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Found 6 results

  1. Hi I have recently brought a 2000 v11 rosso mandello from a good friend, to cut a long story short I brought the bike in bits to restore/ reassemble but it hadent had the gear box recall done . I tracked down a well known guzzi specialist who was willing to take on the job . I now have the bike reassembled (with the recall being done on the gearbox) but I can’t get it in to 4th gear with out tapping the gear leaver down slightly and then quickly pulling it up . (It is smooth in to 1st , 2nd and 3rd Abd once past 4th it’s smooth in to ,5th and 6th . I have taken the preselector pla
  2. Hi I am looking to see if I can get hold of a v11 6speed gearbox Any help is appreciated kindest regards Tony
  3. Driving home on my Nero Corsa V11 (2005) Le Mans, I downshifted into 4th and then couldn't down shift or change gear. However the gear shifter remained "sprung" - and I found (as I was 3 hours ride from home) with some experimentation that I could change gear if I accelerated hard then quickly decelerated, and at the critical moment, I could upshift. Not exactly an easy process, but it got me home. So my question: is this a symptom of broken pawl spring or are there different gremlins at work?
  4. Hello Gear lever spring problem handled...not any bigger task, when the tools are -should have been! - good. But the fact is that the gearbox has a nasty whistling sound...perhaps it starts with fourth gear. Does this mean that the bearing needs to be replaced? Do you have any experience of that "formula gearbox" repair of bearings of V11 year 2001? Does it need special tools beyond "normal" toolbox? Anyway some dismantling of lots of parts... And then the last ride in Finland - abt 100kms in abt 5 degrees- ended up in a real oil shower allover the motor and gearbox...okay, lady
  5. Hello All, So, after reading through this site and others, and riding my bike and experiencing some weird shifting behavior such as missed up-shifts, difficulty shifting down into 1st gear out of neutral, neutral light not coming on when in neutral, and false neutrals (which may explain the light not coming on when I think it should) I've decided to open up the gear box to look around, and to preemptively replace the pawl arm ratchet (04235101), the selector spring (04238300), as well as the lever spring (04239200) and the push spring (04238200). I've got some Red Line gear oil, as well as
  6. Got the first real technical problem in 13 years...the gearbox lever quit the job...fortunately the machine is strong enough to stand for riding 150 kilometers through citiets etc. starting from traffic lights withs 5th gear...seems that there is a little problem of some kind of spring force...also a bit of disturbing sound wih 4th gear has happened. Engine has been running only 32 000 km:s, is there a need for bearing repair???
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