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Found 4 results

  1. As researched previously here on V11 site for issues with a 3000 RPM spit/cough thru left side intake, I decided this the best avenue to chase this steadily worsening condition. I completed removal of exhaust system, headers back to mufflers. As part of the process. I cleaned all SS with Barkeeper's Friend cleaner/polish, inspected weld joints, Loctite'd fasteners on hangers and reassembled using new "metal-icized" exhaust gaskets from MG Cycle. As you can see in picture I have the crossover in system just in front of the alternator cover. Using care during reassembly to preclude any new leaks, and leaving everything slightly loose to obtain best fit and maintain clearances with the engine and frame, I completed reassembly without any issues. After a test ride of about 45 minutes I was able to confirm that the exhaust leaks were the cause of the 3000 RPM cough/spit I had experienced over the last year or so. Thanks to the various topics posted on this forum, I am glad to report that my red stallion has returned to the road in excellent running condition. (As a side note, after much disappointing experience with speedo/tach service with Seattle Speedo, and being scammed for $587.76, I replaced my speedo with a new KPH unit from LMT and can again track speed and mileage to maintain scheduled maintenance intervals). Image available at https://ibb.co/7yKrMcp
  2. Hey guys, Long time no post! Been awful busy riding the 2003 V11.... she's pretty wonderful! I recently had the main ODO on the Veglia speedo quit, so I opened it up to inspect.... the dreaded stripped plastic drive gear. This is crap on a bike with 11,000 miles on it put on by the previous owner in the NW. Here's the busted gear: So after reading as much as I could, I ordered up a pair of new Speedhut gauges out of Orem Utah. It took a few weeks to get 'em, but they are truly sweet pieces. I was able to select the numeric font, face color, needle color, tick style.... you can truly make a custom gauge set. My goal was to make them look as much like the Veglias as possible. I went with a 3 3/8" GPS 120 mph speedometer and 8K tach. Here's a pic of the new gauges: Another shot: I ended up mounting the GPS antenna inside the hollow rear cowl section... here it is stuck on with some tape to test the best placement: They give you plenty of antenna cable to put it wherever you like. For under $330 for the pair it's a true bargain, made in USA and a Lifetime Warranty. Highly recommended! BLIGHT
  3. Hi all, finally got around to fitting my custom speedhut gauges & thought I'd share. Cheers, Mike
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