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Found 3 results

  1. My daughter dropped her (previously mine!) 2004 Balabio yesterday. She had only taxed it the day before! 3K,s from home at 04:30 in the morning on cold tyres and a damp road. She grabbed a handful of front brake and lost the front end at about 70 kph. Lack of practice and a failure to recognize the conditions and situation as a car pulled out in front. But she was wearing all her gear and after a slide down the road, got up minus a small patch of skin and walked away. Her jacket now has battle scars and the bike will need a few bits and some clean up, but nothing major. the parts list includes: clutch lever in black gear shift lever left foot peg a new set of cans as the old one did not do too well at 70kph a head protector as the old one did its job, some rocker box cover bolts That will incorporate a new head protector a plug cap in red and some new bar end mirrors After that it will need a bit of paint. anyone got surplus parts or suggestions on where to go for the parts and which mufflers as one is toast and the other has a couple of scratches from an earlier learning experience in the garage! I am in Canada but have a US postbox in WA which I can’t get to until th current excitement goes away so have the time to do the paint job and at least get all the parts even if they are the wrong side of the border. Thanks in advance for the advice. LangleyMalc
  2. Folks, I've recently acquired this 04 V11 sport which I've immediately fallen in love with because it has something my other bikes lack - it has SOUL!. I'm about to give it a full check over, tune up and service. I'm also going back to a 2-2 exhaust system as the 2-1 that it came with is just tooooooooooo loud. Looking online I've found various parts catalogs for the V11 but I haven't found one that seems to cover this specific bike. The VIN number begins ZGUKTC0144M. Can anyone please confirm that this truly is an 04 V11 sport and point me toward the right parts catalog. BTW although it's not shown fitted the bike came with a small yoke/headlight mounted nose fairing Many thanks
  3. I am parting out a 1998 Moto Guzzi V11 EV California model. If you need a part just let me know I am selling EVERYTHING! I will give you a very reasonable price and we can negotiate from there. Everything on this bike works very well. Please email me with questions or call. Vcycledi@aol.com or 813-300-5068
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