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  1. Nut on the top shaft has wound off? Thats my guess.
  2. Oh lookee! https://tlm.nl/search-results-page?q=Norge footrest plate
  3. EBay? Or the usual suspects. Pinwall? Harpers? Guzzi Classics? Although Mark is mainly older bikes he may well have one or two wrecks of CARC bikes. If I wasn't retiring I'd be seriously thinking of doing for CARC bikes what the bloke in Canada who owns every spare Laverda part in the world has done! There'll be a living in it for someone with a bit of foresight!
  4. Back in the day a PC was just about the only option. It worked, pretty crudely, but it worked. I had one on the Mighty Scura but only because it came with it. Nowadays though the mapping for the 15M and 15M-RC are an open book. Why would you arse about with an add-on widget when you can access everything in the map? Not just the fuel and spark.
  5. Actually if I could of been bothered I would of described it as a magical device that relies on the catalytic effects of wishful thinking and it's interaction with traces of powdered unicorn horn within the device to completely f*ck up the fueling and contribute to greatly accelerated engine wear but I couldn't so I won't.........
  6. It's a sensor fooler. Don't waste your money.
  7. Right at the moment most of us who knew Steve are in shock and I'm certainly not going to contact his girlfriend to pester her about the forum. I would add that Mark, (Beetle.) has his own site at Griso.org, his contributions to the Ghetto have no financial benefit. Unlike certain other places the Ghetto isn't, and never has been a money making platform for anybody. I'm sure that eventually we, the membership, will be able to sort something out. I'd like to offer to run it myself as I'm retiring soon and it might give me something to do besides wallowing in the millions I make from my midget porn empire. Problem is I'm both computer illiterate and such an intolerant bastard I'd of banned everyone in a week!
  8. Yesterday I received the news that Steve 'Steak' Daley, owner/manager/whatever of the Ghetto died in a boating accident in Oregon over the weekend. Apart from obviously being tragic, (I've known Steve a long time. He was one of the good guys.) it does throw the future of the Ghetto up in the air. Hopefully someone will be able to take over the day to day running of the site and keep it up as it is a very useful resource for ALL CARC bike owners and especially 8V's. This is really just a heads up to anybody who references the Ghetto for tech stuff by myself, Beetle and others knowledgeable on the models should perhaps cut and paste any required info for safekeeping in case the board goes tits up.
  9. Back in the mists of time a PC was the only way in the aftermarket to modify the map. The problem was, and remains, that they are a crude and simple device allowing only limited modification to certain aspects of the map. There are now numerous, better, alternatives that have the added advantage of not having to interfere with the loom and giving full access to if not all, then at least many more aspects of the map. The 15M and 15M-RC controllers are a completely open book as far as map manipulation is concerned. A PC I think appeals to some as it is often sold and perceived as a 'Magic' plug in filled with mystical Ju-Ju and the fitting of one will deliver the mystical/mechanical equivalent of a 'Laying on of hands' which of course it doesn't! They are also often marketed in the same way by people who really don't have much of a clue so the gullible are easily exploited. Quite simply there are many better options for enhancing performance, (And by 'Performance' I am not simply referring to power and torque figures.) than a plug-in box.
  10. Timeserts are the biz but a helicoil will work just fine Bill. While it's off the bike I'd suggest taking the pads out and removing the caliper from the pins it slides on, cleaning them and re-greasing. If this isn't done from time to time the caliper will seize on the pins and then you'll have to give someone $400!
  11. Yes. The head castings are all pretty much identical. Port and combustion chamber sizes are different obviously but the actual mating surfaces betwixt head and cover are identical.
  12. Yup. Weird thing with the CARC bikes though. If you use the stock, *Paper* gaskets they will fail. No ifs or buts. Why these later models can't cope with them I have no idea. All I can assume is it has something to do with the overall shape of the rocker cover. They certainly seem *Taller* than the earlier ones up to the V11 but whether that allows more or different expansion I have no idea. Thing is though no matter how careful you are they will split and squeeze out. The Valpolini gaskets can't tear and are a 100% reliable fix.
  13. The cover gaskets will not work on any of the 8V's. Old or new.
  14. They'll fit any squarefin motor John. They might even work with roundfins but the fit will be a bit sketchy. Bolt pattern is the same though.
