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Accessory Fuse Box

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On 3/18/2007 at 10:17 AM, docc said:

This is good medicine, removing the terminal stack. I did this by using junction blocks zip-tied to the frame. The positive side uses the mount point for the flasher and one zip-tie. On the early Sport the flasher has to be relocated over near the relay block. This requires relieving the seat pan with a Dremel and reseealing with black RTV silicone.


The photo shows the juncton blocks as well as fuses for an accessory port and separate horn circuit. The headlamp circuit has a breaker in place (thanks again,Gary!)


After having the melting 30 amp regulator fuse, I added the outside fuse holder for that circuit and put that terminal feed directly back on the battery.

[ EDIT/ March 27, 2019: the outside fuse holders all melted or burned up. Even the Maxi-fuse holder. In November, 2016, I worked in this aircraft grade circuit breaker instead of the "fuses" and fuse holders that repeatedly failed on me. ]:




A better view of the junction blocks. Periodically checking tightness as the connections settled in was necessary:



@docc Any chance you have the photos?

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Hey, thanks for asking. I restored some images and links


 Had to do some edits on this thread. Learned some things since 2007! . . . :nerd::luigi::drink:

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I don't have a picture but on one of my bikes I bolted a piece of that 1/4" white plastic breadboard material with 3 6mm bolts.

A ground, + 12 Volts straight from the battery and another + 12V switched through a relay.

Those breadboards are just a couple of dollars at Ikea and the material is really easy to work with. 

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