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  1. Do you do any of your own maintenance? Seems to me you could enjoy a ride with a minimal work: Flush the hydraulics (all 3) - and really, a short ride with the current fluid is probably not going to hurt anything. Brakes are easy, clutch fluid is a hassle the first time. Valve clearances are easy enough to check, but if it's running well now, it's hardly urgent. Fuel lines are probably fine... but worth doing over the winter. I'm a fan of new tires... but hey, if they are in good shape and not 20 years old, just ride it. In short... I don't see anything that would stop me from taking it for a ride immediately.
  2. Oh yeah... I think huge bits of history have been lost but are being rediscovered and reinterpreted. Gobekli Tepe - a 12,000 year old technology transfer site. Discovery of mythical city of Dwarka off the coast of India. At least 10,000 years old. Found underwater at a depth that would have been dry land during the last ice age. I recently read Graham Hancock's book America Before, which details archeological evidence for ancient civilizations that were wiped out when a comet hit the ice in what is now Canada - triggering the end of the Ice Age (Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis). And how the evidence is routinely suppressed or destroyed by people with beliefs or agendas that are threatened by the possibility of 100,000 years history of human civilization. ...thread drift...
  3. ^ agree with what Docc said. Also, that flywheel doesn't look the same. I don't recall seeing those tabs on a flywheel before. (fotoguzzi's picture above).
  4. Would like to get out there one of these years. I was thinking about all y'all this weekend. So I took the Scura out for 250 mile round trip to get a breakfast burrito near the Mexican Border. I raised a glass of mango juice in your general direction. Waiting for more pics and stories. The fake oil leak is too funny.
  5. That's if you could find a used one... and if we had known that at the time. On the other hand, I think the new RAM units that you and I both installed are improved. The flywheel is steel with 3 arms and the mass is more centralized than the huge aluminum disc flywheel.
  6. I think this is correct. The Rosso Mandello was the first V11 to have the RAM parts. The Scuras and Tennis were made later (2002 models). The problem flywheels seem to be limited to the 2002 bikes. It seems safe to leave the stock unit in a Rosso Mandello. But I would absolutely replace it in a Scura or Tenni.
  7. I think this looks pretty good. A bit too angular and pointy for my tastes, but not excessively so. I could live with the looks of that. I'm curious to learn more about the motor and frame. I don't see the typical alternator cover up front, so maybe it is nestled in the V behind the radiator, or maybe over the transmission. And it looks like a trellis frame with the whole driveline just hanging off it. It's not hard to imagine a fairing that shrouds the radiator, possibly with a belly pan. And we have to keep in mind that Piaggio has dedicated Moto Guzzi to the theme of "Travel" (vs Aprilia being Sport, and Vespa being whatever it is...). With "travel" in mind, I appreciate the adjustable fly-screen to adjust where the wind hits you and reduce noise.
  8. Looks like it comes in the original colors, so I assume it is made for the red-framed bikes. Does anybody happen to know the cost or whether it will also bolt up (without modification) to a longer, black frame? As exhaust, I have not heard the Magnis, but I've heard Mistral and Staintune. Those are nice, but the best sound, (IMO) is from the Moto Guzzi Factory Titanium Racing cans. Sadly, if you want a set of those, you probably have to buy a motorcycle that already has them.
  9. Well, I think there is a better case that the old BMW flying brick engines were car technology stuffed in a motorcycle. Except they made the flywheel and clutch spin opposite of the engine, which is pretty cool. That made it motorcycle only.
  10. Scud

    Fun V11 read!

    That was a fun read. And the concluding sentence was prescient: "Before the dynamic new management of Aprilia turns the 80-year-old factory into a fashionable and marketable "brand", we can still enjoy a cycle that's really built in the old way, and acts it."
  11. Just in the interest of comparing, I went and pulled all three Moto Guzzi clutches. Easiest - Scura's (hydraulic with single plate clutch) Middle effort - LeMans 1000 (cable) Most effort - Stelvio (hydraulic) The difference in effort between the Scura and Stelvio is significant. From memory, I would say the twin plate clutch effort was closer to the Stelvio, but sadly, I don't have a twin-plate V11 in the stable. I would say, if your V11 is a bit harder to pull than the cable on an older LeMans, that might be a "feature" rather than a problem.
  12. Dupuytren's is a bitch. I know a couple people who are dealing with that. If flushing the fluid and adjusting the lever don't do the trick, consider replacing the hydraulic line. Sometimes a little flap can come loose inside and restrict the flow of fluid.