  15. There are no problems with buying the parts separately Rolf. The only thing to be aware of is that you will need to know which head gaskets to buy and you won't know that for certain until you have a head off to measure one. Most, (Like 90% of) engines use the middle 0.85mm gaskets so it's pretty safe to buy them but if it turns out the guess was wrong you need to wait while you get the right ones. Flick me an email, (I think you still have it don't you?) and I'll send you the list of what to order. In return you can tell me who the hell has 'B' kits in stock! I can't find them for love or money! EDIT! I've got your email. Give me a few hours and I'll send you a list of bits you need.👍
  16. pete roper

    Bag racks?

    If anyone is interested I just saw these on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/334529025771 Now a few years ago I would of been interested but I've decided my CARC bikes will see me out so much as I'd like a V11 it won't happen. Thing is though these don't have the bags. Other thing is I DO have a set of the correct Tekno bags to go with them. I was using them on my Griso racks instead of the Griso bags, (I won't bother explaining why but there were reasons.) but I've since embarked on making a set of QD hard luggage for the Griso Tourismo using the same mounting system so my Tekno bags will be surplus to requirement. Rather than letting them moulder in a corner if someone want to complete a set of 'Factory' bags for their V11 they can snap up the racks and give me a hoy and we'll work out some deal. As most of you know this usually involves some sort of charitable donation and covering the shipping so the cost shouldn't be exorbitant.
  17. As long as you can't see the ones of Jude whipping me in the gimp suit that's all OK...... Someone would have to be very, very bored to take an interest in my snaps!
  18. https://flic.kr/p/6DdMdv Nah, I'm just too stupid. Either that or my pad of eyes can't do it.
  19. I still have its big brother! 850cc of twist and go hilarity!
  20. Yeah. It's about time Mr. Foale got the credit he deserved rather than the endless piffle spouted about the Spineframe being John Wittners brainchild. Not to take anything away from Wittner's input but the Spiney wasn't his idea. Not that Tony seemed to mind. When I spoke with him about it in the early/mid eighties he was unbothered by the adulation being poured on the transatlantic effort. He'd moved on to trying to get HCS to work by then. I used to work for the other *Arm* of Motomecca back then. An, errr? *Interesting* operation.......
  21. I'd imagine it's a potpourri of myth and hearsay just like most of his ill researched nonsense. And no, I'm not going to bother reading it. His stuff just annoys me.
  22. Errr? Not quite. The driveline shock absorber and is a face cam type. The two cams parts #15 and the collar at the back of assembly #16 rotate in relation to one another. As a torque loading is imposed, either by suspension movement by the shaft or, more seriously by shock loadings imposed by sudden acceleration and gear changing up and down the box, the two cams run up against each other and the Bellville washer tower acts like a spring to absorb the energy. When the load is removed the energy is discharged back through the cams to the shafts. The free play between 'Power on' and 'Power off' as detectable by rotational movement of the rear wheel when the engine is stopped but engaged in a gear has nothing to do with the shock absorber. It is simply backlash between the engagement dogs of the gears. There has to be backlash to allow the rapidly spinning but differentially speeding dogs to slip into engagement. If they fit precisely together the chances of them slipping into engagement would be negligible. The wider the 'Gap' between the dogs the slicker the engagement but, unfortunately, the greater the hammer loading on dogs and gear teeth as one goes from throttle off to throttle on and visa versa in any gear. Probably the best example of the dangers of increasing this backlash in a Guzzi gearbox can be found in the early Carb Sports and Daytona 1000 models with the old five speed box. In an attempt to speed up the gear change without spending any money the selector dog collars and pinions went from the long standing six dog engagement to three dog. This leads to ENORMOUS radial travel between power off and power on meaning when the gear is selected and you are accelerating and decelerating the dogs have much longer to themselves accelerate and decelerate before power or braking is delivered and they hammer the living bejaysus out of themselves! This is absolute murder on the pinions and Sport C gearboxes in particular are terribly prone to bashing the case hardening off fifth gear closely followed by third before the rest of the box goes out in sympathy! The fact that many owners don't get the fact that the word 'Sport' means that you're supposed to ride them like the hounds of hell are chasing you and potter around at sub-4,000rpm lugging the entire driveline, (Which incidentally doesn't have a rubber cush drive in the rear wheel hub.) which simply accelerates the rate at which they beat themselves to death! After those two models the factory went to a compromise five dog engagement system and reincorporated the rubber cush in the rear wheel. This was a satisfactory compromise. Gear changes were a tiny bit less like dropping a brick in a bucket and the boxes no longer beat themselves to death. This system remained extant until the demise of the five speed and the rise and use of the first of the six speed, four shaft boxes used in the V11.
  23. Try 34/36 and use the 10% rule.
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