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  1. Blockage could be in any line as it makes a big loop: Petcock to Pump, to filter, to LH Injector, to RH Injector, to Pressure Regulator. When I had my problem, I took off the pump and it tested fine. Then I reconnected it to the blocked fuel lines... it drove me crazy for a long time till I finally solved it.
  2. I have a new theory for you, based on my experience with a Greenie. FWIW, I bought it for cheap, because the PO gave up on getting it to run. It had symptoms similar as you describe, and eventually.... I found it. The fuel lines had started to decompose from the inside, most importantly, the main line from petcock to pump. Bits of rubber had partially blocked the inlet to the pump. Sort of like having a slow drain in the bathroom sink, which drains eventually, but not as fast as it should. In my Greenie's case, it would sputter at about 2500 RPM because the pump couldn't push the fuel thr
  3. As luck would have it. My Mistral pipe and Mistral "spoofer" were delivered today. Of course, I immediately put the pipe on, which added about a bazillion mental horsepower, because is sounds glorious. Took it for a quick spin and could definitely feel the difference (but that could due to the mental HP). It popped on deceleration, and was a little more shaky at idle. Then I plugged in the "spoofer" and took it for the same little spin. Popping was far less, but not gone, and the idle was improved. I did some "post-purchase" research and it seems the "Beetle" maps are the way to go. So I
  4. My Stelvio is very efficient. I got close to 50MPG on a 400 mile ride recently, and I was not being gentle. However, a carbon Mistral slip-on fuel injection trim module are the way. So I will try to be less efficient. Interestingly, the FI Trim Module (from MG Cycle), claims to work with Mistrals on Stelvio, V11, and several other Guzzis. I have the Moto Guzzi Titanium Race exhaust on my Scura, but have not messed with the ECU. I think I will try this plug-and-play module on the Scura. I assume the MG race exhaust is similar to the Mistrals.
  5. Becuase Guzzis are made with red wine and Harleys are made with beer. Wine has a higher alcohol content, so it burns more efficiently. The tannins in the red wine also account for Guzzis having more character. My Scura, for example, has hints of blackberry and chocolate.
  6. I was thinking about that too, Chuck. As far as these springs go, no news is good news. I have not heard of any failures yet either.
  7. I have at least one spare set of oil cooler hoses in good condition. I could get them in the mail today if you want to go with a used part. And per docc's earlier suggestion, I also covered the friction points, but I just split some black automotive heater hose.
  8. My 1989 LeMans 1000 has Caruso's gears. The previous owner said the bike started easier and ran smoother after the gears were installed. Plus, they sound cool. What is a set going for these days? How many more orders does he need?
  9. ...and that, ladies and gentlemen, is why aircraft maintenance is even more important than motorcycle maintenance.
  10. I wonder if it could be caused by water in the gas tank. If you can get a small hose into each "lobe" you can siphon a bit out of each side. Then run the bike towards empty closer to home to see if the problem repeats.
  11. Scud

    V11 Custom Builds

    I really like the engine color on Beckham's bike. I wonder if it will get ridden? Omissions, such as head guards and fenders, make me think it's mostly a design exercise. Now. we need to know more about this "Toy." That looks like an oversized toy box on a full size custom build. I LOVE the presentation. And it the side of the box accurate? Did they build a 1700cc sport bike? Please "open the box." I would gladly ride this thing...
  12. The Honda Hurricanes. The PC800 (Pacific Coast) was around that time too. Soichiro Honda was an innovator, and company continued his legacy after his retirement in early 1970s.
  13. When I first saw a GB500, I wanted it badly. That was when they were new and I was riding a Yamaha Radian (a pretty sweet little 600 standard). But at that time I also wanted more power, and ended going to a Yamaha FJ1100. So... it's a Honda, which means it will run forever with just a little love. What kind of love does she need?
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