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Found 8 results

  1. This should fit all V11 models (please correct me if I'm wrong). Right side only, in almost new condition with hardware as shown. Please note this is an 18" can, Mistral made these in different lengths over the years. $135 plus $15 shipping within the continental US. Will ship abroad for a bit more.
  2. Hi A friend is selling Parts. For sale: Front formwork for Moto Guzzi 1000 SP, side formwork for Moto Guzzi 1000 SP or Le Mans 2. The front casing is in good, used condition. The side parts are torn at the mounting points and need some care until they are ready for use again. https://oldtimerspareparts.com/spare-parts/motorcycle-spare-parts/moto-guzzi/moto-guzzi-in-langnau-i-e_i84 For sale: Exhaust Pair Competizione for Moto Guzzi Le Mans 3. used, good condition. https://oldtimerspareparts.com/ersatzteile/motorrad-ersatzteile/moto-guzzi/auspuff-le-mans-3_i83 Maybe somebody's interested. Nice day.
  3. Too weeks ago, installed a GPR exhaust that comes with a "Y" mid pipe a few weeks ago. Put a Power Commander PC3 on the next day. Quick summary, a lot more power at higher (4500+) rpm. The engine used to go flat at about 6000, now loves to charge up to 8000. Complete personality transformation. Feels smoother and happier. The power is reduced in the 3000-4000 range, but it was torquey enough that this was a good trade-off. Saves about 20-25 lbs. The 4500/5000 ping is gone. Went without the (dual!) db-killers. The sound is much nicer than stock. Still quiet until you twist the loud handle, so is a great improvement. Just the sound a stocker *should* have. The flavor of the sound is nice, but nothing special. Would definitely recommend! Sorry I waited so long, after having the bike 6 years. It is a 2002 LeMans. Makes me certain to keep another 6 years. Absolutely, positively need the PCIII. The one day without it, it was nasty, surging at 3000 and generally not happy. Only took minutes to install. Just guessing, I set the PCII for +2 at low, +3 at mid, and +2 at high. Expected to be playing with it a lot, but ran great at those settings immediately, so haven't tweaked it since. Got the PC from 58cycle and the exhaust from Moto Legends. Has been very smooth (for a V11), except a hot day in the desert (maybe 90) when I was trolling thru town. Cosmetically, the single-sided titanium pipe is quite pretty and takes the visual weight off the back. So much so, the bike looks better without the pillion cowl. A surprise. Question: Since I've assumed the pipe would lean it, and wanted to fix the freeway ping, I automatically set the PC for the settings above. Is it possibly running too rich? If it is too rich, how would I know? Does it matter?
  4. 2000 V11 Sport with Mistral Crossover. This photo shows the silent block and bracket Per page B7 of spare parts catalog: 19 6 17 from above Missing spacer 16 15 and 13 shown in hand. There is some type of tab washer 27 below then 18 14 Looks like separate bolts on each side 22 18 24 Your photos or advice is appreciated. I will repost pics and specs of hardware when I figure this out. Cheers
  5. I recently purchased this crossover for my '04 Ballabio off eBay. Unfortunately, the seller did not know the brand and anticipting that I will need to know for the purpose of programming a Power Commander, I thought I would ask if any one here knew. Thanks!
  6. I recently purchased a 2004 Ballabio and would like to replace the OEM pipes with something 'less polite' e.g. Mistral. If anyone has a set collecting dust, I would appreciate hearing from you. I would consider any brand, except 2-in-1. Many thanks.
  7. Hi! I've been having this idea to change the exhaust set-up on my bike for a while now. Looking at a lot of pictures to get some ideas, I think i want to build a 2 in 1 exhaust. I have build some exhausts before but these where more ''form over function'' (i guess ). So before i start building and go through the hassle of dialing everything in, I would like to hear some experiences and feedback on the exhaust setting. Dont get me wrong, i really like the looks of the original mufflers. However i do miss some ''sound'' in the low RPMs, and wont miss the weight of the original set-up. So here what i'm aiming for: Increase ride-ability, especially in the low/mid range. Not looking for max HP here! Deep exhaust tone, NOT racing loud. I use the bike every day. Keep the original headers. from the headers, fab a 2 in 1 piece where the original crossover is located (under the gearbox). go left or right to a aftermarket muffler. Here some examples (who doesnt love pictures of pretty guzzis ) nevermind the header set-up on this last bike. (but gorgeous nevertheless) Things I would like some input on: Dont know what the 2 in 1 will do to the exhaust sound/note? I know there is a lot of black magic involved with exhaustsystems, gasflow, pipe diameter, length, etc. anyone a idea what the difference is between 2-1-2 vs. 2-1? Again, im looking for a nice sound and good ride-ability. Edit: fixed the layout
  8. Here are all of the parts we are selling off of this bike. We're going to build a custom bike and we're not going to use these parts. Carbon Fiber Exhaust - $250 Complete Seat - $250 Complete Fairing with Headlight - $400 Front End with Controls (excluding wheel and fender) - $800 Very Rare Gas Tank - $1000 Complete Dashboard/Gauges - $250 Air Box - $50 Complete Rear Fender - $50 Front Fender - $50 Please contact me for details and more pictures or if you want to come check out the parts.
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