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Found 3 results

  1. I searched around some but couldn't find a thred... What is the easiest way to get at the headlight on the Le Mans..( specifically my 03 Rosso Corsa)....Do I have to pull the whole front fairing or? And..Is there a way to pull the whole fairing pretty much in one unit? Or does it have to come off section by section?
  2. Hi I have recently brought a 2000 v11 rosso mandello from a good friend, to cut a long story short I brought the bike in bits to restore/ reassemble but it hadent had the gear box recall done . I tracked down a well known guzzi specialist who was willing to take on the job . I now have the bike reassembled (with the recall being done on the gearbox) but I can’t get it in to 4th gear with out tapping the gear leaver down slightly and then quickly pulling it up . (It is smooth in to 1st , 2nd and 3rd Abd once past 4th it’s smooth in to ,5th and 6th . I have taken the preselector plate off and can change the gears in the box in the correct order by moving the forks and can run the selector plate through all 6 gears and neutral smoothly . But when assembled it’s the same. Does any one have any advice or tips on what could be causing this ? Kind regards Tony
  3. Hey all I am giving the old girl a spring clean and a spruce up. I cracked my screen and don't think i can get an original replacement. Luckily, the beautiful carbon fairing is in perfect condition and now super clean. While I was cleaning it I noticed an original sticker inside which gave me a very exciting clue; ser no. 395. Now being part of the second batch mine isnt numbered (first 300 were specially numbered models I believe). However, the ser no on the screen made me wonder is this a clue to its heritage? I have no reason to believe the screen isn't 100% original being the third owner. I can see great logic in ATE numbering the fairings for guzzi and thus feel really confident this could suggest my model number? The frame and engine numbers do not have the same 395 designators anywhere however. Any thoughts or clues? BTW, the rebuild and spruce up have restored her former beauty and with a bit of spit and polish, a leather seat re-upholstery and a lot of polishing, Ill reluctantly be selling her very soon.
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