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Found 9 results

  1. Purchased spring of 2019 as a little bit of a project, but working 6 days a week in the summer left little time for play. Overall it’s a fun machine with great sound track but probably isn’t best suited for city commutes and feels best on open road. Has a few things to sort on it still regarding tuning. Has a new (to the bike) fbf cross over as well as new mistral mufflers. It seems as though it’s running hot since this install and hiccups and stalls in traffic on deceleration at random. Not terribly uncommon from what I can gather. If there is little interest I’ll keep it and continue on with a ecu flash or tuning of some type with the hope I’ll get time to ride it as intended. Just putting it out there as I’m interested in a Griso in the future. Located in Chicago IL 60605 43,500 milesClean IL TitleMaintenance Performed and Items Replaced within the last 600 miles:-New Yuasa Battery- New Hand Grips-Brake Fluid Changed Front and Rear-Clutch Fluid Changed-Engine Oil and Filter Change-Gearbox Oil Change-Final Drive Oil Change- New EBC HH Brake Pads Front and Rear-New NGK Racing Plug Wires- New NGK Spark Plugs-New Air Filter- New Crankcase Breather Hose-New Throttle Cable- New Mistral Cone Mufflers- FBF X-Pipe-New HyperPro Rear Shock Absorber- New Pirelli Rosso II Tires Front and Rear-Valves Checked and Adjusted-Throttle-bodies balancedBodywork, Bar Ends, and Lever have some scratches. Here is the Ad as well with more photos... https://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/mcy/d/chicago-2002-moto-guzzi-v11-lemans/7021942974.html
  2. Just like it says.I'm looking for a service manual for a 2004 v111 lemans. If you have one to spare I want it. let me know what you want for it.Thanks Mike 440 623 3356
  3. Hi, riding my lemans pretty sharply around town noticed a strange thing. When the brakes are warm up and with sharp crashes they make strange sounds. Something like blowing into an empty bottle. I checked the pads and they still in stock. In addition to the sound, they also give a slight vibration to the steering wheel. Do you have an idea what this could be? Maybe something with a brake pump?
  4. This is a bit of a feeler more than anything else but I am considering selling my bike as I am feeling the need to thin out my collection. I am the 2nd owner and have owned it only for a short time (since Aug last year). It has receipts for over $3k prior to me taking ownership, for an Ohlins rear shock, CF front fender and Ti MG Exhaust and "race" ECU. At that time a full service was also completed. I can't say its the finest MG LeMans out there, but I haven't seen anything close in my recent Ebay/CL searches over the last 6 months, and I hate to use the word "mint" or "flawless" as if you look hard enough you might find something, but I have to say it has to be a 9.9/10. The shock and pipe have maybe 100 miles on them. The bike has a new battery and is kept in my garage on a battery tender 24/7. The paint is fantastic, and there is no peeling of paint or any discoloration on the engine. People on this forum know more than I do, but I think by 04 these machines were pretty much sorted out. The only issue I had was that the bullet connectors under the tank were very loose and I sometimes had to "wiggle" the bars to start her up. That was sorted today. Its a museum quality collectors bike or a rider, whatever you please. Regarding value; I see these go all the time in the $5-6k range with way higher mileage and without the shock and Ti exhaust I have. They are somewhat rare as standard, but I think this particular bike is exceptionally rare with the very low mileage and period correct updates, and therefore I am prepared for the right owner to come along. Looking for offers. Please PM me with questions and will get back to you right away. This site doesnt allow pic uploads that will show the detail a buyer would want so I will email those upon request. Daren
  5. Does anyone know (or have used) if the Cortech Dryver series tank bags will work on the V11 Lemans? The web site only lists rings for the major jap bikes and BMW. Just wondering if there is any cross over and if it will clear the tank pad. I have a Cortech Tri-Bag that I no longer use and was going to order a strap mount for that to see if it will work as well.
  6. I had a chance to buy a LeMans years ago and didn't, but would like to correct my mistake. I would be willing to travel to pick it up in the states bordering Georgia. Please call Brian at (678)300-5549. Thank you.
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