  13. I don't ride a hypermotard, but I have two sets of wheels for my Husqvarna 701 Enduro. Both sets are 21 inch front and 18 inch rear, but I run TKC 80 tires for street use and aggressive knobby tires for dirt use. On the street, the bike wants a lot of weight up front, elbows up and out. I like riding this way, but I got used to it riding dirt bikes. I imagine it would feel weird if you haven't spent much time in the dirt. @footgoose I still think the 701 Enduro is as close as you can get to a "do it all" bike. Probably not the best touring bike, but they do offer a long-range version now with dual fuel tanks.
  14. Mouse farts and saggy jugs. Must have been a stocker. The mouse farts can be remedied, but the saggy jugs are not treatable. Thinking about it... I don't recall ever hearing a conversation about named BMW frame types - I only recall hearing about engine types: airhead, oilhead, hexhead, etc. Same with Harleys: knucklehead, panhead, shovelhead, evolution, etc. Similar with Ducatis; bevel, desmo, etc. Although with Ducati, I think about the Trellis frame - but cannot think of any other frames that have a distinct name.
  15. I've done the same with short levers by Pazzo (not cheap knock-offs). No idea why, but it did seem to make everything feel and work better. They are a lovely bit of kit and come in lots of colors, so you get a little eye-candy... yum. I put matte black on my Scura (obviously) and used the glossy titanium colored levers on a greenie. I don't know about the LeMans 1, but my 89 LeMans 1000 has a cable and takes a strong hand. A new master cylinder sounds less expensive than a new clutch - but I have no idea how to decide which new master to install, or if it could overpower the slave cylinder. If somebody finds a good solution, it would be worth documenting in our encyclopedia of compatible parts thread.
  16. From easy... Flush the clutch fluid and adjust the lever out to give you a bit more leverage. to spendy... Put in a Ram single plate clutch and lightweight flywheel. The lever effort is way easier than the dual plate. Then there's the old hand exercise regimen with a squeeze ball or spring thing.
  17. And I just have to say it... the VW van looks a perfect color match for the rocker covers and porkchops.
  18. Consensus, I doubt it. Variety of opinions, certainly. Here's mine: For a while I had one of each variation as you described above. A Greenie, a Scura and a Red LeMans. I had a very strong and clear preference for whichever one I happened to be riding at the moment, and never once did I think, "I wish had taken a different one out today." But only the Scura remains. Unfair advantage due partly to the Ohlins and the single-plate clutch. The greenie and the LeMans both had the stock shock, and I rode them both with an Ohlins shock for a while - which improved them immensely. I preferred the LeMans for long distances, because the fairing is better. Ultimately, the reason I kept the Scura and not the others was that I am second owner of the Scura, but the original owner didn't even put 200 miles on it. So I've basically had it since new. The other bikes were rescues. The internal fuel pump seems smarter, but the plastic fuel line fittings are not great. If I get another one, I'd look to upgrade those. I think the smooth tank (no chinpad) looks better.
  19. I sent you a PM re spring. Search the forum for details on the brace.
  20. At a point when I had three V11s, a friend asked me. "How do you decide which one to ride?" "Easy," I said. "Whichever one is giving me the least shit."
  21. It's an engaging, and just plain fun motorcycle. From my past bikes, I'd say the V11 takes the best features of my ex BMW R100CS and my ex Ducati Sport Classic Monoposto. From the BMW - ease of maintenance, reliability, comfort. From the Ducati - styling, sound (Guzzi actually sounds better, IMO), broad torque curve (like the DS1000 motor), and sporty orientation. My Sport Classic was painful in town, perfect on long uphill grades, and tolerable everywhere else. The V11 is more comfortable in more places without giving up the level of performance that I can realistically use on the street. The R100CS was a better two-up tourer than the V11. (But my Stelvio has that job now). As for the V11 tranny, it is a good one. But with the Red-Frame bike, you should plan on getting yourself a frame brace and installing it ASAP (to avoid an expensive case-cracking experience). Next up, a few tweaks will make the tranny shift even better. Get Lucky Phil's shift extender lever. Also do the whole shift-improvement thing to the pre-selector, including the Chuck-designed "unbreakable" shift return spring, which you can get from me. The stock spring is a known achilles heel, and if (when) it breaks, it will leave you hobbled.
  22. That has been true for a while. There are a lot of parts on ebay now from what I think was a perfectly good Cafe Sport. The Ohlins components alone will bring a high percentage of the total vehicle value. And there are several other rare and prized bits, such as seat cowl. BTW - it's true of many cars and motorcycles, not just V11s.
  23. IMO the best bar-end mirrors for the V11 are the classic Napoleons. The are available in black or chrome. I have a black set on my Scura. Some bar-end mirrors can be a bit of a PITA to mount, because the V11 bar-ends are threaded, and most mirrors are made for standard (non-threaded) bar ends. I had to cut down the rubber compression grommets to get the Napoleons in there.
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