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Found 5 results

  1. Anyone looking for a tail bag for the Stucchi rack might want to consider the 3516-0135 from Moose Racing. Its semi-rigid, fits the rack well, can be removed quickly with finger clips, and can be extended upward by opening a zipper. Anyone with the Stucchi rack knows that cargo cannot be strapped all the way forward without chaffing the carapace behind the seat. To prevent this, I laced black paracord among the rack rails to standoff the tailbag. Even so located, it does not overhang the rack. Its rather small, but suits my purpose, so I'm happy with it. My intent was to post a few photos of how it looks on the bike, but the 200KB max attachment allowance for this posting precludes even one picture. If anyone is curious about fit and appearance, send me a message I will email pics. rwake 5-12-16: Photos are now linked below in the 3rd post, with Docc's help.
  2. My tailbag of this type was just stolen.... Do you have a black Moto Guzzi expandable tailbag for sale? This is the one with 2 zippers and the Guzzi logo that fits on the Moto Guzzi aluminum rear luggage rack using bottom straps. Thank you, Bob
  3. Various goodies for sale. All prices negotiable, it's hard to find comparable prices - so make an offer. If I overpriced something, show me where you found it for less. I will pass on the actual cost of shipping. Moto Guzzi rear rack new in box, no longer available. Paid $119 over a year ago when Harper's had a special lot available. Never used, but the black rack braces have been powdercoated flat black. SOLD Heated grips and bar risers. Both items freshly installed, and I believe never used. Grips are by Oxford. $90 for new. I'd like $60 for these. Bar risers include: clamps (to fork tubes), chrome bars, heavy bar-end weights, extra-long brake and clutch lines. For comparison, MPH cycles sells clamps and brake lines for $399. SOLD Top Case and Rack This is a large Hepco Becker top case in good shape. It has the back rest and the optional metal rack on top. It attaches to a metal plate, which is on the rear rack. I think the rear rack is by Stucci - it's the beefy one that attaches solidly to the subframe and takes more weight than the Moto Guzzi rack. Top Case Sold. Rack only: $75. Tekno Panniers and Racks Structurally sound, although a bit faded. One zipper pull missing. I think these can be brought back to life with some black fabric spray paint. $150 for bags, racks and mounting hardware. FBF Crossover This is in near-new condition, but was used some. This crossover is far lighter than stock, but does not have a place to attach the hanger. I'm running one on my LeMans with the Titanium exhaust. SOLD Titanium Kit Racing Exhaust These are used. Presentable, with some wear as shown in photos (mostly where the straps attach). I do not have the high footpeg brackets or the kit racing ECU. This is for the pipes and hangar straps only. Asking $600.
  4. looking for a rear rack for a 2002 v11 scura. PM if you have one. or email plexiform@aol.com I NO LONGER NEED A RACK. ALREADY FOUND THIS ITEM.
  5. Thought I'd share some observations on the Givi XS305 tail bag that I recently bought. I like these all-in-one tail pack-cum-pannier solutions. Not being fond of the inflexibility of hard luggage solutions and ugly pannier frames when you're not carrying, I've struggled for years with throw-over panniers flopping onto exhausts and just when I thought I had the right soft pannier solution last year, it seems the strap under the seat interfered majorly with my relays and fuses causing significant electrical grief and cancellation of a Scottish tour last year. So this kind of capacious sling on/sling off solution rings my bell. It has carying handle (just visible in the Givi ad photo below), although carrying a full pack that way might be a bit ambitious. My wife has a similar, slightly smaller (50L) Bags Connection Cargo Tail Bag that she uses on her Triumph Thruxton, but I wanted just a bit more capacity to carry my laptop/mobile office bag (a Bagster Tech-City 10L tank bag) when I go to the office or customer sites, and this pack fits the bill. Why put a bag in a bag? You might ask... In short the tank looks rubbish with a big leather cover on it, and although the tank bag clips on and off really easily and reduces high speed wind buffeting to boot, vanity wins out. The main zip in the lid is a waterproof type and Inside the lid is a rather large soft waterproof cover with a drawstring, but water will get into motorcycle luggage eventually so for heavy weather, there is a waterproof cover included in a compartment just behind the riders backside and If you're expecting a downpour at any moment the cover can be shoved ready for use under zigzag elasticated bungee on the main lid. There are also netting 'bottle carriers' at the front of each pannier section that can be tightened with a drawstring. The pannier bits at the side are not particularly big but can be expanded a couple of inches downwards by a zipped gusset between them and the main compartment. They are easily big enough though for a couple of pairs of shoes/sneakers each side when expanded. This size limitation though is potentially advantageous for riders with high exhaust cans looking for extra side storage but that keeps out of the way of the hot bits. Look at the pics and make up your own mind. The pack comes with four nylon straps each with a loop. Front fitting was easy: feed the end through its loop around the rear peg hangers and up to the fittings on the pack: easy. However, because of the limited attachment points at the back on the V11, I had to branch out from the instructions and use a single strap round the back light and up to the other attachment point - at least it gives me a spare strap. Drawbacks: The pack comes with two crescent shaped stiffener cards that are not fitted into two velcro-sealed pockets front and back, when the pack was delivered. Not surprising really because, try as I might, I couldn't get them in and in truth the pockets are just too damn small. So I've vacillated between having floating stiffener cards and dispensing with them altogether. Still can't decide. The other issue is that I have a Ventura rack and that stops the pack from being placed quite as far back as I'd like, pushing it just a smidgin too much forward for me for perfect comfort, and since I'm on the slight side, I'd imagine way too far forward for the larger rider. Having bought the pack on line, even with dimensions you can't discover this until it's actually on the bike. If I'd been able to test it on the bike beforehand at a shop, I might have thought twice about getting it, although I have to stress that personally, I can live with this, for many miles in fact, and the problem is not going to consign the pack to the shed or see it sold again on ebay. I'm happy with my purchase, it works not just for weekends away, but will probably do for rather longer spells. The issue with the stiffener cards is minor, I'll probably chuck 'em eventually. The issue with seat space, less so, but my wife's Bags Connection Cargo Tail Bag is no different. A different rack (H&B?) might solve it but I'll live with it for now. Hope this helps anyone considering getting one. AndyH
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