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  1. I've had a few porous heads on 8V's, the castings are quite thin and the cooling drilling's complicate things. I've had quite good success using Loctite 'Super Wick-in', can't remember the number. Sometimes a smear of epoxy over the top works wonders.
  2. Far too many differences to list. Even between the Sport C and Sport I there are a host of changes. If you can be more specific about what you want to know or what you are thinking might be possible I may be able to help a bit further but if I started down the road of listing the differences A to Z I'd probably still be typing at Easter and remembering other little bits of shit to add.
  3. (Sigh.) Guys. It really is a matter of minor consequence. As long as the threads in the casting are good you can use either and there should be no leaks. The Dowty seals are readily available, 3/8th if you can't find 10mm work fine. In most situations you can re-use a Dowty seal several times if it's a low pressure application like a drain plug. Alloy washers can also be annealed but the process is the exact opposite of copper and really not worth the effort. Buy some sealing washers. Use them. The End.
  4. Nah. Griso 1100. The 8V-1200 is completely different.
  5. The squarer ones like Phil's were used on the Griso and Sport 1200. They use a lead cover and a protective 'Puck' on the two outer, middle rocker cover bolts. The more round rocker covers were used on Bellagio, Breva, Norge and 'Breva Sport 1200' which is an odd parts-bin special. These use a single one piece lead cover.
  6. These are not the same as Phil's. There are two late type rocker covers which require different HT lead covers. The differences are purely cosmetic but be aware.
  7. One word of advice if you are using the later, final model, rocker covers, either Griso/Sport or Breva/Norge/Bellagio. Do not even bother trying to use the older type gaskets. For some reason, I have no idea why, these invariably split and get pushed out from between the cover and the head. While there doesn't seem to be any fathomable reason for this behaviour, the mating surfaces are identical, the fasteners are in the same place, it's just "One of those things"! Purchase a pair of the Valpollini *Metal* gaskets. They last pretty much forever and won't squeeze out.
  8. The Bellagio uses a sort of hybrid Tonti frame, after a fashion. The other three frames are twin beam perimeter type using the engine as a stressed member. They're all steel and heavy as a very, very heavy thing but they are stiff and robust. Take a look at the parts diagrams and you can clearly see the differences.
  9. Thee are four different basic platforms and frames in the CARC series. Griso Stelvio Norge/Breva/Sport Bellagio. While the swingarm, shock linkage and final drives are all identical the frames are all quite different.
  10. I'm not criticising you. Just stating that the information given in the piece is wildly wrong and inaccurate. We did a full engine and driveline rebuild on a 750S a couple of years ago. The owner decided to call it quits before we got to the cycleparts or cosmetics but my oh my wasn't it a slow, disappointing POS. There is a lot of nonsense and folklaw promulgated about the 750 Tontis. Even more so than other Guzzis and that's saying a lot! The one huge advantage they have is they are really smooth and the rod/stroke ratio seems to work really well in this regard but they struggle to make
  11. Golly! There is a ton of piffle in that wordy diatribe!
  12. You can't put roundfin top end on a T5 squarefin case.
  13. Here's one I took today just coming back to Bungendore from Canberra. This is looking east, towards Canberra. The hills in the background are the Brindabella ranges. [img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50774006347_c3149ab384_z.jpg[/img] This is the South East corner of Oz. I'll see if I can find some more remote ones later. Bugger, I forget the usual pasting of a URL doesn't work.....
  14. All the roundfin Tonti's are basically the same apart from valve size, combustion chamber and piston dome shape and carburettor and port size. Pretty much everything else is cosmetic. Please don't hack up yet another lovely old T3 or SP. if you want to build some turgid 'Cafe Racer' start off with something shitful that nobody cares about.
  15. I've never read anything by Falloon that wasn't shallow and full of inaccuracies......
  16. I've no idea to be honest I'd think the main things to check would be rod length, deck height and stroke but there is also the matter of weight and balance.
  17. Spring arrived Phil. What do I owe you?
  18. Yeah, I found him on Cheese too.👍
  19. Anyone know if there are any still available? I haven't seen a post from him in a while. Hope he's OK? Chuck, if you're out there let us know you're OK. I know you've, (Sensibly!) been isolating because of the 'rona but let us know you're safe.
  20. I sent you a PM? Maybe it didn't send properly. Email me if you like. motomoda.roper at gmail.com
  21. Any shitty old laptop running an old version of Windoze will run GD, Reader and Writer just fine. You'll need the cables to connect to the bike. There are numerous threads on a host of boards about loading the programs and running them. Actually making changes to the map cannot be done with the Guzzidiag suite of tools. To do that you need to use one of the programs like Tunerpro where you can open the map and alter it. For most people, myself included, this is not something I care to undertake simply because there are others who enjoy it more than and also are immeasurably better at it t
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