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  1. I looked at your NASA doc. I feel you need a good mechanical connection before solder is applied. Go back and look at the next method in the NASA doc IMHO this one is much better than a simple lap with no mechanical connection Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Motorcycle Shippers unloaded my first V11 last Friday. This was the first time I have ever seen a V11 in person. Everything looked near perfect ( it is 12 years old). Started right up. My, what a nice sound. I have been busy (and it was very new to me) so I would take short spins and come back home check things over and admire the good looks of the 2002 V11 LeMans. I got off work early today and I noticed a spot of oil under the left fork. I wiped it clean and headed out. I rode about three miles and I stopped to check to see if the oil come back. Fork oil everywhere.....I mopped it up
  3. I rented a Harley in Rogers two weeks ago. My best friend and I had a wonderful time in Southern Missouri
  4. I have made a deal for a 02 LeMans. Have not got it home
  5. Married a boy and girl in mid thirties no grand kids yet. After college I worked in manufacturing for last 40 years making custom automated equipment. I live in northwest Arkansas. We have some of the best motorcycle roads you will find. If you would like to ride in Arkansas feel free to contact me for my favorite roads.
  6. I joined this group today with the hopes of becoming a V11 owner soon. I am a life long rider. My first ride was an Italian scooter a Lambretta in 1962. I have owned & own now Harleys Indians BSAs BMW Triumphs, all the rice bikes. A few years ago I Traded for a Eldorado. Sadly it is not running. I have recently retired so hopefully this will change.
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