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  2. I've not noticed any issue with vibration yet though I only had a couple of 100 mile rides before the weather turned foul. The overall position is good too, not too much stress on the arms and shoulder, at least with the fairly short jaunts. How are insurance rates for the V11 in Florida? I've got a place in Vero Beach and am thinking of plating it there.
  3. Thanks gents, I'm pleased to get the plaque. As for the mirrors, they came with the bike but I think they're a standard 'expanding bolt' mount inside the hollow tubes. Whatever they are they work well and haven't moved back in the wind blast yet (though the bike is new to me and has yet to see the ton).
  4. And the judges have weighed in... It must have been the Christmas colours
  5. Hi, Spotted this and thought it might have passing interest for the idle....
  6. It worked out well here with the seller literally just miles away. He'd advertised for a trade for an older biker on the CVMG forum and we did a swap for my 73 Triumph Daytona. It was a real gem so hopefully we're both happy.
  7. Interesting, my assumption on the noise is based on my BMW which is a single plate dry clutch and totally silent with the lever out (or in for that matter). Also on seeing mutiplate dry clutch setups at the track, which all seem to rattle like stoats with the clutch lever out and quiet when it's pulled in. Are there any external (viewable) differences between the two clutch types? I'm curious but don't want to tear it apart to satisfy the cat. B
  8. Thanks for the input and the link gents. I tried the link with my VIN and it came back with: V11 SPORT CAN ROSSO MANDELLO (ANNULL) On the other hand, it rattles greatly with the clutch engaged (not pulled in) in neutral, indicating a twin plate dry clutch to me. I'm going to consider it a Rosso Mandello based on the black forks, carbon fibre pipes and instrument panel, and the VIN response. The oil warning light does come on at startup (and happily goes out immediately) and I'm going to pull the panel and hopefully find the charge indicator is just a bad bulb. I've put maybe three
  9. I got my V11 last week and all I can say is what a blast to drive. It's runs and sounds great. After going through the section on identifying your model of V11, the serial number translation, and the pictures, everything seems to say it's a 2001; the 10th digit is a 1, the fork sliders are 40mm, the instruments Veglia, no front crossover, etc. It's registered as a 2001 by the way. My bike is a repaint but other than that it appears to match the Rosso Mandello picture I found there. That's the only one with the small fairing, carbon fiber silencers, and the black fork tubes. Also, my se
  10. New member here, I get my V11 tomorrow and hope for a happy relationship. I tend to agree with Bjorn on the mileage side, that most bikes will do 100k km or more with proper mileage, and maintenance is a larger factor than mileage. I think time is the real enemy here as most bikes I see rarely top 50k regardless of age. They sit in garages most of the time and deterioration occurs there, probably faster than if they were on the road. In Ontario I've seen Harleys with 150km running fine but that 150k was typically put on over less than ten years. I've got 250K+ on my 2000 BMW RT and
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