny, ineffectual little fangs.) live under the same rocks and logs as dirty great big Eastern Browns and she gaily goes around 'Counting' them by picking up their cover and annoying the shit out of them! She hasn't been bitten......Yet!
  10. Volumetric efficiency Thermal efficiency. Mechanical efficiency. Improve any or all of those and you'll get more power.
  11. So is the Mistral POS an air temperature sensor spoofer or a lambda sensor spoofer. Both are awful and both have issues. Given the fact the W5AM ecu is an open book using these crappy *solutions* is madness.
  12. Swept volume means very, very little when comparing different engine designs.
  13. You know how many complaints or even suggestions of dissatisfaction I've heard about Joe's gears? None! Not one! Nada! If you want gears they are the ONLY decent option. The End. Oh, and John, i Havant been ignoring you. I've just been busy with a lot of non motorbike crap. I'll PM you when I have a moment. Sorry. Pete
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